Who Are The Pleiadians and Where Do Pleiadians Come From?

14 Jun

Pleiadians come from the planet Erra near the star Taygeta and are
extra-terrestrials that most resemble humans. Pleiadians were first mentioned
contacted 130 times by a female Pleiadian Alien named Samjese. Billie
Meier’s contact with this Pleiadian woman resulted in a worldwide
phenomenon to uncover more information about who these Pleiadians were
and where they came from.

Today, we know more information about their origins and their home planet.
Through various contacts (with Pleiadians and other alien races) alien
enthusiasts know how Pleiadians look, where they are from, and what their
past interaction with humans signifies to our race as we begin our
development ages into the spiritual world so we may find our way through the
higher planes of celestial wisdom and join the Arcturians & Pleiadians.
Humans are said to share common physical traits with Pleiadians which can
be traced back to both the Pleiadian and Human Ancestors from Lyra.
Pleiadians’ Origination
Because of savage wars, Lyrans were forced out into the mystery of
the galaxy. Soon, the Pleiadians found their new home in The
Pleiades. This star system is a small cluster of seven stars located in
the Constellation of Taurus the Bull, which is 500 light years from the
planet Earth. Since the wars on Lyra, Pleiadians remain on Erra
seeking the ways taught by their friends, the Arcturians. There are
seven stars in the Pleiades Cluster, which are: 1)Taygeta 2) Maya 3)
Coela 4) Atlas 5) Merope 6)Electra 7) Alcoyne. The Pleiadians are a
very ancient race of humanoids. They discovered Earth many years
ago (225,000 B.C.) and have played a large role in our ancient
evolution, but have remained silent watchers of our planet since their
departure in 10 A.D.
Pleiadians Home The Pleiadians currently hold chairs on the council which over see the
for the higher truths of the universe and remain a peaceful race of
extra-terrestrials. Although they have not reached the heights of their
friends, the Arcturians, they continue to develop the mental skills
necessary to eventually reach their goal; however, their state of mind
have allowed them to develop the ability to transition in and out of our
dimension. Some speculate that their entire civilization has moved
beyond our space and time and exists beyond our understanding.
Their main source of transportation is their intergalactic spaceships
which are also known as Beamships. These Beamships have a similar
look and feel to the Grey Alien UFOs which are commonly identified
during sightings. Since Billie Meier’s contact with the Pleiadian woman,
many books and articles have surfaced to shed light on this race of
aliens that we seem to identify with very closely. As our trek takes us
into the teachings of higher spirituality, we find that many civilizations
outside our world have already mastered and understood the benefits
of becoming one with the Infinite Powers of the Universe.

Everything You Don’t Know About Pleiadians Part 1

Everything You Don’t Know About Pleiadians Part 2


Reptilians have been mentioned by many contactees and abductees for
centuries, but who are the Reptilians and where do the Reptilians come from?
Some would argue that Reptilians were Earth evolved beings who expanded
out into the cosmos and others argue that they come from the Draco
constellation. From numerous contactee accounts, we have gathered enough
information to deliver the truth behind the origins of the Reptilian Aliens, who
they are, and what their intentions are.

There is much truth to the speculation of Earth evolved Reptilians, but it is not
how most people know it to be. Reptilians evolved in two separate planets,
one was Earth and the other was a planet near the brightest star in the Draco
constellation (Draconis). From these two distant planets, two distinctly
different races of Reptilians would evolve and would help shape our
As the Draconian civilization continued to grow and expand, they needed new sources of nutrition. Seeking other planets
to infest with their evil agenda, they soon came to realize that a creation of cloned “evil” race would benefit them. Grey
Aliens were created as a slave race to the Reptilians; however, as the Reptilians grew in numbers, so did the Greys.
Soon a revolution would take place that would give birth to the Grey Aliens and their Agenda to find a cure for their
cloned race that is slowly dying.

Draconian Reptilians soon began to look for a new source of energy consumption and came across our planet (Earth).
Here they observed a highly advanced race of Reptilian-like aliens known as Reptoids. Seeking to utilize the humans
population on Earth, Draconian Reptilians sought out to destroy the Earth evolved Reptilians and began their Reptilian
Agenda to manipulate a race of evil minded humans for their energy consumption. After successfully forcing many Earth
evolved reptilians to leave Earth, Draconian Reptilians began to work their way into, and influence, civilizations of the
past. Rumored reports state that some Earth evolved Reptilians still exist beneath the streets and farms of our planet,
secretly counter acting the Draconian Reptilian Alien agenda.

Today, power struggles among the Alien forces have thwarted an outright invasion of our planet. Reptilian Aliens from
the Draco Constellation still have a fixed eye on our planet and do have emissaries here on Earth performing the vital
tasks to ensure that humans remain on the track of corruption, hatred, and ego-centric goals!
Reptilians were dinosaurs Earth Evolved Reptilians
The theory that Reptilians also
evolved here on Earth…

COG – Draconians: The Reptilians are Amongst Us 𝐈 (History, Iconography, & Simon Parkes)




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