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The Hidden Saboteurs of Lifestyle Design

18 Feb

by Steve Pavlina
Conscious lifestyle design sounds wonderful in principle. It involves creating a lifestyle that you love and a sustainable income source to fund it. But what many people don’t realize is just how many hidden traps there beneath the surface that can easily sabotage your transition. Let’s cover some of them.


If you’re transitioning from a routine, humdrum lifestyle to a much richer one, especially in terms of seeking out new experiences, then your pre-existing routines will need to be broken. Your old routine can no longer be your friend.

By default you’re going to catch yourself falling back into old routines that no longer serve you. You’ll stay home when you’d rather be traveling because staying home is what you’ve always done. You’ll socialize with the same people who reinforce your old routine even though you know deep down that they won’t follow you into your new lifestyle.

Even before you transition, it’s good to start breaking your old routine now and then. Begin shifting away from old patterns, and tackle new experiences when you can. Embrace the new.


Incompatible Friends

You may have friends that are compatible with your old lifestyle, but are they compatible with your desired direction? Could they handle you on the other side? If not, then you can expect to transition out of those relationships, and the sooner you do, the less social drag you’ll experience as you transition.

If you see yourself as a loyal person, then make sure your loyalty isn’t misplaced. Be loyal to your true self. Be loyal to your path of growth. Be loyal to the richly compatible new relationships that await you. Don’t confuse loyalty with stubbornness or fear.

Being loyal to dysfunctional relationships that hold you back isn’t true loyalty. Admit the truth that you’re afraid to move on into uncharted territory, and you cling to old relationships to give yourself an excuse to avoid taking the next step. Once you’re honest with yourself, it will be easier to move forward.

You don’t necessarily have to break up with your old friends deliberately. Just shamelessly embrace your new path, and let them react as they will. If they can be happy and supportive, great. If not, let your transition rattle them, and see if they come around. If they don’t come around and keep resisting, let go. Engaging with such resistance is a waste of life. Trying to convince someone who doesn’t want to be convinced is a delay tactic, so don’t get caught up in such nonsense.

I’ve gone through several big lifestyle transitions. Each time I did so, I lost old friends and gained new ones. Some friends have been able to follow me through multiple transitions. These friends tend to be the most compatible because they’re able to embrace growth-oriented people, and they expect change rather than perpetual sameness.

If you have people in your life who expect you to remain stuck, those people are not your friends. Don’t let their neediness drag you down. That doesn’t serve you, and it doesn’t serve the world.

Incompatible Relationship Partners

A partner that can’t handle your lifestyle transition is one of the greatest saboteurs of all. Transitioning out of an incompatible relationship can be one of the most gut-wrenching challenges of lifestyle design. I’ve been through it, as have many of my readers. But to really create a fulfilling life, it’s often necessary to go through it.

You can’t settle. You can’t drag a partner with you who doesn’t want to go. And there’s no need to do that anyway. There are amazingly compatible new partners waiting for you, but they’ll never recognize you as a match while you remain stuck in your old relationship.

Read the article How to Decide When to End a Long-Term Relationship to see where you currently stand. I also highly recommend the book Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay by Mira Kirshenbaum. It’s probably the best book I’ve ever read about relationships, and it’s a delightful, eye-opening read that will forever change how you view intimate relationships.

You may also enjoy reading the article 4D Relationships if you want a simple model for checking how empowering your relationships are across the four key relationship dimensions.


Creating an amazing lifestyle sounds like a lot of fun, but it also takes dedication, self-discipline, and patience. If you have any addictions – and most people do – they’ll sabotage your ability to stay on track.

All addictions weaken the prefrontal cortex, which is the part of your brain responsible for planning and self-regulation. Addictions are insidious because they lower your ability to think rationally and to discipline yourself, thereby making it even harder to overcome the addiction.

It’s fair to say the the more addictions you have, and the more frequently you exercise them, the weaker your self-discipline will be. How can you undergo a major lifestyle transition if you can’t even get yourself to take action consistently? It’s extremely difficult. Most likely you’ll just succumb to endless delays.

If you want to create an amazing lifestyle, make overcoming addictions a serious priority, no matter how challenging it is. This includes alcohol and other drugs; smoking; porn; gambling; excessive Internet, cell phone, or social media usage; unhealthy foods; sex; shopping; video games; and overworking yourself.

The more addictions you drag into your new lifestyle, the more they’ll sabotage your enjoyment of life. When you think about your new lifestyle, cultivate a vision of yourself as an addiction-free person. Positive addictions like exercise are fine, but envision yourself being free of negative, self-sabotaging rituals.

If you’ve had a long-term relationship with an addiction that’s slowing you down, stop trying to negotiate a moderate relationship with it. Your true decision is either to marry that addiction till death do you part, or break it off forever and never see each other again. If you’re not willing to do the latter, then you’re married by default, and you’ll probably have that addiction for the rest of your life. Are you willing to drag it forward decade after decade?

