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Diana Cooper – Archangel Michael

20 Oct

About Diana

I was born on 7th September 1940 in the Himalayas at the exact second the first bomb fell on London. I was sent to bring in light to counteract the darkness at the other side of the world. Of course I went through the Veil of Amnesia and knew nothing of this. My life was very ordinary. I had no self-esteem or self-confidence. Nor did I have any religious, psychic or spiritual background.

When I was 42 I was getting divorced and was at absolute rock bottom. There was no way to turn so I called out to the universe for help. I shouted, ‘If there’s anything out there, show me – and you’ve got one hour.’ Immediately a beautiful six foot tall golden angel stood in front of me and pulled me out of my physical body. We flew together and it showed me many things. Finally we flew together over a hall full of people with rainbow auras and it told me I was on the platform for I was to be a spiritual teacher. When it brought me back it was exactly one hour later.

Even after that I often felt hopeless and despairing but I knew there were angels waiting to help me. I trained to become a hypnotherapist and set up in practise. I was aware of angels around my clients but I didn’t engage with them.

Ten years after the first angel visitation I had moved house again and was starting a new phase of my life. I lay in the bath and asked for guidance about some classes I was running. To my astonishment an angelic voice replied like a golden thought directly into my mind. ‘We want you to tell people about angels.’ I was completely horrified and replied that I didn’t want to do that for people would think I was crazy. Then the angels said the words I have never ever forgotten. ‘Who is doing your work? Is it your ego or your Higher Self?’ At once I agreed I’d do it and jumped out of the bath. With a towel round me I sat on the bed and three angels stood in front of me, rather like shining lights and gave me information about the angelic realms. This book was published by Findhorn Press and it is now called New Light on Angels.

I was invited to appear on morning TV to talk about the book. As I was about to go on air they asked if I would mind having my aura photograph taken. I naturally said that I would be delighted. As I sat down in front of the machine I asked my angel to step into the photograph, thinking that people would sense its light. To my shock and that of everyone else, my angel and guide impressed themselves onto the aura photograph. You could see the round head of the angel, a gold bar reaching to my guide and rays of golden light pouring through the picture. As a result the telephone service was in meltdown as the programme received 114,000 calls and I was asked to return next day because so many people wanted to talk about their angel experiences that they had never dared to speak of before!

A few months after the angels reappeared in my life I met my wonderful guide Kumeka. We have been together throughout many lives and he is constantly with me. He gives me much of the information that I write about in my books.

Diana Cooper – Archangel Michael




26 Sep

Sound and the Chakras
By Jonathan Goldman


In 1980 I first began my study of the uses of sound and music as therapeutic and healing modalities. This study ultimately manifested with a Master’s Degree in Independent Study of the Uses of Sound and Music for Healing from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. My initial investigation into the area of sound healing was the relationship between sound and the chakras.

The word chakra is a Sanskrit term meaning “wheel”, for chakras are seen as spinning wheels of light by those with the ability to see subtle energy. The chakras are found in many traditions, including Hindu and Tibetan. Many esoteric and occult “Mystery School” describe these energy centers. While the chakras have been incorporated in many spiritual practices, their existence seems to be based, not upon religion, but upon awareness of energy. There is even scientific instrumentation that is beginning to record and validate them.

There are seven main chakras. These chakras are transduction points– places where subtle energy from higher planes begins to become denser. The energy from the chakras then becomes more dense as it comes into the body. It next becomes the acupuncture points and meridians and finally, this energy transduces into the density of the physical body. Imbalances in the physical body can be detected through the chakras. Frequently, healers who work with subtle energy can detect imbalances before they manifest in the physical body by feeling imbalances in the chakras. By balancing the chakras, imbalances in the physical body will often disappear.

There is a feedback loop occurring with the energy of the chakras. The physical body interfaces with this energy and vice versa. Frequently, an imbalance in a chakra will manifest later in the physical body. It is possible, such as through a traumatic injury, for both the physical body and the chakras to be simultaneously imbalanced. Healing of the physical occurs much more rapidly when the subtle anatomy–particularly the chakras–are aligned after physical injury. Frequency shifting through resonating the chakras allows us to help create balance and alignment within ourselves.

