3 Secrets to Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire

20 Abr

We all do it. We wish, we dream, we hope. It’s a great part of our humanity to be able to imagine our life differently but, being human, only we can wish something and then not make it happen! Why do we spend so much time thinking about the things we want instead of acting on them?

Wait, I can act on my dreams? I can make them happen? Of course you can! The key is believing in yourself and knowing where to start. In this short video (2:14), best-selling author and celebrated visionary guide Sonia Choquette lets you in on the three techniques you need to succeed in manifesting your heart’s desires. The third technique is going to shock you, it’s so simple yet it is the crucial thing most of us never do.

Now that you know these three techniques it does seem so scary, does it?!




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