For any kind of addiction you might have, there are countless support groups that can help you. Just do a Google search on “overcoming [addiction type] addiction,” such as “overcoming Internet porn addiction,” and you’ll find abundant resources. Start reading, and open your eyes to how the addiction is hurting you and how to overcome it. You may find a lot of inspiration in reading people’s stories.

Addiction - Wordcloud Medical Concept. The Word in Red Color, Surrounded by a Cloud of Words Gray.

Addiction – Wordcloud Medical Concept. The Word in Red Color, Surrounded by a Cloud of Words Gray.


When you embark on a new lifestyle, you’re going to be uncomfortable. If your new lifestyle involves lots of growth and change, such as frequent traveling, then you’re going to be uncomfortable a lot too.

In your old lifestyle, you may have felt pretty comfortable. Most days seemed normal and met your expectations, even if your expectations were low. You were in your comfort zone most of the time.

That type of experience has to be thrown out the window, at least for a while. When you transition (and perhaps long afterwards), you’ll be outside your comfort zone. As odd as it may sound, you’ll need to develop the ability to be comfortable with discomfort.

You can’t let discomfort stop you because discomfort will be common in your new reality. Travel to a new country where you don’t speak the language, and you’ll be uncomfortable. Do your first coaching session, speech, or interview, and you’ll be uncomfortable. Tell other people about your transition, and you’ll be uncomfortable. It’s all part of the growth experience. If you weren’t uncomfortable, you wouldn’t be growing much.

The more you welcome discomfort, little by little, the easier it gets. Many experiences that used to make me uncomfortable now seem like fun. Next week I’m heading to the UK and then to Italy the following week. I’ve never been to Italy before, and I don’t speak any Italian, so I can expect some awkwardness here and there, but I’ve had enough of these experiences that this doesn’t bother me anymore. I’m now comfortable with this level of discomfort. Years ago this discomfort would have been enough to make me avoid such traveling unless I did tons of advance preparation or played it safe by going with a group.


Our final saboteur is one of the most common among my readers. If your new lifestyle is all about me, me, me, then you’ll probably find it difficult to sustain your journey.

There needs to be some kind of value proposition to your new lifestyle. What are you giving in exchange for all that you’ll receive? How are you including other people in your journey? Why should anyone bother to care or to help you?

Without some positive social support on your path, you’ll have to go it alone, and that’s pretty difficult. It also tends to be demotivating. I’ve seen people give up from loneliness and isolation when they take a me-first approach to lifestyle design. Most of the time they don’t make it very far because they find it too difficult to earn income. If you don’t care about serving others, they why should anyone serve you their money?

It’s great to fulfill your personal desires, but also think about how your gains can benefit others as well. I do this by sharing my growth lessons publicly. When I first started on this path, I didn’t know how impactful that would be. Since I started blogging in 2004, there have been more than 100 million visits to my website, and my content has been shared, translated, and republished all over the world. I get feedback from people on every continent except Antarctica (a stubborn holdout for some reason). This in turn helps to fuel my own journey by bringing lots of growth-oriented people into my life who reinforce what I’m doing. Most of the friends I have today, I’ve made because of this work.

Ideally your work and lifestyle should mesh together well, holistically supporting each other. Creating this balance is a challenge to be sure, but when you finally nail it, you’re golden.

* * *

These saboteurs have crushed many lifestyle transitions, so please don’t ignore them. Keep leaning into these challenges. See them as growth opportunities that will make you stronger for tackling them.



Serie NWO(7/ 39): Donald Trump estrategia élite, shock social, NWO, conspiración, colapso bolsa»

20 Nov



!Activa tu GPS! con Julio Bevione.

27 Oct

“En el mundo podemos confirmar lo que llevamos dentro. Si estamos en paz, veremos el cielo y si estamos desordenados internamente, todo será caos. Esa es la elección más importante que tenemos que hacer como seres humanos. ¿Quiero vivir en el cielo o en el infierno? Primero lo creo en mí y luego lo reflejo en mi mundo.”

Así es como Bevione presenta su nueva mirada sobre la vida espiritual.

Es comunicador y autor de once libros de temáticas espirituales. Nació en Villa Santa Rosa, Córdoba, Argentina, en 1972 y desde 1997 radica en Estados Unidos, actualmente en la ciudad de Nueva York.

Aunque nunca hubo un episodio que marcara su búsqueda, asegura que desde siempre tuvo un deseo de respuestas del comportamiento humano, la búsqueda de la felicidad y la paz interior.

“No he tenido ninguna experiencia mística ni epifanía, sólo constantes momentos de ‘darme cuenta’, de romper mis moldes mentales y ver más allá de lo que pensaba que podía ver”, asegura

Bevione se ha dedicado a compartir sus ideas que ayudan a encontrar entendimiento y paz interior. Herramientas sencillas para que las personas inicien un proceso de autoconocimiento y descubrimiento espiritual. Un claro mensaje de cómo vivir una vida más fácil, simple y abundante.