There are seven main chakras, seven spinning balls of energy that are located centrally in the front and the posterior of the body. The following is a brief description of the chakras:

  1. The first or “base” chakra located at the bottom of the trunk is involved with the physical process of elimination and the organs which work with that function. It is the chakra associated with the energy of survival. This chakra is also associated with grounding to the physical plane.
  2. The second or sacral chakra, located about three inches below your navel. This is associated with sexual energy, the reproductive organs and with much of the life force. The sexual energy is a divine energy utilized in the spiritual practice of tantra.
  3.  The third or navel chakra is located at the navel and a little above. Its energy is associated with digestion and the digestive organs. It is also associated with power and mastery of self.
  4.  The fourth or heart chakra is located in the center of the chest between the nipples. On the physical, it works with the lungs and the heart. On the emotional, it works with the energy of compassion and love.
  5. The fifth or throat chakra is located at the throat, at the base of the neck. It is a chakra that is associated with the process of communication; speech and hearing. The ears are associated with this chakra, as is, of course, the vocal apparatus.
  6. The sixth or brow chakra is located in the center of the forehead above the eyes. Often called “The Third Eye”, it is associated with imagination and psychic abilities. Mental activity and brain function are also associated with this chakra.
  7. The seventh or crown chakra, is located at the top of the head. It is associated with the induction of spiritual energy into the body. It is said to control every aspect of the body and mind and is associated with full enlightenment and union with God. This chakra is normally not fully open in most humans, though pictures of saints and other spiritual beings with “halos” are depictions of activated crown chakras.

These are the seven main chakras found in the various traditions. These seven chakras are the focus of the sonic resonance I first utilized on CHAKRA CHANTS and now, on CHAKRA CHANTS II. In my study of the relationship between sound and chakras are many different systems of sound that worked to resonate, balance and align the chakras.


There are numerous sounds that seem to resonate the chakras. Among the most popular are the use of vowels and the use of mantras. This use of vowels seem to be highly effective in balancing the chakras. The Sacred Vowel are considered sacred in many different traditions and Mystery Schools throughout the planet, including ancient Egyptians, Hebrew, Islamic, Tibetan, Japanese and Native American. There are a number of different systems of Sacred Vowels to balance the chakras. I have utilized a system of sounding the sacred vowels that came to me many years ago and that I have shared effectively with thousands of people.

An alternative method of resonating the chakras is to use the Bija Mantras, the Sanskrit letters from the Vedic traditions, which by themselves are said to balance and align the chakras. There are silent Bijas and spoken Bijas. These are the spoken Bijas that are chanted aloud in order to resonate the chakras. As with all systems of using sound, there are variations. Such is the case with the Bija Mantras. I utilize a specific system of Bija Mantras that Dr. Deepak Chopra helped bring to public awareness.

There are many other aspects of using sound to resonate the chakras as well. Each chakra in the Vedic tradition is also associated with a particular element. In addition are sounds from the Shabd Yoga, the science of the Audible Sound Current. These sounds are considered to be Divine Emanations of the Creator.

Another aspect of sonic chakra resonance has to do with the actual frequency or keynote of each chakra. There a multitudinous different keynotes and scales with regard to this. I often will simply sound the vowels on a monotone (in the same key) and let the harmonic (and the specific formant of the vowel) create the chakra resonance.

When I do use different frequencies (or keynote) to use for each chakra, I prefer a diatonic major scale, starting on the note C. This is one of the most popular systems utilized to resonate the chakras. It is, as I have said, merely a system and there are others.

Of particular note is that the fundamental frequencies used for this system are harmonically related–that is the notes are the natural result of the geometric vibrations of a given string (brought within a single octave). The tuning is different than that of a keyboard (which utilizes a C that vibrates at 261 Hz). The notes that are createdcreated from this harmonically related scale are based upon the harmonics created from the fundamental notes of the note C that vibrates at 256 cycles per second (and then having the harmonics transposed down so that the fit within the octave of that C note). 256 Hz. is a harmonic of 1 cycle a second. Many believe this keynote to be in natural resonance with many of the frequencies of the Earth itself. Some belief it is a harmonic of the actual frequency of the Earth.

