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8 Feng Shui Tips That Could Change Your Life

27 Ago



Using Color Energy As A Tool For Transformation

6 Jul

As soon as I hear the sound of someone’s voice, I start to see a glow (either physically around them or in my mind’s eye if I am on the phone). I believe that when I hear a person’s voice, I am seeing the color of their current energy, or, even deeper, the color of their soul. I explain what this color’s qualities are as a jumping-off point, and then I use my intuition to tap into how this color applies to my client’s specific life path.

My goal for my book – Your Life in Color is to relay the information about color that I have collected over the years in the hope that you can use it as a tool for self-improvement. You do not need any previous experience with intuition in order to utilize my approach. All levels are welcome! It is wonderful if you believe in energy and the idea of auras. Or if you are just curious about people whose brains process energy and information differently, that’s great too. Regardless of your beliefs, there are plenty of historical, scientific, and cultural references to keep you informed about the power of color.

Harnessing the power of color can work for anyone. I used to spend my days telling people what color I saw around them. I would describe the color I saw when they said their name, and then observe how these colors would change when they spoke about their job or love life. But after seeing literally thousands of auras around clients all over the world, I started to notice clearly repeating patterns and character traits associated with each color. Why was it that every self-employed person had a yellow or golden color around them? Or if someone had been cheated on, why would I always see a certain shade of blue?

I expanded my studies by taking courses on color therapy, meditation, and color healing. I read countless books because I wanted to know more about color energy. What I noticed was that most approaches to chakra or aura color would describe each color’s qualities but would not offer practical advice on how to actually invoke or harness the energy of each color. With this in mind, I took regular notes on what I saw around my clients, offering suggestions on how they could use certain colors if they needed a boost of any particular energy. The colors I perceived around clients meant I could see their strengths and also which colors could be used to minimize those traits that didn’t serve them. After years of reading this new language, I finally began to understand. This is how Your Life in Color came into being.

Color not only became my language for accessing information with clients, but it also offered powerful benefits I can now share with you to use whenever you need to. We are all born intuitive. Our intuitive abilities can be strengthened just like any other muscle. I teach workshops on seeing auras, and I have literally never had a participant leave without seeing color energy around another person. Commit to an exercise regimen, and anyone can get into their best personal shape.

Not many people hone their intuition because we are taught from an early age to seek advice from outside sources. If we think of intuition as a gift, then it is not something we actually have control over. It’s much easier to look outward for guidance, but in truth, the most accurate psychic reading you will ever receive can come from inside of you.
I think we are all gifted. Or more importantly, let’s replace the word gifted with connected. This magical planet we live on is surrounded by energy and blanketed in color messages from the universe. It would seem strange to me if only a select few of us were able to see, hear, or know that energy on a deeper level than anyone else.

To succeed as a doctor, lawyer, detective, investor, or in just about any other job, we must tap into our intuitive abilities. You may call your intuition a “feeling” or “hunch,” but for me, “being psychic” simply means that I have developed my intuitive muscles through practice and seeing thousands of clients. It’s sort of like the difference between someone who exercises twice a week and someone who is a personal trainer.

What if your own soul was the GPS you could use to consciously locate yourself in the universe and connect to all higher wisdom and understanding? If we each have our own inner guidance system, then color serves as an address on the map of our life. Each color helps us find specific points on the map that we need to get to. Want more leadership qualities? Follow the route toward purple. Need a boost of self-love? Buckle up and head toward pink.
Our journey together begins with me outlining my process of harnessing each color’s energy. I refer to this as color activation. But that is only the beginning. In each chapter of Your Life in Color,  we will explore one color to see how its energy can affect you and your environment. We will delve into the historical, cultural, scientific, and religious associations of color to see how they align with the qualities I see. I will tell you about clients who used color to make positive life changes, as well as offering various examples from my own life.

I will then lay out step-by-step instructions on how to incorporate color into your life through a series of techniques that have been tested by my clients. I will show you how to activate color in your life through exercises, affirmations, visual meditations, color props, and more. Every technique is designed to be a powerful, practical tool in enhancing your life. I am so excited to share this information with you! You can learn more about my book here, and if you would like a color reading with me, see my Hay House Radio show, Cosmic Coach Tuesdays at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET.

Psychic Dougall Fraser On Using Color In Your Life




Dougall Fraser is an internationally recognized psychic, author, and cosmic coach. He utilizes color therapy, clairvoyance, intuition, empathy, interior design, and practical advice to help people assess and attain their goals and dreams.



Feng Shui: Como pintar tú casa

1 Abr

Las claves del Feng Shui para pintar tu casa
Elige el color de las paredes de tu hogar pensando en la influencia que tiene sobre nuestro estado de ánimo
A la hora de decorar nuestra casa siempre nos fijamos en la decoración, la colocación de los muebles? Pero poca importancia le damos al color de las paredes más a allá de lo meramente estético. Y es que el Feng Shui también toma importancia en la elección de los colores. Gracias a esta ciencia de energía vital, se puede tratar de atraer la energía positiva a todas las estancias de nuestro hogar.

Los colores, más allá de su aspecto estético, influyen sobre nuestro estado de ánimo. A continuación os dejamos una serie de consejos para pintar las paredes de vuestras casas siguiendo las reglas del Feng Shui.

Colores del Fuego

Entre ellos están el amarillo, el naranja, el rojo, el rosa y el violeta. Las habitaciones que den al sur deben ir pintadas de alguno de estos colores.

– El amarillo es el color perfecto para atraer la alegría y la felicidad, y es el más adecuado tanto para las paredes de una cocina como para el dormitorio de los niños.

– El color naranja podemos emplearlo, según el Feng Shui, para pintar alguna de las paredes de la sala de estar.

– El rojo es un color que estimula el flujo de la energía universal, pero hay que reconocer que igual es demasiado atrevido para pintar nuestra casa.

– El rosa ejerce un potente efecto relajante y representa ternura, inocencia, ingenuidad y romanticismo. Es apropiado para salas en las que queramos estar relajados, así como para dormitorios infantiles.

– El violeta se asocia a la templanza, espiritualidad y la lucidez. Puede ser una buena opción para pintar alguna de las paredes de las habitaciones juveniles.