Con su trabajo, guía a las personas para que identifiquen y purifiquen sus miedos y pensamientos limitantes, invitando a establecer relaciones más amorosas y a vivir con libertad, mayor consciencia y compromiso.

Es autor de once libros: “Vivir en La Zona”, “52 semanas para Vivir en La Zona”, “¡Qué maravilla!, Mis primeros pasos en la espiritualidad” junto a Sebastián Carignano (género infantil), “Abundancia, vivir sin miedos”, “Aceptación, vivir en paz”, “Relaciones, vivir en armonía”, “Silencio, Vivir En El Espíritu”, estos últimos como parte de la colección “En La Zona”, así como “Respira… y Sal de tu Crisis”, “Espiritualidad, para una vida más fácil, simple y abundante”, “La vida en 5 minutos”. Su más reciente es “!Activa Tu GPS!”. Todos disponibles en papel, en formato digital y audiolibro.

Bevione se caracteriza por el contacto directo con el público en conferencias multitudinarias en ciudades de Latinoamérica y Estados Unidos, así como sus Spiritual Boot Camp, retiros de 3 días que realiza en diferentes puntos del continente, donde grupos reducidos de asistentes son guiados personalmente.

Tanto en sus libros, columnas, segmentos y seminarios, personas de las más variadas vertientes religiosas, sociales y generacionales encuentran respuestas comprensibles a sus interrogantes más profundas, además de recibir un entrenamiento que les permite crear una nueva realidad en sus vidas. Bevione pertenece a una generación dispuesta a trascender cualquier rito, religión o filosofía en particular, para que cada ser humano descubra su propio camino hacia el encuentro consigo mismo y su conexión con una fuerza superior.

“Más que tener respuestas, les tengo preguntas para los asistentes. Es necesario que nos hagamos preguntas más profundas, que nos cuestionemos lo que nos pasa, porque esas preguntas son las que nos van a mostrar esa otra verdad que está escondida detrás de cada situación y de cada ser humano… No es lo que sucede lo que impacta en nuestra vida, sino lo que hacemos con ello.”


Nuestra presencia en el mundo tiene un propósito, y hasta que no lo encarnemos, el alma seguirá impulsándonos a descubrirlo.
Los seres humanos, después de haber insistido en tomar decisiones usando solo la razón, comenzamos a despertar la inteligencia ligada al corazón y a nuestra alma. Esto se llama «inteligencia espiritual».
El éxito, como realización personal, está abierto a las personas que en sus decisiones, consciente o inconscientemente, incluyeron la sabiduría de su alma, que es la única capaz de transcender los conceptos tan extremos de lo bueno y lo malo, de las aparentes carencias y los límites que creamos tener, para encontrar un camino posible con nuestros propios recursos, la mayoría de ellos internos.
El alma es tu GPS, úsalo para alcanzar la felicidad


Julio Bevione y Sanar el Pasado



Julio Bevione y Como Cerrar Ciclos 


Serie: NWO «El juego diabólico del Nuevo Orden Mundial: Pokémon GO» 5⁄39

27 Ago

Millones de personas, adultos y niños, recorriendo las calles como si fueran zombis, con los ojos pegados a sus teléfonos inteligentes, y no están enviando mensajes de texto ni tampoco mirando sus correos electrónicos. Están buscando Pokémons, extraños bichos de dibujos animados que se ganaron los corazones de los más pequeños en 1996. Estamos hablando de la última tendencia viral en juegos para móviles, el “Pokémon Go”.

En él se pueden ver a estas criaturas interactuando con objetos físicos en el mundo real. El Diglett asomándose en un inodoro, un demonio llamado Ponyta galopando en las calles, un Doduo aparece en la oficina. Y la caza de estos pequeños monstruos no sólo es bueno para los jugadores. Pocos días después de su lanzamiento el 6 de julio, el juego se convirtió en todo un fenómeno viral mundial, casi superando a los usuarios activos de Twitter al día. En poco tiempo se ha convertido en el juego más rentable de Google Apps y App Store. El lunes, las acciones de Nintendo subieron un 25 por ciento y el martes, se elevaron un 13 por ciento. Posiblemente, se trate del juego de más éxito que utiliza la tecnología de realidad aumentada y que combina el mundo digital con el mundo real.

Pero detrás de este inocente juego de entretenimiento se oculta toda una gran conspiración global. Los conspiranoicos aseguran que Pokémon Go está controlando a los adolescentes, engañando a los niños y robando los datos de millones de usuarios. Y lo peor de todo, se estaría creando un ejército al servicio del Nuevo Orden Mundial.

Revelando nuestra identidad

Según el popular portal de Internet Gawker, hay una gran cantidad de aplicaciones para Smartphone que tienen políticas de privacidad ciertamente alarmantes, sin embargo, Pokémon Go va mas allá, y no solo porque el usuario facilite acceso a su ubicación y la cámara, también porque se permite acceso completo a su cuenta de Google. En la política de privacidad del juego hay un apartado realmente orwelliano, y que dice los siguiente:

“Podemos revelar cualquier información sobre usted (o su hijo autorizado) que este en nuestra posesión o control de gobierno o de las fuerzas del orden o fiestas privadas.”