The following is the system that I have utilized for the CHAKRA CHANTS and it’s follow up recordings:


Root – Muladhara
Keynote: C
Frequency: 256 Hz.
Vowel: Uh
Bija: Lam
Element: Earth
Shabd Sound: Thunder/Earthquake
Energy: Grounding


Sacral – Svadisthana
Keynote: D
Frequency: 288 Hz
Vowel: Ooo
Bija: Vam
Element: Water
Shabd Sound: Ocean
Energy: Life Energy,


Navel – Manipura
Keynote: E
Vowel: Oh
Frequency: 320 Hz.
Bija: Ram
Element: Fire
Shabd Sound: Roaring Fire
Element: Fire
Energy: Power


Heart – Anahata
Keynote: F
Frequency: 341. 3 Hz.
Vowel: Ah
Bija: Yam
Element: Air
Shabd Sound: Wind
Energy: Compassion, Love


Throat – Vishuddhi
Keynote: G
Frequency: 384 Hz.
Vowel: Eye
Bija: Ham
Element: Ether
Shabd Sound: Crickets
Energy: Communication, Creation


3rd Eye – Ajna
Keynote: A
Frequency: 426.7 Hz.
Vowel: Aye
Bija: Sham
Element: All
Shabd Sound: Bells/Space
Energy: Insight, Wisdom

Crown – Sahasrara
Keynote: B
Frequency: 480 Hz.
Vowel: Eee
Bija: Om
Element: All
Shabd Sound: Om
Energy: Transcendence


Chakras: 7 Minute Tune Up



A profoundly powerful chakra balancing meditation in only 7 minutes! Healing Sounds pioneer® Jonathan Goldman has created this new sound experience to enhance everyone’s busy life. Using powerful chakra imagery created by visionary artist Lahrinda along with Jonathan’s sounding of the sacred vowels to resonate your energy centers, this video will balance and align your chakras, creating greater health and harmony. To receive maximum benefit from the experience, simply tone along with the chakra sounds yourself, and experience additional therapeutic benefits.

Compilación realizada por Lorena Lacaille.


¿Qué es el EFT? Y como puede ayudarnos

15 Jul

¿Que es la Tecnica de Libertad Emocional?

La Tecnica de Libertad Emocional o EFT (por sus siglas en ingles), es la tecnica de acupresión psicológica que normalmente uso en mi práctica y la que más recomiendo para optimizar su salud emocional. Aunque todavia se pasa por alto, la salud emocional es definitivamente esencial para su salud y curación fisica—sin importar lo devoto que es en su alimentación y estilo de vida apropiados, usted no obtendrá la curación ideal y poder preventivo de su cuerpo si las barreras emocionales se interponen en su camino.

EFT es muy fácil de aprender y le ayudará a:

  • Remover las Emociones Negativas
  • Reducir los Antojos Alimenticios
  • Reducir o Eliminar el Dolor
  • Implementar Metas Positivas

EFT es una forma de acupuntura psicológica basada en la misma energia meridiana usada en la acupuntura tradicional para curar enfermedades fisicas y emocionales durante más de cinco mil años, pero sin la agresividad de las agujas. En cambio, simples golpecitos con las puntas de los dedos son utilizados para permitir la entrada de la energia cinetica a los meridianos especificos sobre la cabeza y pecho mientras se enfoca en su problema especifico—ya sea un evento traumático, una adicción, dolor, etc. –además de las afirmaciones positivas de su voz.

Esta combinación de golpear en la energia meridiana y hacer afirmaciones positivas en voz alta eliminan el “corto circuito” – que es su bloqueo emocional – que va desde su sistema de bioenergia de su cuerpo, para asi restaura el equilibrio de su mente y cuerpo, que es esencial para una salud optima y curación de enfermedades fisicas.

Algunas personas al principio no le tienen mucha confianza a los principios en los que se basa el EFT— la energia electromagnetica que fluye por su cuerpo y regula nuestra salud se está haciendo popular recientemente en el occidente. Otras personas se sorprenden inicialmente (y en ocasiones les divierte) la metodologia de EFT y de las afirmaciones, cuyos elementos básicos podrá aprender aqui.

Tenga en cuenta que, más que cualquier otro metodo tradicional o alternativo que he utilizado e investigado, el EFT si funciona. He sido testigo de los resultados en mis pacientes desde que decidieron utilizar exclusivamente el EFT en Junio del 2001. De hecho, debido a su alto indice de exito, el uso de EFT se ha propagado rápidamente, y los medicos que emplean EFT ahora se pueden encontrar en todos los rincones del mundo y en todos los paises.

Este manual le proporciona una visión general sobre dónde y cómo golpear, y las tecnicas de afirmación apropiadas, para que utiliceel EFT inmediatamente para ayudarse a usted mismo y a otras personas. Tambien le proporcionara una introducción a algunas tecnicas y principios avanzados de EFT que puede emplear. Si está interesado en tomar las prácticas y conocimiento del EFT a un nivel más elevado, por favor considere Try It On Everything.


Todo el Mundo Conoce la Regla de Oro

No le haga a los demás no que no quiere que le hagan a usted.

Es muy dificil amar al prójimo si no se ama a uno mismo.