Colores de la Tierra

Las estancias que funcionan como punto de encuentro de la familia como el salón o el comedor pueden lucir tonos terracotas, beige, amarillo pastel, crema u ocre. Estos se asocian al elemento natural de la Tierra y nos ayudarán, según el Feng Shui, a reforzar las relaciones personales y a adquirir mayor estabilidad.

Colores del Agua

Las habitaciones orientadas hacia el norte deberían ir con colores acordes con la tranquilidad y la frescura, algo que se puede lograr aplicando tonalidades de azul y negro combinadas con blanco y gris. Para lograr equilibrio y paz, aplica los tonos azules a baños y dormitorios; el color negro se delegaría a objetos decorativos.

Colores metal

Si vas a elegir los colores para pintar la casa en función del Feng Shui y, en concreto, para espacios como las salas de estudio o puestos de trabajo, son preferibles los colores metal. Entre ellos están el blanco, el gris y los tonos metalizados. Aportan pureza a los espacios, logran crear un ambiente más serio y favorecen la concentración. Igualmente, el blanco en combinación con otros tonos también es una buena opción para dormitorios.

Colores madera

Los tonos verdes y marrones representan este elemento natural y sirven para fomentar el crecimiento y la seguridad dentro del hogar. Ambos colores son estupendos para la mayoría de espacios.

– El verde expresa también esperanza y vitalidad, por lo que podemos usarlo para pintar las paredes de los dormitorios de los niños.

– El marrón se asocia a la estabilidad y en sus vertientes pasteles es recomendable para salones y comedores, sobre todo para aquellos que disponen de buena luz natural.


Las fotos y cuadros en tu casa donde colocarlas según el feng Shui.

15 Feb

Feng Shui al colocar las fotos en tu casa


Feng Shui: Beneficios de poner cuadros en casa


Si quieres que tu hogar este lleno de BUENAS ENERGÍAS, de bienestar, prosperidad, amor… debes de saber dónde colocar las pinturas e imágenes adecuadas.
Cada espacio en tu casa debe ser cuidado, armonizado. Si no es así el buen fluir del CHÍ que atrae las energías de prosperidad; abundancia, éxito, amor y bienestar familiar, puede convertirse en una energía que solo activará contratiempos, infortunios y escasez.

Las obras de arte tienen una gran influencia sobre las energías de tus espacios aunque no lo creas.

Esas pinturas, cuadros e imágenes que parecen ser inofensivos pueden estar atrayendo energías discordantes a tu casa.
Lo primero que debes hacer es conocer las coordenadas en tus espacios (norte, noreste, este, sureste, sur, suroeste, oeste, noroeste). Recuerda que ellas honran un aspecto de la vida familiar y personal de quienes habitan.

Cada una de las coordenadas está regida por uno de los cinco (5) elementos de la naturaleza.
Aquí les dejo un PAKUA para que puedan guiarse:
Sabiendo dónde están ubicadas cada una de las coordenadas de tu casa, ubica correctamente tus cuadros e imágenes según las propiedades de sus elementos: AGUA, MADERA, FUEGO, METAL, TIERRA.

Dentro de los espacios, cada decorado atrae la fuerza del Universo de forma positiva o negativa. Por ello, es muy importante que elijas con tu buen gusto y gusto aquellas pinturas, imágenes y fotografías adecuadas.

Imágenes de prosperidad con símbolos como el OM, EL FÚ o símbolo de la Doble Felicidad.
Las figuras como la pareja cósmica del Dragón y el Ave Fénix impulsarán una gran fortuna en tu vida, sobre todo en la coordenada sur.
Imágenes donde exista desarrollo, crecimiento, prosperidad y abundancia.
Los elementos que componen tu obra deberán ser numerosos, nunca uno en solitario.
Los cuadros con atmósferas tranquilas, gozosas y felices.
Imágenes y fotografías de personas en pareja que irradien amor y gran felicidad

-No debes poner fotos familiares delante de la puerta del cuarto de baño (lo que simboliza es obvio).
-No colocar fotos enfrentadas a la puerta principal (piensa que la puerta principal recibe toda la energía exterior que entra en la casa, por lo que la imagen queda demasiado “expuesta”)
-No delante de una escalera (la escalera lanza literalmente la energía hacia abajo y cae)
-No decores con fotos familiares, sótanos, trasteros o baño (suelen ser sitios oscuros y con poca ventilación)
-No en pasillos largos y estrechos, nuestros seres queridos no se merecen recibir esa energía rápida que se dan en estos espacios.
Independientemente de su orientación, el salón es un buen sitio para colocar nuestras fotos, pero debes cuidar ciertos aspectos como los marcos y el cristal protector, ya que con estos dos complementos podemos reforzar o equilibrar un elemento u otro.

Imágenes de desolación donde existan figuras alusivas a la pobreza y la ruina (como el famoso rancho, la casita en medio de una tierra árida). Esto atraerá escasez.
Imágenes violentas que contengan armas de cualquier tipo, calaveras, accidentes, tragedias naturales, hombres sin cabeza, guerras, enfrentamientos, paisajes desoladas con plantas espinosas.
Los cuadros abstractos de cualquier color, ocasionan desorden y generan confusión en la organización de los proyectos.
Las imágenes de personas tristes, llorando o con expresiones incómodas.
La atmósfera de estos cuadros es depresiva y evita el desarrollo de metas.
Imágenes de personas solitarias. Esto podría evitar que actives el amor en tu vida.
Busca siempre imágenes y símbolos duales o en pareja como los patos mandarines, ideales para colocar en la coordenada ESTE

Al ser positivos tendemos a atraer personas positivas y circunstancias positivas, estilos de vida. Usted es un imán que atrae hacia si los pensamientos predominantes que sostiene su conciencia.

Con cariño,
Ana María Balarezo
Especialista en Feng Shui


Compilación realizada por Lorena Lacaille


Michelle Phillips give us practical tips

6 Feb

Mind Beauty Spirit – Dress To Impress


Mind Beauty Spirit – Spring Clean Your Make Up Bag



«Luna nueva en Acuario» y el inicio del año del «Gallo de fuego» este 27 y 28 de enero 2017.