Pokémon GO juego diabólico

Pokémon y las agencias de inteligencia

Y esto solo es el principio, ya que Pokémon Go tiene conexión directo con la CIA. Al parecer, Pokémon Go fue creado por Niantic, una empresa fundada por John Hanke. Curiosamente, Hanke también fue el fundador de Keyhole, una empresa de desarrollo de software especializada en aplicaciones de visualización de datos geoespaciales y adquirida por Google en 2004 por 35 millones dólares.

Sin embargo, antes de eso, Keyhole recibía fondos de una empresa llamada In-Q-Tel, una entidad de capital riesgo sin fines de lucro controlada por el gobierno que invierte en empresas que ayudan en la recopilación de datos para el llamado “Gran Hermano”. Lo que es más, los fondos que In-Q-Tel daba a Keyhole procedían de la “Agencia Nacional de Inteligencia-Geoespacial (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)”, la cual tiene el objetivo principal de recolectar, analizar y distribuir datos en apoyo a la seguridad nacional.

Somos peones del gobierno

Entonces, está claro que el Nuevo Orden Mundial está recogiendo masivamente nuestros datos personales. Teniendo en cuenta que el “Gran Hermano” vigila a sus ciudadanos en todo momento, Pokémon Go es la aplicación ideal. Tienen acceso a los teléfonos inteligentes de millones de personas, lo que significa una fuente inagotable de datos personales y seguimiento en tiempo real, un verdadero monstruo tecnológico.

Pokémon GO Nuevo Orden Mundial

Y por supuesto, Pokémon Go justifica el acceso a la ubicación y la cámara asegurando que es necesario utilizar el mapa y la función de realidad aumentada. Pero con esos derechos, Pokémon Go no sólo sabe dónde se encuentran millones de personas, también podrían saber con quién están, lo que está pasando alrededor de ellos, y a donde irán. Obviamente, las agencias de inteligencia llevan tiempo recopilando gran cantidad de información gracias a los GPS y Google Maps. Pero con Pokémon GO, tendrán fotos del interior de una casa o negocio y de ciertos objetos en el interior de estos lugares. Todas estas imágenes irán a una gran base de datos, debidamente etiquetadas.

Un portal para entidades demoníacas

Pero a parte de las teorías conspirativas, para algunos lo más alarmante es el contenido del juego en sí. Expertos en demonología dicen que “Pokémon” en realidad proviene de dos palabras japonesas que significan “Pocket Monster”, una contracción de dos palabras japonesas, “Poketto” y “Monsutā”, que significa “monstruo de bolsillo”. Y la definición de monstruo es una criatura que es típicamente grande, fea y aterradora. Sinónimos: engendro, ente, demonio o diablo.

Los Pokémon son monstruos que tienen poderes especiales y comparten el mundo con los seres humanos. La idea del juego es que los niños aprendan a recoger la mayor cantidad posible de Pokémons, entrenarlos y usarlos contra los Pokémons de otras personas mediante la invocación de las distintas habilidades de cada criatura. Los Pokémons pueden evolucionar y pasar a través de distintos niveles, siendo 100 el más alto. Las cartas de energía de colores se utilizan a veces para ayudar a los Pokémon.

Pokémon GO juego diabólico del Nuevo Orden

Parece un juego bien elaborado, pero la realidad es que el juego abre una puerta a algo mucho más profundo. Condiciona al usuario que juega a aceptar los principios más oscuros del ser humano. Por ejemplo, Haunter puede hipnotizar, alimentarse de los sueños de una persona, y drenar su energía; Abra lee el pensamiento; Kadabra emite energía negativa que perjudica a otros; Gastly induce el sueño, y así hasta un sinnúmero de otras criaturas. Pero el problema es que los jugadores de Pokémon se involucran en todo tipo de actividades como si se realizaran en la vida real.

Y lo más preocupante es el concepto de que los niños están siendo entrenados para “capturar” entidades demoníacas, para formarlos, controlarlos, y utilizarlos en contra de otros. Muchos creen que esto es el reflejo de muchos ocultistas de alto nivel como Aleister Crowley, quienes lo intentaron con demonios reales.

Por otra parte, esto son sólo teorías de la conspiración. A lo mejor Pokémon Go es sólo un juego, y debe tratarse en consecuencia. Pero la historia nos recuerda que el ser humano está constantemente controlado y manipulado por una élite oculta, que nos recuerdan como nos vigilan.


Alcyon Pléyades 44: Pokemon Go, Selfies, Exobiología, Proyecto Blue Beam, Seres de Luz-antiluz, NWO



The Universe Is Recruiting You! Kyle Gray Explains Angel Numbers And Signs From Above

27 Abr

Spiritual advancement is not measured by one’s outward powers, but only by the depth of his bliss in meditation.’