Bueno, cuando hablo de amarse a si mismo, no estoy hablando de vanidad o arrogancia si no respeto increible de que lo que realmente es cada persona.

Usted no puede hacerse daño a usted mismo, o daño a alguien más. La aceptación incondicional es una de los principales objetivos en la vida y eso comienza con la aceptación y amor propio.

La cosa primordial que podemos hacer nosotros mismos para amarnos, especialmente en la perdida de peso es alejarnos de la critica. Si deseamos seguir adelante con el progreso tenemos que dejar de criticarnos a nosotros mismos ahora y siempre, nunca más. Es importante respetarnos a nosotros mismos y nunca más volvernos a criticar.

Muchos de nosotros nos hemos criticado y decepcionado por muchos años. Si queremos seguir adelante con este progreso, necesitamos ser persistentes con este patrón.

Cuando nosotros nos criticamos a nosotros mismos contribuimos a los cambios negativos en cambio cuando nos aceptamos a nosotros mismos facilitamos los cambios positivos. Nuestros pensamientos crean y contribuyen a todas nuestras experiencias de la vida, especialmente en relación con los problemas de salud.

Usted tiene control completo sobre sus pensamientos, no de sus emociones. Elija los pensamientos que sean nutritivos y de ayuda. La critica personal no nos ayuda a cambiar nada. Por lo tanto evite criticarse a usted mismo.

Necesita aceptarse a usted mismo de la manera que es. Si usted no se admira con diez, veinte, cincuenta o cien libras de más, será muy poco probable que se admire teniendo un peso ideal. La auto-aceptación es la clave fundamental.

Usted puede utilizar las afirmaciones de EFT para ayudarle a abordar el problema central que parece ser la clave de los problemas de salud en la mayoria de las personas, que es amarse a uno mismo y transformar pacificamente el auto critica.

Todas las personas hemos tomados decisiones negativas en el pasado, todos en general. La buena noticia es que todos tenemos la opción. Tenemos la opción de desencadenarnos del modelo anterior. Puede elegir pensamientos diferentes, de ayuda y nutritivos. Renunciar al modelo anterior negativo con amor, nos llevara hacia un nuevo modelo con facilidad.

Por favor siempre evite castigarse o desanimarse a usted mismo.


Esta es una de las claves para comenzar exitosamente con la tecnica de libertad emocional, el perdón hacia los demás es tan importante como perdonarse a uno mismo. El no perdonar a los demás, no nos daña en lo mas minimo, pero causa estragos en nosotros, ya que el problema no es de ellos, es de nosotros.

Las personas que tienen problemas amándose a si mismos, siempre tendrán problemas para aprende a perdonar a los demás. El no perdonar, nos cierra las puertas, sin embargo, cuando perdona y olvida, no solo nos quitamos un gran peso de encima, sino que tambien se abre la puerta hacia el amor por nosotros mismos.

Cuando usted no perdona, cuando no olvida, lo que sucede es que el pasado y usted se relacionan y al estar estancado en el pasado no nos permite vivir el presente. Y si no puede vivir en el momento presente, ¿Cómo usted cree que podrá crear un futuro saludable y emocionante?

Esa es una caracteristica definitivamente maravillosa y poderosa de EFT, que le permite perdonar a alguien con eficacia. Cuento con la Tecnica de Libertad Emocional que le ayudara a muchas personas perdonar a un nivel profundo.

No solo en su cabeza, sino en su corazón, donde en realidad importa.

Su Lenguaje

Sin duda me he dado cuenta de esto en muchas personas con las que he aplicado esta tecnica de libertad emocional. Todo comienza con nuestro dialogo interno. Nuestro dialogo interno o la manera en que nos hablamos a nosotros mismos es tan importante debido a que es la base de nuestra palabra.

Esto establece la atmosfera mental en la que operamos. Esto atraerá a nuestras experiencias. Se ha dado cuenta que su subconsciente es en realidad un transmisor y receptor electromagnetico. Difunde las emociones en el espacio y lo que difundimos tiende a ser recibido por nuestro entorno.


Se da cuenta que mucho de su poder está en su vocabulario. Los pensamientos que piensa y las palabras que dice están creando su futuro. Las cosas que dice son la extensión de sus pensamientos, por eso es muy importante nunca reprenderse a si mismo.

Siempre digase a usted mismo que está haciendo todo lo mejor posible

Si lo único que hace es decirse a usted mismo que esta gordo y feo, y además odia esa manera de ser, entonces se mantendrá encadenado. Usted necesita el apoyo amoroso y posteriormente hacer cambios. Usted necesita constantemente perdonarse a usted mismo por no ser perfecto.