27 Ene

La Luna Nueva en Acuario del 28 de Enero 2017, 00:06 UT, marca el comienzo del Año Nuevo del Gallo Rojo de Fuego, y el “inicio de la primavera”, de acuerdo con el calendario solar chino tradicional.

El Sábado en la madrugada, una Luna Nueva se produce, que marca el comienzo de un nuevo ciclo. En el signo de Acuario, amistad, hermandad, actividades de grupo, actividades sociales, proyectos de grupo, intentar algo nuevo, los esfuerzos humanitarios, o unirse a un grupo será un fuerte enfoque en el plano personal. Un nuevo comienzo con respecto a todas estas cuestiones son posibles ahora.

Este es un tiempo en el que debemos resolver problemas que requieren de un pensamiento “fuera de lo común”; mirar hacia el futuro con una marca y visión nueva, positiva y esperanzadora. Con la Luna Nueva en Acuario llueven las ideas y las ganas de socializar; nos centramos en extender una mano amiga, recibir apoyo y expresar el amor platónico a los que nos rodean. Damos a nuestras emociones y pasiones una “ruptura”, a medida que desarrollamos una mayor objetividad y un poco de desapego de los refugios pasados.

De acuerdo a lo publicado en la página Dark Astrology “la Luna Nueva en Acuario es revolucionaria y vanguardista, y trae la confrontación de lo viejo con lo nuevo. Una Luna como esta puede ser innovadora, romper moldes y catalizar el cambio colectivo…Para una mente experimental e inquieta, la inventiva le traerá éxito, pero nuestra vida personal puede sufrir ya que encontramos difícil emocionarnos con los asuntos mundanos y cotidianos. Podemos aburrirnos fácilmente porque necesitamos novedad constante. Volver a la Luna Nueva en un constante estado de flujo “.

La Luna Nueva en Acuario es propicia para aprender cómo funciona algo (o alguien).revitalizarnos a nosotros mismos a través de experiencias que son nuevas o simplemente diferentes; llegar a la gente en nuestro círculo social y en nuestra comunidad, y reconocer el valor de nuestras amistades y redes sociales. Aprendemos a reconocer que un cierto nivel de desapego y distanciamiento de nuestros hábitos y apego al pasado, nos ayudará a romper con conductas destructivas que nos impiden avanzar.

Con la potente energía del 28 de Enero 2017 con la Luna Nueva en Acuario y la del Gallo Rojo de Fuego, tenemos la oportunidad de hacer cambios progresivos en nuestra vida.

Amada Dora Cerpa


Energia Disponible en via a la Luna Nueva en Acuario


El día de Año Nuevo Chino 2017 es el 28 de enero, y representa el año 4715 según el calendario chino. El signo zodiacal que corresponde al 2017 es el Gallo, más precisamente, el Gallo Femenino de Fuego. El Fuego está relacionado con el color rojo, por lo tanto, el 2017 es el Año de la Gallina Roja o la Gallina Roja de Fuego.


En base a la teoría del horóscopo chino, el Gallo es un Metal Femenino. El Metal Femenino se relaciona con el oro, las piedras preciosas o las joyas; es decir, muestra su valor a simple vista. El Gallo es el 10º animal de los 12 del zodiaco, y está relacionado con la estación otoño, una época de cosecha. Por lo tanto, el Gallo también se relaciona con la fruta. Es bueno para relajarse y disfrutar de una buena cosecha después del trabajo arduo. Usaremos estos conceptos para analizar la relación entre el Gallo y los otros signos del zodíaco.

El Gallo es inherentemente Metal, pero en 2017 estará relacionado con el Fuego. El Metal le teme al Fuego, ya que son elementos opuestos. Por lo tanto, para la mayoría de la gente la suerte estará mezclada, habrá buenas y malas noticias en 2017. El Gallo también se relaciona con la niebla, el dióxido de carbono, los virus o el aire contaminado. Por eso, hay que prestar atención al sistema respiratorio.

Los 12 animales del zodíaco chino.

Ya que el Gallo pertenece al Metal Femenino, en realidad para el horóscopo chino se trata de una Gallina. Pero en Occidente en general se conocerá al 2017 como el año del Gallo.

2017 año del gallo

El ciclo del zodíaco se repite cada 12 años y comienza con el signo de la Rata. Cada persona tiene un animal asignado en base al año de nacimiento. Por ejemplo, quienes nazcan en el 2017 tendrán el signo del Gallo.

Los Años de Gallo son una mezcla de rectitud y justicia, la grandilocuencia y la eficiencia logística. Los empleos de la administración pública y privada, las carreras militares o los puestos de trabajo de la policía son muy favorecidos durante este periodo del horóscopo chino 2017.

La rata, el conejo y el gallo solamente están representados por un solo elemento, mientras que todos los otros signos del zodiaco chino contienen varios elementos ocultos en ellos. Por lo tanto, los años regidos por estos tres signos dependen en gran medida de la fuerza de la base del elemento al que están unidos inicialmente.

A pesar de que los ciclos de rotación de los meses, las estaciones y los días continuamente traen la diversidad para el flujo de energía de los 5 elementos (Wu Xing), la presencia de un elemento predominante que regula el ciclo anual nunca se ve como el mejor de los presagios en la tradición china.

Al igual que las enseñanzas del Feng Shui, el equilibrio de fuerzas entre los cinco elementos genera felicidad y plenitud. La falta de diversidad energética generada por un elemento dominante durante un Año Nuevo del Gallo, un Año Nuevo del conejo y un Año Nuevo de la Rata, intensifica la perturbación de las fuerzas cíclicas del tiempo con las inherentes a cada signo de la astrología china .


Las predicciones para el 2017 en el Horóscopo chino.

Rata (1900, 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996 y 2008)

“La rata seguirá con la buena racha de los últimos años, solo que deberá aprovechar este del mismo modo que narra la historia de José y el Faraón: es temporada de vacas gordas, por lo que hay que prevenir las eventualidades del año 2018, que no será tan fructífero. El tiempo del influjo es penetrante y de gran importancia para afianzar vínculos con el prójimo. Este año podrá invertir, enamorarse y crecer sin nubarrones en el horizonte”.