Paramahansa Yogananda

Have you seen the signs? Have you seen repetitive numbers on your clock, phone, car dashboard, even a receipt from the store? Numbers like 1:11, 2:22, 3:33?

Personally, I’ve seen them everywhere. It even started to freak out my friends at one point when my full tank of fuel kept coming to perfect number sequences like £44.44.

At first I thought that these sequences were angels saying hello, but in more recent times I’ve come to realize that there’s a larger-scale operation going on.

These numbers aren’t coincidences – they are messages from the universe inviting us to be ambassadors of positive change, or what people know as lightworkers.

A lightworker is someone who is here to make a positive difference to the world. I believe that before coming to Earth, all lightworkers consciously chose to awaken at this time to direct the world into a new age that would be honest and filled with peace, and know a love that was divine.

There is also a call of need moving through the universe at this time. Your own need to create a life of integrity and love is also something you chose before you came here. And your conscious choice to make your life more positive is actually your response to the inner call of the universe.

These numbers aren’t coincidences – they are messages from the universe inviting us to be ambassadors of positive change, or what people know as lightworkers.

A lightworker is someone who is here to make a positive difference to the world. I believe that before coming to Earth, all lightworkers consciously chose to awaken at this time to direct the world into a new age that would be honest and filled with peace, and know a love that was divine.

There is also a call of need moving through the universe at this time. Your own need to create a life of integrity and love is also something you chose before you came here. And your conscious choice to make your life more positive is actually your response to the inner call of the universe.


The I AM-ness

When it comes to being a lightworker, there is a real call from the universe for us to honour who we truly are. We are a soul within a body and we are here to make a difference. When we accept the spiritual gift and mission we have been given, we awaken and empower ourselves from the inside out.

Accepting and embracing who we truly are is what I like to call ‘the I AM-ness’, but it is also called ‘the I AM presence’ by various other schools of thought.

This isn’t new information either – it has been taught for thousands of years. In the Bible Jesus used the words ‘I am the light of the world’, which is basically what a lightworker is.

When you awaken and align your I AM-ness, you are basically acknowledging that you are part of something greater than you are. This is exactly what happens when you see 111 or 11:11 on the clock – you are invited by heaven to acknowledge and accept that you are part of all that is.

Why not take a few moments to awaken and align your I AM-ness by doing this exercise.

✦ Take a deep breath in and then slowly exhale. Say: ‘I am the light.’

✦ Imagine yourself covered in brilliant white light.

✦ Take another deep breath in and then slowly exhale. Say:

‘You are the light.’

✦ Imagine everyone everywhere lighting up.

✦ Take another deep breath in and then slowly exhale. Say:

‘We are the light.’

✦ See your light and everyone else’s light coming together.

I love doing this. It’s such a powerful and easy technique. If you ever need to do it really quickly to shift your vibes and move into who you are, you can simply say, ‘I am, you are, we are!’

Other signs

You may not have received a 11:11 sign but you may have received various other messages from the universe. That’s totally cool. Or maybe you haven’t received anything you could call a ‘sign’ but have a deep inner feeling that you need to be a ‘better person’. If so, you’re in the right place too.


Another common sequence that shows up is numbers moving in order. You might pick up the phone at 12:34, for instance, or see those numbers appearing somewhere else.

I like to call this ‘the ladder’. It represents moving up the spiritual ladder: you are being told that you are taking the right steps to lift your heart and energy and make a positive change to the world.


This one has a personal resonance with me because I see it so often and so does my best friend, Teri. Every time we see it on our phone we text each other, and that’s most days.

When two number 2s face each other, they create a love-heart shape. I call the 2s facing each other ‘swans of love’, as they look like swans swimming across a lake. When you see this, it is the universe encouraging you to acknowledge the deep love that is within you.

While 11:11 is all about oneness, 22:22 is all about bringing that oneness together. It’s that divine call from the universe inviting you to recognize that your intentions and actions influence others.

Every single word you say, every deed you perform and every interaction you have with others is creating waves of change. When you see 22:22, you are being invited to see how you are the light in the room.

How are your actions, deeds, intentions and words positively affecting all those around you? Turn on that light and shine bright.


Thirty-three is an auspicious number in spirituality because it is believed that Jesus lived to this age.

Not only that, in numerology it is known as the ‘Master Teacher’ number. For this reason it has become strongly associated with the ascended masters.

Ascended masters are spiritual teachers and change agents who once walked the Earth but now offer their support, based on their life lessons, from the heart of the universe (heaven).

When 3:33/333 shows up it’s telling you not only that you’re a great leader of some kind but also that the leaders and teachers who have gone before you are encouraging you.


In traditional numerology, 44 was the number of structure. It became the number of business, planning and building strong foundations. In recent years it has become associated with angels, and boy, have those angels used it to their advantage.

Thanks to Doreen Virtue, 44 has become the traditional number of cards in angel card decks and through her work 444 has become a widely recognized sign that angels are present. When I first learned this, I never stopped seeing 14:44 on my clock and I have woken up to interesting information at 4:44 a.m. several times over the years.