Muchos de nosotros pensamos que tenemos que ser malos o erróneos antes de que podamos cambiar, pero en realidad no es asi. Cuando usted proviene de un entorno amoroso y de aceptación, los cambios pueden ser más sencillos. Usted hace un cambio por que usted desea mejorar su calidad de vida, y no porque sea una mala persona que quiere ser mejor.

Y el saber más le permitirá hacer las cosas de diferente manera, asi que nunca se reprima a usted mismo por lo que antes era.

Junto con la aplicación de la tecnica de libertad emocional diga, “hago lo mejor que puedo”.

Recuerde, es necesario perdonarse constantemente por no ser perfecto.

¿Qué es el Tapping? Episodio 1.


Using Color Energy As A Tool For Transformation

6 Jul

As soon as I hear the sound of someone’s voice, I start to see a glow (either physically around them or in my mind’s eye if I am on the phone). I believe that when I hear a person’s voice, I am seeing the color of their current energy, or, even deeper, the color of their soul. I explain what this color’s qualities are as a jumping-off point, and then I use my intuition to tap into how this color applies to my client’s specific life path.

My goal for my book – Your Life in Color is to relay the information about color that I have collected over the years in the hope that you can use it as a tool for self-improvement. You do not need any previous experience with intuition in order to utilize my approach. All levels are welcome! It is wonderful if you believe in energy and the idea of auras. Or if you are just curious about people whose brains process energy and information differently, that’s great too. Regardless of your beliefs, there are plenty of historical, scientific, and cultural references to keep you informed about the power of color.

Harnessing the power of color can work for anyone. I used to spend my days telling people what color I saw around them. I would describe the color I saw when they said their name, and then observe how these colors would change when they spoke about their job or love life. But after seeing literally thousands of auras around clients all over the world, I started to notice clearly repeating patterns and character traits associated with each color. Why was it that every self-employed person had a yellow or golden color around them? Or if someone had been cheated on, why would I always see a certain shade of blue?

I expanded my studies by taking courses on color therapy, meditation, and color healing. I read countless books because I wanted to know more about color energy. What I noticed was that most approaches to chakra or aura color would describe each color’s qualities but would not offer practical advice on how to actually invoke or harness the energy of each color. With this in mind, I took regular notes on what I saw around my clients, offering suggestions on how they could use certain colors if they needed a boost of any particular energy. The colors I perceived around clients meant I could see their strengths and also which colors could be used to minimize those traits that didn’t serve them. After years of reading this new language, I finally began to understand. This is how Your Life in Color came into being.

Color not only became my language for accessing information with clients, but it also offered powerful benefits I can now share with you to use whenever you need to. We are all born intuitive. Our intuitive abilities can be strengthened just like any other muscle. I teach workshops on seeing auras, and I have literally never had a participant leave without seeing color energy around another person. Commit to an exercise regimen, and anyone can get into their best personal shape.

Not many people hone their intuition because we are taught from an early age to seek advice from outside sources. If we think of intuition as a gift, then it is not something we actually have control over. It’s much easier to look outward for guidance, but in truth, the most accurate psychic reading you will ever receive can come from inside of you.
I think we are all gifted. Or more importantly, let’s replace the word gifted with connected. This magical planet we live on is surrounded by energy and blanketed in color messages from the universe. It would seem strange to me if only a select few of us were able to see, hear, or know that energy on a deeper level than anyone else.

To succeed as a doctor, lawyer, detective, investor, or in just about any other job, we must tap into our intuitive abilities. You may call your intuition a “feeling” or “hunch,” but for me, “being psychic” simply means that I have developed my intuitive muscles through practice and seeing thousands of clients. It’s sort of like the difference between someone who exercises twice a week and someone who is a personal trainer.

What if your own soul was the GPS you could use to consciously locate yourself in the universe and connect to all higher wisdom and understanding? If we each have our own inner guidance system, then color serves as an address on the map of our life. Each color helps us find specific points on the map that we need to get to. Want more leadership qualities? Follow the route toward purple. Need a boost of self-love? Buckle up and head toward pink.
Our journey together begins with me outlining my process of harnessing each color’s energy. I refer to this as color activation. But that is only the beginning. In each chapter of Your Life in Color,  we will explore one color to see how its energy can affect you and your environment. We will delve into the historical, cultural, scientific, and religious associations of color to see how they align with the qualities I see. I will tell you about clients who used color to make positive life changes, as well as offering various examples from my own life.