Buey o Búfalo (1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 y 2009)

“El buey sabe que para él las pruebas son siempre difíciles, llenas de obstáculos, imprevisibles y complicadas. La paciencia china es su mejor virtud. Por eso, entre las decisiones del último tramo del año del mono hacia el inicio del año del gallo debió “transigir”, aceptar que está viviendo una etapa complicada en las relaciones afectivas, y que deberá ser consciente de las consecuencias”.

Tigre (1902, 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998 y 2010)

“Si bien hay cierta empatía, atracción y admiración mutua, el orden y la disciplina militar del gallo apabullan al tigre en sus decisiones de libertad y modus operandi. Por eso el i ching les aconseja que sean sabios y se adapten al tiempo sin rebeliones ni segundas intenciones”.

Conejo (1903, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999 y 2011)

“El punto G del conejo es aceptar las pérdidas afectivas, los cambios en la relación con la pareja, padres, hermanos e hijos, y salir en busca de su propia tribu. Estará con cambios imprevisibles de humor; oscilará entre la euforia y la depresión y explotará en lugares inadecuados exigiendo atención. Su rebeldía podrá costarle despidos o malas recomendaciones en su ámbito. No enfrente al prójimo como un gallo de riña; sea diplomático y no confronte. Su suerte estará ligada a su astucia, tacto, refinamiento y, sobre todo, su sentido del humor. Su salud necesitará atención: más dieta equilibrada, encuentro con gente sabia, practicar el tao del amor y del sexo y muchas salidas con amigos que compartan sus penas y alegrías”.

Dragón (1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000 y 2012)

“El dragón estará en el cenit de la escena. Será protagonista de cambios sistémicos en la comunidad de los hombres, y aportará grandes transformaciones con su lucidez, eficacia y trabajo. Las relaciones afectivas se consolidarán”.

Serpiente (1905, 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989 y 2013)

“La serpiente sabe que el gallo la amparará y protegerá en situaciones ante la ley y la justicia. Aprenderá a relacionarse sin tanta soberbia y omnipotencia y conseguirá seducir con facilidad a quien se le cruce en su camino. La serpiente, que estaba stand by o sin ganas de reiniciar algún estudio, emprenderá su búsqueda y conseguirá lo que desee con éxito”.

Caballo (1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002 y 2014)

“El Caballo persigue el éxito, la victoria, la fama y la riqueza. El Gallo busca la perfección, la relajación y el disfrute. El Caballo está conectado con la civilización, la inteligencia y la confianza en uno mismo. Cuando el Caballo se encuentra con el Gallo, juntos forman el alegre momento de la victoria”.

Cabra (1907, 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003 y 2015)

“La suerte sonreirá sobre la encantadora cabra. Ellas properarán en muchos sectores de actividad. Y en lo que a conquistas amorosas respecta, estarán entre las más afortunadas del zodiaco. ¿Las harás todo eso felices? En un nivel, sí, pero todavía tendrán preguntas que necesitan grandes respuestas”.

Mono (1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004 y 2016)

“El Mono es el noveno animal en el zodiaco Chino y es conocido por su lado entretenido y social Tu energía de Mono estará presente en todos los aspectos de tu vida durante el año del Gallo según tu horóscopo Chino. ¡Enfócate en amor, profesión y salud en 2017!”

Gallo (1933. 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005 y 2017)

“Habrá un buen ambiente para ustedes, sobretodo si creen firmemente que los tiempos difíciles quedaron atrás. Será un año para sacar beneficios si te enfocas en tus tareas. No obstante, este año no estará libre de conflicto y deberás actuar con sabiduría para solucionarlos. No actúes con temor si tienes que tomar riesgos. Cree más en ti, en tus proyectos y mantén la calma ante las inclemencias”.

Perro (1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994 y 2018)

“Tienen un fuerte sentido de la responsabilidad y se preocupan más por el bienestar de otros que por el dinero o la fama. Aunque tienen buenas intenciones, a veces pueden abrumar con su extrema atención, incluso si no están involucrados directamente. Son creativos y muchas veces cargan con más trabajo para aliviar la carga de otros”.

Jabalí o Cerdo (1911, 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995 y 2019)

“Te verás bendecido en varios aspectos de tu vida y aunque surjan inconvenientes sabrás sobrellevarlos de buena manera lo que traerá equilibrio a tu vida. Si bien no tendrás avances muy significativos en el plano profesional si te mantienes firme al tomar decisiones es muy probable que consigas todo lo que deseas. El gallo de fuego te invita este año a tomar el control y actuar con valentía y decisión, sobretodo si buscas cambios”.


2017 Año del Gallo de Fuego; Horóscopo Chino


El tiempo trascurre tan rápido que no alcanzamos a darnos cuenta y ya estamos celebrando la bienvenida de otro Año Nuevo. Por eso, los rituales y ceremonias nos detienen para hacernos tomar conciencia de lo que no debemos repetir, y lo que nos gustaría invocar para los próximos 12 meses.

En China no existe casa donde no se realicen rituales del Feng Shui para recibir el año entrante, pues es casi una especie de mandato dentro de la cultura de ese país. El Feng Shui es un antiguo sistema filosófico que responde a la ocupación consciente y armónica del espacio con el fin de lograr de este una influencia positiva sobre las personas que lo ocupan. Desde hace varios años que Occidente está aplicando esta disciplina y Chile no está ajeno a esa realidad.

Según Sylvia Galleguillos, de la Escuela Chilena de Feng Shui, son dos los aspectos importantes a considerar para realizar un ritual de fin de año.

1. De qué signo será el año que nos visita y nos rige el 2017 y a quien afectará, y cómo prevenir e incentivar. Ese signo es representante del Cielo y es uno de los 5 agentes de la acción o del cambio: fuego, tierra, madera, metal o agua. El año que viene es metal y las invocaciones serán, por consiguiente, con metales.

2. Do es el signo representante de la Tierra, de las ramas de la tierra, o del animal del zodiaco chino, que nos da informaciones más acerca de qué terreno pisaremos, cómo estará la vida y cómo se comportara nuestro cuerpo, dónde hay que ponerle apoyo, en qué dirección de la casa y cómo cambiar ciertas rutinas del diario vivir. Siguiendo las señales del cielo y la tierra se puede lograr convertir tu vida en un oasis de armonía en todos los aspectos, ya sea en tu hogar o tu espacio laboral.