When you see this number, your angels want you to know that they are your biggest fans. The angelic realm is drawing close to you, offering you support and reminding you that you don’t have to do everything on your own. Be open to the angels’ light and help to feel more secure and in flow with your life.

High-pitched noises

These are some of my favourite signs. I call a high-pitched noise a ‘download’ because I believe it shows we are receiving some sort of divine guidance from the universe.

I like to imagine the human mind and body are like a huge radio that we can tune to receive different messages from heaven, ascended masters and angels.

Sometimes our frequency isn’t fully tuned in but still can pick up other channels, and when we hear a high-pitched noise we are being given a taster of what can be received.

I was recently in Colorado giving a talk and I spoke about the experience of hearing a high-pitched noise. To my surprise, at least 50 people came up to me afterwards to tell me that they’d heard these noises for years and had never understood what was happening.

When it happens to me (as it did earlier today, before I wrote this section), I take a moment or two just to acknowledge it. I come to the awareness that I am receiving some sort of guidance, download, upgrade or information from the angels and universe. Then I usually close my eyes and breathe for a moment and say this simple prayer from my book Angel Prayers: ‘Thank you, angels, for revealing to me what I need to know!’

Even if I don’t hear or know anything else, I just trust that whatever I need to know will be revealed to me in due course.

The next time you hear a high-pitched noise, know that you are being invited to raise your vibes.

Hearing your name

Hearing their name being called is a sign that freaks out a lot of people. Many people get the idea that there’s some weird spirit following them – not true!

When you hear your name being called, the universe is echoing the love it has for you. So, instead of having a huge debate in your mind about whether you are imagining it or not, just respond with ‘I hear your call, universe!’

It’s important to acknowledge that your name has a lot to do with your vibration.

I recently had an interesting conversation with angel expert Diana Cooper when we were out for dinner with our publisher before the Angel World Summit. We were just engaging in general chit-chat about life and my favourite subject (food), and as I was chattering away, I shortened her name to ‘Di’. I said, ‘Sorry, Diana, I do that all the time, as my mum and one of my close friends are both called “Diane”.’

Her reply was sweet but quite powerful at the same time. She said, ‘That’s okay. I was “Di” until I had my first angel experience and then I became “Diana”.’

The truth was, I already knew that was right. In fact, trusting who you are and saying your name with love in your heart can be said to sum up everything that I’ve learned to this point on my spiritual path.

There are many ways to do this, from the affirmation techniques that Louise Hay has shared with us to the self-acceptance we are encouraged to move into by our guardian angels. And angels love to say our name to us – that’s why you’ll hear your name being called out from time to time if you’re needing a nudge to step into your light and move into your true power.

When you say your own name in a loving way, when you write your name in a loving way and when you ask others to respect your name, you initiate your ‘I AM-ness’.

What happens next?

So you’ve received the signs, you’ve heard the calls and you know that there’s something larger going on. The universe has recruited you. It’s pointed you out as a change agent and an Earth angel. You’ve been invited to lift your energy and that of all the people around you. The fact that you’re here tells us that you’ve responded to that call and that you’re ready to initiate the process.

Your life will now become a demonstration of how to live in the best way. It probably already is. You may already have heard that people love to be in your company, feel they can rely on you and know they can trust you with their deepest emotions.

You’ve probably had strangers or people you hardly know tell you their entire life story, including things they’ve never been able to admit to others.

Your life is a demonstration because the positivity you activate within yourself becomes a platform for other people to get positive too. Your excitement and love for life are infectious, but not only that – the light that is shining within you will now get brighter and brighter, and all of those who surround you and who are drawn to you will begin to light up too.

In order to progress along this path, it’s important to be clear with the universe, the angels and your guides that you accept this mission to light up.

Don’t worry, though – this doesn’t mean that you have to quit your job or work 24/7 for the universe/angels/ spirit world. It just means that you’ve accepted the call and you’re willing to contribute towards the healing, peace and nurturing of the world. You’re willing to raise your vibration.

Kyle Gray is an angel communicator, medium and motivational speaker based in the west of Scotland where he was born and raised. At just 26, Kyle has a monthly column in Spirit & Destiny magazine where he shares his experiences and guidance from the angels.


Kyle Gray – Raise Your Vibration

How to get help from Angels? Kyle Gray, Glasgow

Why Are We So Afraid Of Being Happy? Robert Holden Says We Could Think Of Happiness As A Lasting State But We Don’t

2 Feb

Are you Experiencing “Happychondria”?

Happiness feels so natural and normal to us, yet we often relate to happiness as something special, odd, lucky, a bonus, or a win. Instead of greeting happiness with open arms, as we would a dear and intimate friend, we shy away from it . . . our thoughts full of suspicion, doubt, cynicism, and fear—“waiting for the fall.”

Clearly, we want happiness, but we don’t trust it. Certainly, we allow ourselves trickles of delight every now and then, but when the experience of happiness is more vivid, real, and long term, we’re often racked with self-doubt and thrown about by our fears.