I will then lay out step-by-step instructions on how to incorporate color into your life through a series of techniques that have been tested by my clients. I will show you how to activate color in your life through exercises, affirmations, visual meditations, color props, and more. Every technique is designed to be a powerful, practical tool in enhancing your life. I am so excited to share this information with you! You can learn more about my book here, and if you would like a color reading with me, see my Hay House Radio show, Cosmic Coach Tuesdays at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET.

Psychic Dougall Fraser On Using Color In Your Life




Dougall Fraser is an internationally recognized psychic, author, and cosmic coach. He utilizes color therapy, clairvoyance, intuition, empathy, interior design, and practical advice to help people assess and attain their goals and dreams.


The Hidden Saboteurs of Lifestyle Design

18 Feb

by Steve Pavlina
Conscious lifestyle design sounds wonderful in principle. It involves creating a lifestyle that you love and a sustainable income source to fund it. But what many people don’t realize is just how many hidden traps there beneath the surface that can easily sabotage your transition. Let’s cover some of them.


If you’re transitioning from a routine, humdrum lifestyle to a much richer one, especially in terms of seeking out new experiences, then your pre-existing routines will need to be broken. Your old routine can no longer be your friend.

By default you’re going to catch yourself falling back into old routines that no longer serve you. You’ll stay home when you’d rather be traveling because staying home is what you’ve always done. You’ll socialize with the same people who reinforce your old routine even though you know deep down that they won’t follow you into your new lifestyle.

Even before you transition, it’s good to start breaking your old routine now and then. Begin shifting away from old patterns, and tackle new experiences when you can. Embrace the new.


Incompatible Friends

You may have friends that are compatible with your old lifestyle, but are they compatible with your desired direction? Could they handle you on the other side? If not, then you can expect to transition out of those relationships, and the sooner you do, the less social drag you’ll experience as you transition.

If you see yourself as a loyal person, then make sure your loyalty isn’t misplaced. Be loyal to your true self. Be loyal to your path of growth. Be loyal to the richly compatible new relationships that await you. Don’t confuse loyalty with stubbornness or fear.

Being loyal to dysfunctional relationships that hold you back isn’t true loyalty. Admit the truth that you’re afraid to move on into uncharted territory, and you cling to old relationships to give yourself an excuse to avoid taking the next step. Once you’re honest with yourself, it will be easier to move forward.

You don’t necessarily have to break up with your old friends deliberately. Just shamelessly embrace your new path, and let them react as they will. If they can be happy and supportive, great. If not, let your transition rattle them, and see if they come around. If they don’t come around and keep resisting, let go. Engaging with such resistance is a waste of life. Trying to convince someone who doesn’t want to be convinced is a delay tactic, so don’t get caught up in such nonsense.

I’ve gone through several big lifestyle transitions. Each time I did so, I lost old friends and gained new ones. Some friends have been able to follow me through multiple transitions. These friends tend to be the most compatible because they’re able to embrace growth-oriented people, and they expect change rather than perpetual sameness.

If you have people in your life who expect you to remain stuck, those people are not your friends. Don’t let their neediness drag you down. That doesn’t serve you, and it doesn’t serve the world.

Incompatible Relationship Partners

A partner that can’t handle your lifestyle transition is one of the greatest saboteurs of all. Transitioning out of an incompatible relationship can be one of the most gut-wrenching challenges of lifestyle design. I’ve been through it, as have many of my readers. But to really create a fulfilling life, it’s often necessary to go through it.

You can’t settle. You can’t drag a partner with you who doesn’t want to go. And there’s no need to do that anyway. There are amazingly compatible new partners waiting for you, but they’ll never recognize you as a match while you remain stuck in your old relationship.

Read the article How to Decide When to End a Long-Term Relationship to see where you currently stand. I also highly recommend the book Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay by Mira Kirshenbaum. It’s probably the best book I’ve ever read about relationships, and it’s a delightful, eye-opening read that will forever change how you view intimate relationships.

You may also enjoy reading the article 4D Relationships if you want a simple model for checking how empowering your relationships are across the four key relationship dimensions.


Creating an amazing lifestyle sounds like a lot of fun, but it also takes dedication, self-discipline, and patience. If you have any addictions – and most people do – they’ll sabotage your ability to stay on track.

All addictions weaken the prefrontal cortex, which is the part of your brain responsible for planning and self-regulation. Addictions are insidious because they lower your ability to think rationally and to discipline yourself, thereby making it even harder to overcome the addiction.