Toma nota de estos sencillos consejos para recibir el 2017 con la mejor energía:

1. Evita que las malas energías y envidia entren a tu hogar. Limpia un espejo y cuélgalo atrás de la puerta de entrada para impedir su paso.

2. Atrae dinero. Arroja monedas al piso de la puerta de entrada de tu casa o negocio y bárrelas hacia adentro del lugar.

3. Sal gruesa contra las malas vibras. En un balde con agua coloca un puñado de sal gruesa y limpia tu casa de adentro hacia afuera para eliminar las malas energías.

4. Baño con rosas. Para limpiar cualquiera mala vibra y que tus proyectos se concreten, date un baño con 7 rosas blancas.

5. Color rojo y frutos secos. En Navidad es el color predominante en la casa y representa la pasión que ponemos en nuestros deseos en esta Noche Buena. En la mesa no pueden faltar los frutos secos que simbolizan la abundancia.

6. Ropa color blanca. Es importante que todos se vistan de color blanco. Si no tienes ropa nueva de color blanco, puedes lavarla y colocártela nuevamente. El blanco es el color de la limpieza, de la pureza, de eliminar todas las malas energías, los conflictos, los problemas que vivimos durante este año y poder así cruzar al año nuevo de una manera más purificada.

7. Abrir puertas, ventanas y encender luces. Todo debe estar muy bien iluminado. La luz debe tener preponderancia y a través de las ventanas limpias y puertas abiertas lo que logramos es que toda esa energía circule y así, atraer las buenas vibraciones para el año que comienza.

8. Regalo simbólico para nuestros seres queridos en Año Nuevo. En el momento de los abrazos, regálele a esas personas especiales algo tan simple como una hoja de laurel. Lo que logramos con eso es asegurarle el éxito a ese ser querido para este 2017 que está a punto de empezar.

9. Unión de la pareja. Escribe los nombres sobre un papel blanco, parte una manzana roja por la mitad y únela con un hilo rojo.


Compilación realizada por Lorena Lacaille.


Your 2017 Numerology Forecast

24 Ene

Numerology truly is a gift from the gods as it is one of the most accurate and powerful self-help tools available for obtaining a greater awareness of your personality and life’s journey. It is an ancient metaphysical science of numbers where your name and date of birth uncover the blueprint of your life.

t’s used for many things such as:

Greater self-awareness and understanding
Improving relationships through a better understanding of others
Forecasting the future
Planning major life events
Predicting cycles and patterns
Choosing a suitable career
Evaluating relationship compatibility
Changing a name for marriage (or other purposes)
Choosing a business name (website domain name, product name, brand name, book title, etc.)
Naming a baby
Evaluating the energy of an address, a property, or a home
Choosing a wedding date
Naming a pet
Deciphering the meaning of recurring numbers
Evaluating the energy of a country, a city, a town, etc.
Now that you’ve entered a brand new year, let’s take a look at your numerology forecast for 2017 so you know what to expect for the twelve months ahead.


In numerology, every year you have a “Personal Year Number” between 1 and 9 that indicates the lessons, opportunities, and experiences you’ll encounter during the course of the year. This cycle runs from January 1st to December 31st to coincide with the calendar year. However, sometimes the influence of the upcoming Personal Year Number can be felt several months before the official changeover date on January 1st.

Your Personal Year Number cycle commences at birth and progresses through nine-year intervals throughout your life. Each of the nine years has its own unique theme with respect to the types of lessons and experiences you’ll encounter for that year. In comparison with your other forecasting numbers (cycles), your Personal Year Number has the most obvious influence over your life for the year.

When you know your Personal Year Number, you can prepare for what’s ahead. This number is a great indicator of the ideal time to take certain actions, such as focusing on your career, moving house, traveling or embarking on an adventure, repairing or beginning a relationship, studying, getting married, working on your personal development, or starting a family.

When you know the Personal Year Number of those around you, you’ll have a better understanding of what’s going on in their lives, too. This can be of great benefit when it comes to improving your relationships with others.

How to Calculate Your Personal Year Number for 2017

Step 1: Add the ‘month’ and ‘day’ of your birth date to the current calendar year, 2017.
Step 2: Continue to add any double-digit numbers together until you get a single-digit Personal Year Number between 1 and 9.

For example, to find the 2017 Personal Year Number for birth date December 11th, 1969, the calculation would be:

1+2+1+1+2+0+1+7 = 15
1+5 = 6 Personal Year Number


Please find the Personal Year Number meanings below:

Personal Year Number 1
New Beginnings, Action, Opportunity

The 1 Personal Year follows directly after the 9 Personal Year of “endings and completion”, and so it represents new beginnings and creating a fresh start. This year, you can wipe the slate clean and begin a brand new nine-year cycle aimed toward improving yourself and your overall quality of life. Everything you do this year (and the attitude you take while doing it) will set the tone for the following nine years, so it’s vital that you maintain a positive mindset and be proactive about making improvements.

Big changes and new opportunities will present themselves this year, so don’t procrastinate or you may miss the boat. The masculine energy of Number 1 will encourage you to be decisive and take action, and you’ll experience an influx of renewed energy and new ideas. It’s important that you give these ideas sufficient time to marinate and grow for they could take the entire 12 months to come to fruition. Whatever you do, don’t give up if they don’t happen straight away. Be proactive yet patient at the same time. Meditate regularly to enhance your intuition. That way you’ll know which logical steps to take and you’ll be able to distinguish the good ideas from time-wasters.

This is a year in which to be courageous and to make decisions that reflect your true, authentic self as opposed to compromising your needs to conform to society or to please others. Be the real you. For the next 12 months you must learn to focus on yourself and put your own needs first (within reason). Whether it’s getting a makeover, focusing on self-improvement, or taking steps toward making your life the way you want it to be – this year is all about you.