We doubt happiness as much as we doubt ourselves. In short, we’re afraid of happiness.

The greatest irony is that we’re actually afraid of everything we like. For instance, according to fear, success will corrupt you, money is the root of all evil, fame will ruin you, love makes you blind, happiness is selfish, and retirement will be the death of you. Strangely, that which we most desire frightens us the most.


“Happychondria” is the term I use to describe the fear of happiness, and, in particular, the utterly morbid superstitions we’ve gathered and placed before happiness. Happiness is so natural to our unconditioned Self, yet our conditioning has somehow taught us to cloud our experience of happiness with endless misperceptions, fearful beliefs, false prerequisites, and unnecessary dogma.

The next time you experience genuine happiness, watch your thoughts awhile and see how unconditional you can be in your acceptance of it. Notice, for instance, how your unconditioned Self greets this happiness so wholeheartedly, full of love and deep gratitude.

Watch, also, though, how your conditioned self is tempted to question your happiness, to control it in some way, to hold it at arm’s length, or to tighten the grip for fear the happiness might fly away.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re happy, you think highly fearful conditioned thoughts such as “Watch out for the fall,” “What did I do to deserve this?” and “This is too good to be true”? Keep looking and you may also notice other fears such as “What have I forgotten?” “This can’t last,” “What’s the catch?” “Maybe I’ve left the stove on,” “I’ll have to pay for this,” “Unbelievable,” “Did I lock the back door?” “All good things must come to an end,” “There will be tears before bedtime,” and more. Take a moment, before reading on, and add to this list if you can. Awareness of these fearful, limiting thoughts (plus a big smile!) is an important step to undoing them and outgrowing them.

When happiness occurs, we experience a mix of great gratitude and nagging self-doubt.

Fear’s advice is: When happy, hide it. We’re afraid to show our happiness for fear of being thought of as conceited, selfish, juvenile, or an irresponsible airhead, perhaps. We especially fear that too much happiness will endanger our professional status. Many people work in highly fearful, uncreative cultures, in which appearing to be happy twice in one week is definitely not good for the career.

We somehow have it wired up in our conditioned thinking that happiness is blasphemy. We fear that if we’re too happy, then we’ll somehow upset others, draw envy, and invite rejection. We’ve come to believe that the moment we step out of “not-so badderitis” territory, we’ll be hated and persecuted for our happiness.

Not only have we learned to feel very afraid when we’re happy, but we’ve also learned to feel very guilty. Too much happiness— far from being seen as a gift for all—is targeted as an enemy that will lead to hedonism, a lack of moral restraint, a collapse of values, an absence of order or control, and the death of the world. It’s as if we’ve learned to believe that happiness reveals an innate “badness” rather than our natural, unconditioned goodness.

Furthermore, there’s an implied fear that, if there’s too little suffering, the world won’t be able to work as it is! We’ve also been taught to believe that while the gods will tolerate occasional happiness, anything over half an hour or so will evoke high payment at least and terrible wrath at worst! Fate is also a real killjoy, it seems. Hence, when happy, we keep our fingers crossed, hold our breath, avoid walking under ladders, and look out for black cats.

The fear of happiness has been passed down from generation to generation, each one carefully elaborating on the myths, superstitions, and trickery that went before. We too have played our part, so that now, according to “happychondria,” happiness no longer begets happiness; rather, it merely heralds the onset of further suffering. No wonder we’ve learned to be afraid of happiness.

Robert Holden Ph.D.’s innovative work on psychology and spirituality has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, a PBS show called Shift Happens! and a major BBC documentary called How to Be Happy, shown in 20 countries to over 30 million television viewers.


3 Ways to Release Anger Constructively

21 Ago

When you release anger destructively, it means just that: it’s destructive. You either hurt someone, something or yourself. None of those are part of the ultimate goal of feeling better. In fact, a destructive anger release always leads to greater powerlessness and a perpetuation of more anger. There is no relief.

If, in your anger, you tell your mother you hate her, punch a hole in the wall, or worst of all, turn the anger inwards at yourself, you’ll end up with feelings of guilt, unworthiness, depression and, at worst, you’ll end up in jail where your powerlessness is highly amplified.

A constructive anger release happens in a safe environment, generally alone or possibly with a trained practitioner of some kind (look for someone who can handle anger). The object of the anger (the person you’re angry at) is generally NOT present. Why not? Because the anger release isn’t about THEM. It’s about YOU and how you feel.

This is why it’s not a bad thing to blame others, as long as you’re doing so constructively. When you push self- blame outwards and you blame someone else, you don’t have to do it to their face. They never even have to know that you’ve used them as an excuse to become more empowered. They don’t have to be there. This is not about what they need to hear.

It’s not about getting anyone to understand how you feel. This is not about forcing others to make a change so you can feel better. Do not rail against them and demand that they stop manipulating you. This is about you not allowing yourself to be manipulated any more. When you fully embrace this new, self-empowered perspective, your reality will mirror it back to you. You’ll attract people who have no desire or need to try and control you.