It’s fair to say the the more addictions you have, and the more frequently you exercise them, the weaker your self-discipline will be. How can you undergo a major lifestyle transition if you can’t even get yourself to take action consistently? It’s extremely difficult. Most likely you’ll just succumb to endless delays.

If you want to create an amazing lifestyle, make overcoming addictions a serious priority, no matter how challenging it is. This includes alcohol and other drugs; smoking; porn; gambling; excessive Internet, cell phone, or social media usage; unhealthy foods; sex; shopping; video games; and overworking yourself.

The more addictions you drag into your new lifestyle, the more they’ll sabotage your enjoyment of life. When you think about your new lifestyle, cultivate a vision of yourself as an addiction-free person. Positive addictions like exercise are fine, but envision yourself being free of negative, self-sabotaging rituals.

If you’ve had a long-term relationship with an addiction that’s slowing you down, stop trying to negotiate a moderate relationship with it. Your true decision is either to marry that addiction till death do you part, or break it off forever and never see each other again. If you’re not willing to do the latter, then you’re married by default, and you’ll probably have that addiction for the rest of your life. Are you willing to drag it forward decade after decade?

For any kind of addiction you might have, there are countless support groups that can help you. Just do a Google search on “overcoming [addiction type] addiction,” such as “overcoming Internet porn addiction,” and you’ll find abundant resources. Start reading, and open your eyes to how the addiction is hurting you and how to overcome it. You may find a lot of inspiration in reading people’s stories.

Addiction - Wordcloud Medical Concept. The Word in Red Color, Surrounded by a Cloud of Words Gray.

Addiction – Wordcloud Medical Concept. The Word in Red Color, Surrounded by a Cloud of Words Gray.


When you embark on a new lifestyle, you’re going to be uncomfortable. If your new lifestyle involves lots of growth and change, such as frequent traveling, then you’re going to be uncomfortable a lot too.

In your old lifestyle, you may have felt pretty comfortable. Most days seemed normal and met your expectations, even if your expectations were low. You were in your comfort zone most of the time.

That type of experience has to be thrown out the window, at least for a while. When you transition (and perhaps long afterwards), you’ll be outside your comfort zone. As odd as it may sound, you’ll need to develop the ability to be comfortable with discomfort.

You can’t let discomfort stop you because discomfort will be common in your new reality. Travel to a new country where you don’t speak the language, and you’ll be uncomfortable. Do your first coaching session, speech, or interview, and you’ll be uncomfortable. Tell other people about your transition, and you’ll be uncomfortable. It’s all part of the growth experience. If you weren’t uncomfortable, you wouldn’t be growing much.

The more you welcome discomfort, little by little, the easier it gets. Many experiences that used to make me uncomfortable now seem like fun. Next week I’m heading to the UK and then to Italy the following week. I’ve never been to Italy before, and I don’t speak any Italian, so I can expect some awkwardness here and there, but I’ve had enough of these experiences that this doesn’t bother me anymore. I’m now comfortable with this level of discomfort. Years ago this discomfort would have been enough to make me avoid such traveling unless I did tons of advance preparation or played it safe by going with a group.


Our final saboteur is one of the most common among my readers. If your new lifestyle is all about me, me, me, then you’ll probably find it difficult to sustain your journey.

There needs to be some kind of value proposition to your new lifestyle. What are you giving in exchange for all that you’ll receive? How are you including other people in your journey? Why should anyone bother to care or to help you?

Without some positive social support on your path, you’ll have to go it alone, and that’s pretty difficult. It also tends to be demotivating. I’ve seen people give up from loneliness and isolation when they take a me-first approach to lifestyle design. Most of the time they don’t make it very far because they find it too difficult to earn income. If you don’t care about serving others, they why should anyone serve you their money?

It’s great to fulfill your personal desires, but also think about how your gains can benefit others as well. I do this by sharing my growth lessons publicly. When I first started on this path, I didn’t know how impactful that would be. Since I started blogging in 2004, there have been more than 100 million visits to my website, and my content has been shared, translated, and republished all over the world. I get feedback from people on every continent except Antarctica (a stubborn holdout for some reason). This in turn helps to fuel my own journey by bringing lots of growth-oriented people into my life who reinforce what I’m doing. Most of the friends I have today, I’ve made because of this work.

Ideally your work and lifestyle should mesh together well, holistically supporting each other. Creating this balance is a challenge to be sure, but when you finally nail it, you’re golden.