This is a year in which to:

• Get in the driver’s seat of your life and move forward
• Be proactive and take action
• Begin something new such as a relationship, a career, a project, a hobby, etc.
• Develop and implement new ideas
• Start a healthier lifestyle
• Focus on self-improvement
• Be independent and self-reliant
• Increase your self-confidence
• Be your true, authentic self
• Plan your goals for the next nine years
• Stay positive and have a fresh approach
• Be open to new opportunities
• Manifest your dreams into reality
• Take on a leadership role

Personal Year Number 2
Patience, Relationships, Balance, Emotions

Where last year’s 1 Personal Year was about being proactive and taking action, the 2 Personal Year is about stabilizing and consolidating what you’ve already created and waiting for things to come to you. As this is a slow-paced year, there will be times when you’ll feel as if nothing is happening at all. But don’t be fooled by this lack of activity, as things are still happening “behind the scenes.” If there’s one thing that will guarantee your success in a slow moving 2 Year, it’s patience. Should things happen to come to a standstill – don’t panic.
It’s simply the Universe giving last year’s changes and improvements the time they need to solidify and mature. In the meantime live in the present moment and take advantage of calming/grounding practices such as yoga, meditation, or qi gong to maintain balance and a positive mindset. Listening, singing, writing, or playing music you love during this time is extremely beneficial, too.

Love, relationships, emotions, and matters of the heart come to the forefront this year. Existing relationships will be challenged or get stronger and those who are single may meet someone special (or several special people). Either way, life is giving you a chance to explore your emotional side in a 2 Year and that can manifest itself in many different ways – each person’s experience is different. However, common events in a 2 Year include: heartfelt love; meeting a soul mate; heartache, loss, or disappointment; repressed emotions coming to the surface; a deeper connection to others; happiness and joy.

This is also a year in which to focus on self-love and developing a strong relationship with yourself. Be kind to yourself and surround yourself with good people. Strive to create balance in every area of your life. Be cooperative, compromise, and seek harmony in all that you do. You’re going to feel hypersensitive this year, so try not to blow things out of proportion. However, with this heightened sensitivity come increased intuition and extrasensory experiences. So take advantage of this by following your gut feeling at all times, as well as developing your psychic abilities, if you feel that way inclined.

This is a year in which to:

• Consolidate and solidify what you started last year
• Build upon what you already have
• Be patient and wait for opportunities to come to you
• Practice mindfulness; take up meditation, yoga, or qi gong
• Focus on your health and wellbeing
• Recognize, express, and release repressed emotions
• Work on self-love
• Develop psychic abilities and enhance your intuition
• Work on personal development
• Be positive and proactive about finding love
• Improve your existing relationships with others

Personal Year Number 3
Socialization, Self-expression, Communication, Creativity

Where there were delays and frustrations last year, things speed back up again in the 3 Personal Year. It’s full steam ahead as the things you created in your 1 Year begin to pay off and take flight. This is a year in which you finally start to reap what you’ve sown. There is a lot going on, so extra effort is required in terms of planning, discipline, and focus. If you scatter your energy in too many directions or have your finger in too many pies, things can easily spiral out of control and you may not accomplish anything. Being organized and grounded is the key to your success.

The 3 Year is a year in which to be social and to spend time with others, so reconnect with old friends and be open to making new friends. Your social calendar will liven up, so you may feel a desire to entertain as well as to attend gatherings and events. Due to your heightened personal expression at this time, you may find you develop the gift of the gab or a need to express your thoughts and feelings. It doesn’t matter whether you do this through conversation, journaling, writing an email, poem, blog, or song, as long as you speak your truth and communicate what you feel. This is also a year of enhanced creativity, so if you have a creative project you’d like to work on, now is the time to do it.

This is typically an upbeat year with “fun” and “joy” being the dominant themes, so it’s important to do more of what you enjoy. Whether it’s taking a vacation, gardening, cooking, dancing, listening to music, or spending time on a hobby – if it makes you feel good – do more of it! Number 3 amplifies the emotions, so it’s important that you have an optimistic attitude throughout the year and see the glass half full at all times because your attitude will determine how this year unfolds. Avoid gossiping and complaining, and monitor your budget, as 3 encourages spending.

This is a year in which to:

• Be social and connect with others
• Entertain family and friends
• Attend gatherings and events
• Have fun and do more of what you enjoy
• Be creative – perhaps by working on a new project
• Write a blog, a memoir, a poem, or a book
• Start journaling
• Take up a hobby
• Travel or go on vacation
• Be optimistic and see the glass half full
• Monitor your spending
• Express yourself honestly
• Communicate your thoughts and feelings

Personal Year Number 4
Order, Effort, Building, Planning

The 4 Personal Year is all about doing whatever needs to be done to make your life the best it can be. It’s about knuckling down, being organized, and putting systems in place that enable things to flow more smoothly. This may involve getting fit and healthy, studying something that will increase your earning

potential, setting up insurance, doing maintenance on your home, emptying out the attic, or getting on top of your paperwork. It will involve a variety of personal and work-related chores that will benefit you in the long run, providing you put the effort in.

This is a year in which to plan your future goals and to take steps toward achieving them. For the next 12 months, life is giving you an opportunity to build a firm foundation for your future, so don’t waste it. You can have some great accomplishments this year and make major headway; however, your attitude is the key to your success. There may be obstacles, frustrations, and delays, but with patience and perseverance, you’ll get there in the end. Your dedication and determination will be tested this year, so don’t give up when the going gets tough. Just pick yourself up and soldier on.

You’ll be more focused than last year, so prioritize your time, work on the details behind the scenes, and finish what you start. This is also a year in which to put down some roots and commit to your future; therefore it’s a good time to save money, pay off debts, solidify your relationships, start a family, and buy a business or a home. Regardless of what you do, it’s about making long-term decisions that make things more secure. Be sensible and practical, as this isn’t a year in which to be adventurous or take risks. Extra physical, mental, and emotional effort is required of you, but with effort come rewards. Providing you have a positive mindset, this will be an extremely significant year.