So, yes, you can rail against them, but not to their faces. It also doesn’t matter whom you’re directing your anger towards, as long as it’s not you. This can even be someone you love. I promise you, you are not harming them in any way. You can’t put the hex on them by having angry thoughts about them. Always remember that as these emotions come up to be released, they’ve been there all along. You’re not creating an emotion that wasn’t there; you’re simply allowing a toxic sludge that’s been festering inside you for quite some time to come out. Better out than in, I say.

Releasing anger can happen in a variety of ways, but it’s always best to express it and direct it AT someone or something. Again, the object of your anger does not have to, and actually should not, be present. Although you can pretend that they’re in the room while you yell at them. This is actually incredibly satisfying. You can also write a letter to them that you’ll never send, which will also help you to direct your fury outwards.

Another method is to do something physical, like take a brisk walk, stamp your feet or punch some couch cushions. Physical movement gets energy flowing, which can make quick work of an anger release. Choose whatever activity you like, it really doesn’t matter as long as it works for you. I do, however, have three ironclad rules for having a constructive anger release that you should never break:







Rule #1: Release the anger alone

As I already said, it’s best not to have anyone present (especially not the object of your anger) during your anger release. This is for two reasons. First, you won’t shut yourself down. If you’re worried about hurting someone’s feelings, you’re not going to allow the anger release to come to its conclusion, which means you won’t actually shift much energy.

Second, they won’t shut you down. Very few people are able to handle someone’s anger constructively. It makes them uncomfortable. Often, people will shut down your anger by getting even angrier than you. They’ll bully you into submission. Or, they may guilt you into stopping. In order to have a full anger release you have to keep going until you simply don’t feel angry any more. You’ll feel tired and spent (or possibly euphoric, although that usually comes later), but you won’t feel angry any more. This is not the same as letting off a little steam. Other people get in the way of a constructive anger release.

Rule #2: Don’t censor what comes out

This is where the emotional poop metaphor comes in handy. If toxins have been festering inside you for ages they will not look or smell great as they come out. That doesn’t mean you should keep them in. When you have a long overdue anger release, what comes out of you will not be pretty. You will say mean and hateful things. You might even curse like a sailor (this is highly recommended, actually, especially if you don’t normally curse). DO NOT censor yourself.

Remember, no one ever has to know. But you have to be willing to express how you truly feel, so that you can get it out of you and move on. You have to be honest. Also remember that this is not an all or nothing game. You can love someone and still hate them in the moment. Being angry with someone doesn’t mean that you no longer care about them. But using the fact that you love them as an excuse not to acknowledge how you feel will keep you stuck in powerlessness. No one that truly loves you would ever ask you to do that.

Rule #3: Get angry with anyone or anything EXCEPT yourself

And finally, never, EVER get angry with yourself. You can get mad at anyone or anything, but never direct the anger inwards. This will drag you right back down to SHAME or even DEPRESSION. This is the main reason that people never move past SHAME. They feel themselves naturally move into anger, but won’t allow it. They shut it down by directing the anger towards themselves, moving back into self-blame, and getting stuck in a never-ending cycle of SHAME to ANGER and back to SHAME – a cycle of doom. If you don’t want to get stuck there, make sure to direct your anger outwards.

After an anger release, especially if you’ve had a volatile one (lots of crying, yelling, etc.) you’ll feel immediate relief. You may feel a bit tired, as I said, but you will feel better. Over the course of the next day or two, you may experience some after-shocks. You may feel the need to cry or take a nap, or sleep more. If that comes up, honour how you feel and let the tears flow, take the nap, sleep as much as you need. Not everyone has this experience, but many do. Most people also experience a period of absolute elation sometime after an anger release, some even on the same day. This euphoria is an indicator of the new, higher vibration you’ve moved into. As you acclimatize to that new vibration, it won’t feel quite the same (things will normalize), but you’ll continue to feel better.

ill you have to have a huge anger release? This is impossible to say. You may; you may not. This will vary from person to person and from issue to issue. You may release a lot of anger on one issue and seemingly skip right over it on another (you will not skip it, you will just move through it very quickly). The point to remember is this: if anger comes up as a result of focusing on what you want, just like any other emotion, engage with it, let it flow through you and out, and be done with it. Let the emotions do their job.

Melody Fletcher – 3 Constructive Ways to Release Anger

Melody Fletcher empowers her readers to change their lives by reminding them that they are WAY more powerful than they’ve been led to believe, and that they do, indeed, create (and receive!) their own reality. Melody believes that pretty much everything most people have been taught about the world is bullshit, and she’s not afraid to say so! She connects to her higher self to bring through wisdom that will help you shift old patterns and finally understand the missing pieces to the puzzle of why you keep getting in your own way. Originally from the US, she has dual-citizenship in America and Germany – which she likes to think makes her kind of like a super-organized cheerleader.