* * *

These saboteurs have crushed many lifestyle transitions, so please don’t ignore them. Keep leaning into these challenges. See them as growth opportunities that will make you stronger for tackling them.



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20 Nov



!Activa tu GPS! con Julio Bevione.

27 Oct

“En el mundo podemos confirmar lo que llevamos dentro. Si estamos en paz, veremos el cielo y si estamos desordenados internamente, todo será caos. Esa es la elección más importante que tenemos que hacer como seres humanos. ¿Quiero vivir en el cielo o en el infierno? Primero lo creo en mí y luego lo reflejo en mi mundo.”

Así es como Bevione presenta su nueva mirada sobre la vida espiritual.

Es comunicador y autor de once libros de temáticas espirituales. Nació en Villa Santa Rosa, Córdoba, Argentina, en 1972 y desde 1997 radica en Estados Unidos, actualmente en la ciudad de Nueva York.

Aunque nunca hubo un episodio que marcara su búsqueda, asegura que desde siempre tuvo un deseo de respuestas del comportamiento humano, la búsqueda de la felicidad y la paz interior.

“No he tenido ninguna experiencia mística ni epifanía, sólo constantes momentos de ‘darme cuenta’, de romper mis moldes mentales y ver más allá de lo que pensaba que podía ver”, asegura

Bevione se ha dedicado a compartir sus ideas que ayudan a encontrar entendimiento y paz interior. Herramientas sencillas para que las personas inicien un proceso de autoconocimiento y descubrimiento espiritual. Un claro mensaje de cómo vivir una vida más fácil, simple y abundante.

Con su trabajo, guía a las personas para que identifiquen y purifiquen sus miedos y pensamientos limitantes, invitando a establecer relaciones más amorosas y a vivir con libertad, mayor consciencia y compromiso.

Es autor de once libros: “Vivir en La Zona”, “52 semanas para Vivir en La Zona”, “¡Qué maravilla!, Mis primeros pasos en la espiritualidad” junto a Sebastián Carignano (género infantil), “Abundancia, vivir sin miedos”, “Aceptación, vivir en paz”, “Relaciones, vivir en armonía”, “Silencio, Vivir En El Espíritu”, estos últimos como parte de la colección “En La Zona”, así como “Respira… y Sal de tu Crisis”, “Espiritualidad, para una vida más fácil, simple y abundante”, “La vida en 5 minutos”. Su más reciente es “!Activa Tu GPS!”. Todos disponibles en papel, en formato digital y audiolibro.

Bevione se caracteriza por el contacto directo con el público en conferencias multitudinarias en ciudades de Latinoamérica y Estados Unidos, así como sus Spiritual Boot Camp, retiros de 3 días que realiza en diferentes puntos del continente, donde grupos reducidos de asistentes son guiados personalmente.

Tanto en sus libros, columnas, segmentos y seminarios, personas de las más variadas vertientes religiosas, sociales y generacionales encuentran respuestas comprensibles a sus interrogantes más profundas, además de recibir un entrenamiento que les permite crear una nueva realidad en sus vidas. Bevione pertenece a una generación dispuesta a trascender cualquier rito, religión o filosofía en particular, para que cada ser humano descubra su propio camino hacia el encuentro consigo mismo y su conexión con una fuerza superior.

“Más que tener respuestas, les tengo preguntas para los asistentes. Es necesario que nos hagamos preguntas más profundas, que nos cuestionemos lo que nos pasa, porque esas preguntas son las que nos van a mostrar esa otra verdad que está escondida detrás de cada situación y de cada ser humano… No es lo que sucede lo que impacta en nuestra vida, sino lo que hacemos con ello.”


Nuestra presencia en el mundo tiene un propósito, y hasta que no lo encarnemos, el alma seguirá impulsándonos a descubrirlo.
Los seres humanos, después de haber insistido en tomar decisiones usando solo la razón, comenzamos a despertar la inteligencia ligada al corazón y a nuestra alma. Esto se llama «inteligencia espiritual».
El éxito, como realización personal, está abierto a las personas que en sus decisiones, consciente o inconscientemente, incluyeron la sabiduría de su alma, que es la única capaz de transcender los conceptos tan extremos de lo bueno y lo malo, de las aparentes carencias y los límites que creamos tener, para encontrar un camino posible con nuestros propios recursos, la mayoría de ellos internos.
El alma es tu GPS, úsalo para alcanzar la felicidad


Julio Bevione y Sanar el Pasado



Julio Bevione y Como Cerrar Ciclos