This is a year in which to:

• Work hard
• Build a solid foundation
• Plan your future and take action
• Get organized, put systems in place
• Budget and save money
• Pay off debts
• Focus on your mental and physical health
• Make a commitment
• Study

• Buy a business or a home
• Start a family
• Make time to relax and unwind

Personal Year Number 5
Adventure, Progress, Movement, Change

After last year’s effort and hard work, you’ve now entered a dynamic and action-packed year full of both expected and unexpected change. Because the 5 Personal Year is midway between the 1 Personal Year of “new beginnings” and the 9 Personal Year of “endings,” life decides to shake things up by creating necessary changes, whether you’re prepared for them or not. Therefore, it pays to be flexible and adaptable and be ready to go with the flow. That way you can roll with whatever comes your way.

Change is inevitable and can manifest in many forms. For some it could be a change in location, residence, relationship, or job, and for others it may be a change in attitude, direction, or lifestyle. Either way, there’ll be many options to choose from, so break away from old routines and launch yourself into new areas of challenge and growth. You may experience feelings of restlessness and boredom, or simply being “stuck” – but don’t make hasty decisions. Think before you act.

This year can trigger a desire to overindulge your senses with food, alcohol, overspending, or sex. So don’t go off the rails or throw caution to the wind. Discipline and moderation are the keys to your success. This is an exciting year when it pays to promote yourself and to network with others. Travel, exploration, and adventure lie at your fingertips, so get out and about and try new things. However, try not to scatter your energy in too many directions as things could spiral out of control. The 5 Year can either be exhilarating or challenging, depending on your mindset.

This is a year in which to:

• Make changes and prepare for change
• Be fun and adventurous
• Create more personal freedom
• Experience new things
• Take a vacation
• Travel nationally and/or internationally
• Move house, town, or country
• Advertise and promote yourself
• Be social, network with others
• Change job or career
• Take a calculated risk

Personal Year Number 6
Love, Family, Domestic Responsibility

The 6 Personal Year is one in which to be of service to others and to attend to your responsibilities. It may involve an element of sacrifice, so prepare to put others’ needs before your own. There’s a big difference between helping others because you “have to” and helping others because you “want to,” and this year will reflect that. For the next 12 months your loved ones and family come first, so try to serve them willingly.

This is the perfect time to mend broken relationships and to touch base with family members you haven’t spoken to in a while. It’s also a year when you dedicate extra time to your children, grandchildren, or other children within the family. You may become a shoulder to cry on, so offer your assistance where you can. Whether it’s taking care of elderly relatives, nursing a sick family member or friend, or babysitting your nephew, it’s natural to experience feelings of martyrdom and resentment. However, it’s important to
process these feelings in a healthy way and to remember “it isn’t going to be forever.”

Number 6 governs love, marriage, separation, and divorce – and some people will experience these things in a 6 Year. Others will experience the 6 energy in different ways such as engaging in a community project, having a child, working in a service-based career, or starting a home-based business (as this is a favorable time to do so). The 6 Year is a good time for singles to find love and for existing relationships to move to a deeper level of understanding and commitment. For others, relationship issues that have been brewing beneath the surface will rise to be resolved and unstable relationships may end. Either way, this is a year in which to ensure that the relationships in your life are the best that they can be.

If you’d like to spend some extra time in the garden or do some much-needed work on your property, this is the year to do so. Renovating, redecorating, or rearranging may do your home the world of good. This is a good year for career advancement, especially for those in a service-based career. Number 6 represents beauty and physical appearance, so a makeover, a new wardrobe, or a change in hairstyle may boost your self-esteem. Other things to focus on this year are self-love, health, and the healing or creative arts.

This is a year in which to:

• Take your responsibilities seriously
• Be there for family and friends
• Be of service to others
• Focus on domestic affairs
• Renovate or redecorate your home
• Be creative – take up a new hobby
• Work on your garden
• Start a home-based business
• Get married
• Start a family
• Get a makeover
• Engage in a community project

Personal Year Number 7
Introspection, Personal and Spiritual Growth

Where last year you focused on serving others, this year the focus is on building a better relationship with yourself. The 7 Personal Year encourages self-analysis, so that you form a deeper understanding of who you are, what you want, and why you’re here. Your main agenda over the next 12 months is personal development, spiritual wisdom, and going within to find the answers you seek. This isn’t a time to chase new opportunities or to conquer the business world. Instead, it’s a time to take a step back and reflect.
This is a very important year when the more inner work you do, the greater your success in the outer world – in your 8 Personal Year, next year.

Your capacity for research and understanding is at its peak, so it’s a favorable year to study or to develop an existing skill – especially anything that is related to IT and computers, science, psychology, engineering, analytics, metaphysics, philosophy, and conventional or alternative health. If you wish to become a specialist in your craft, this is the year to do it. This is also a year in which to focus on spirituality, spend time in nature, and contemplate the meaning of life. Your intuition is at an all-time high, so follow your inner guidance at all times.

If you suffered a loss or heartbreak last year, use this year to process and heal. Explore alternative therapies if you feel that way inclined. Don’t force things to happen this year, wait for things to come to you, as opportunities will present themselves next year. In the meantime, get a health check, exercise, take up a spiritual practice such as yoga, meditation, EFT (Tapping), Reiki, or qi gong, and enhance your connection to Source (Universe, God, Divine). Build a strong inner foundation in preparation for the years to come. In fact, your future success depends upon the positive changes you make today.

This is a year in which to:

• Adopt a spiritual practice
• Spend quiet time alone
• Take up meditation, yoga, EFT, or qi gong
• Explore alternative therapies
• Detox and eat a healthy diet
• Spend time in nature
• Rest, recuperate, and relax

• Focus on personal development
• Study or become a specialist
• Go on a spiritual retreat, expand your spiritual learning
• Get closer to God
• Improve your health, get a health check, exercise
Personal Year Number 8
Manifestation, Personal Power, Finances, Career

The 8 Personal Year focuses on business, career, property, finances, and legal matters. For some there will be opportunities for career advancement, recognition, and financial gain, while others may experience an increase in expenses or financial loss. Either way, 8 is the number of karmic balance that rebalances the scales of justice in direct proportion to your attitude and actions of the past – especially since your 1 Personal Year. You’ll reap what you’ve sown in an 8 year, and whatever you began in your 1 Year will now begin to pay off. If you’ve been honest and hardworking, you’ll be rewarded in some way, either financially, through recognition, or by attracting favorable opportunities.

This year is all about balance – especially balancing the material and spiritual worlds. On the one hand you’re being encouraged to have a positive relationship with money and to adopt an attitude of abundance, yet on the other you cannot allow yourself to become consumed by the accumulation of money and material goods, power, status, or success. You need to obtain balance and find the middle ground in between. Wherever you are out of balance in your life, the 8 Year will point it out, giving you the opportunity to re-adjust.

The 8 Year will also encourage you to reclaim your personal power over anything or anyone that has caused you to feel disempowered in some way. Whether it’s an overpowering person, an addiction, a fear, or a belief, this is the year to assert yourself, confront it once and for all, and take ownership of your power. On the other hand, you must be mindful not to overpower or disempower others.

In addition, the Number 8 Year represents money and manifestation, so get your finances in order and be mindful not to overspend. This is a powerful cycle of manifestation when you can attract what you focus on, so focus on the positives and minimize your fears. This is a very karmic year in which major lessons will be learned, and important connections will be made. Significant people, who can enhance your career or your overall quality of life, will cross your path. Since 8 governs the Law of Cause and Effect, it’s essential that you watch your motivations behind everything you do, and live with honesty and integrity at all times.

This is a year in which to:

• Budget, save money, get your finances in order
• Deal with outstanding legal matters
• Work hard, be honest and ethical
• Build your career
• Study something that advances your career
• Apply for a promotion
• Start a new job or career
• Reclaim your personal power
• Familiarize yourself with the Law of Attraction
• Manifest your goals and dreams
• Adopt an attitude of abundance
• Reprogram your limiting beliefs

Personal Year Number 9
Transformation, Completion, Endings

This is the final year of your nine-year cycle, and it focuses on completion and transformation in preparation for new beginnings. A major part of this transformation involves letting go of the things in your life that no longer serve you – whether it’s a job, a friendship, a relationship, a residence, a mind-set, or behavior you may have outgrown. Either way, this is a time to spring-clean your life so you can move toward better things.

To make the most of this year, trust in the Divine plan; surrender to change; forgive others and yourself; and accept, let go, and move on when things don’t go your way. Despite this being a year of endings, it’s also a year of rebirth and compensation, when everything you’ve been striving for can finally come to fruition. In other words, this is your pay-off year – so start feeling deserving and worthy. Expect the best and you’ll get the best, especially this year.

The 9 Year encourages you to focus on being of service and following humanitarian pursuits by donating your time, money, attention, or unwanted items to a good cause. Perhaps you could do something to assist the environment or offer a helping hand to a charity, a person, a family, or an animal in need. Compassion and forgiveness play a major role this year, so be open-minded toward others and resolve outstanding conflicts and disputes.

This is a year in which to:

• Spring-clean your life and home
• Let go of bad habits
• Move house
• Leave an unfulfilling job
• Tie up loose ends
• End an unhealthy relationship
• Clean out your closets
• Donate to charity
• Work for a cause
• Forgive others and the past
• Resolve outstanding conflicts
• Heal outstanding emotional wounds



Where you have a Personal Year Number that reveals the circumstances around you for the year, the world has a Personal Year Number also. This is called the “Universal Year Number” and it is also known as the “World Year Number”. It is the sum of the numbers in the current calendar year added together.

For example:

2017 (2 + 0 + 1 + 7) = 10

1 + 0 = 1 Universal Year Number

The Universal Year Number influences the planet and humanity as a whole, regardless of each person’s individual Personal Year Number. In numerology, a number has the same meaning wherever it appears so the Universal Year Numbers have the same meanings as the Personal Year Numbers, except they apply to the world rather than an individual. When you take the Universal Year Number into consideration alongside the other forecasting numbers in your numerology chart (such as your Major Life Cycle, Pinnacle, Challenge, and Personal Month Numbers), you cover all your bases and obtain a broader understanding of what is going on around you.

** If you would like to learn how to calculate all of the forecasting numbers mentioned above the Hay House Introduction to Numerology Online Video Course will show you how.

2016: A “9 Universal Year” of Transformation

2016 was a 9 Universal Year of “endings, transformation, and completion” where everybody on the planet was encouraged to let go of the past and reflect on lessons learned and wisdom gained over the past 9 years, whereas 2017 is a ‘1 Universal Year’ of new beginnings. So let’s take a closer look at the influence this will have upon the world and everybody in it.

2017: A “1 Universal Year” of New Beginnings

Number 1 is all about “new beginnings, creativity, and opportunities” for future happiness and growth. It’s the beginning of a new 9 year cycle, therefore 2017 will encourage you to create a brand new YOU and adopt new and improved ways of thinking, being, and living your life.

This is a year to take action. However, if your individual Personal Year Number is a 2, 4, or 7, that requires you to be patient and go with the flow without forcing things to happen and you may feel a little confused at times. The best way to navigate your way through this is to trust your intuition to lead towards the right action (or non-action) to take. The more grounded, balanced, and harmonious you are from “within” – the clearer your guidance and intuition will be.

Either way, regardless of your individual Personal Year Number, the 1 Universal Year will inspire you to set new intentions, build new foundations, and take steps towards creating a better lifestyle and future for yourself. Remember your attitude is the key! The mindset you adopt going into this year will set the tone for the remaining 8 years that follow. So ensure you enter 2017 with optimism, gratitude, and grace.

2017 is a year in which to:

Embrace your individuality and uniqueness
Be your authentic self
Become more independent
Have the courage to walk a path less travelled
Set intentions and establish future goals
Take action towards creating the life you desire
Put extra effort into manifesting your dreams into reality
Familiarize yourself with the Law of Attraction, deliberate creation, and the manifestation process (I highly recommend the work of Jerry and Esther Hicks and Sandra Anne Taylor)
Follow your passion
Trust and surrender that synchronicity will lead you to where you need to be

Michelle Buchanan is a speaker, teacher, and writer who has studied numerology for more than 25 years. She is the author of the The Numerology Guidebook, Hay House Basics Numerology, The Numerology Guidance Oracle Cards, and the Hay House Numerology Online Video Course. Michelle was formerly the spiritual counselor for Woman’s Day magazine (New Zealand), as well as the resident numerologist for Television New Zealand’s Good Morning.