How To Find A Pot Of Gold This St. Patrick’s Day.

16 Mar

Gerry Gavin is the Author of the soon to be released “If You Could Talk to an Angel” and “Messages from Margaret.” He hosts a weekly radio show on Hay House Radio, where he channels the angel Margaret, bringing down-to-earth angelic advice to the world. Today she brings life changing advice to the readers of HealYourLife.com.

Hello Dear Ones and Welcome,

March can signify for us that no matter how we might all seem like different people and different races, and different nationalities and religions – the human race in total is moving forward – and I might say at a very rapid rate! Some of you are marching together in groups and some are marching to the beat of your own drummer – but no matter how much you might think that your life is standing still – or that perhaps that your life is going backwards – it never is. No matter what your decisions, you are constantly moving forward in your evolution and if you can remember this important fact, then you don’t have to worry about making mistakes. You are just trying to keep step – or catch up to step – or maybe to create your own step along with the rest of the world.

This month also has a delightful holiday called St. Patrick’s Day – which began as a religious holiday – but now has more become known for Green Beer, Irish Dancing, Celebration and shenanigans played by a tiny leprechaun, who tries to play tricks on you to keep you from getting his pot of gold.

It always brings joy to me to see how some of the legends and concepts that you develop as humans are so much like how the soul, and the body and the mind works in this life’s experience. I particularly enjoy how this legend reflects the concepts that so many have about money!

For example, let us look at manifesting wealth. The leprechaun legend says that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and it belongs to a gremlin type character, who will do everything possible to keep you from the pot of gold – unless somehow you trick him and you can steal it!



It is so curious how this is so much akin to how many humans think of the concept of wealth. They may see it as something that is not “right around the corner” so to speak, but rather it may as well be at the other end of a rainbow. Thus, the chances of finding a pot of gold are slight; as rainbow’s are fleeting prisms of light that only occasionally appear. So for many, the only way to amass a pot of gold would be to hit a lottery – or have a big casino win – which they see as having about the same odds as finding and outsmarting the leprechaun!

And further making the concept of wealth more unattainable, much like the mythical protectors of the rainbow’s hidden fortune, there are equally powerful green gremlins in your mind that make you think that the only way you are going to ever achieve this is if you are very, very lucky, or you are somehow tricky enough to find a way to “beat the system.”

The truth is, that these are the very beliefs that keep you from your pot of gold and the only way to get closer to it is to consistently keep marching towards the belief that rainbows (and abundance) are everywhere! You can see rainbows in the water from your garden hose – the glass flower holder on your window – the wand of bubbles which your children blow – and in so many other reflections of all different forms of light.

I tell you this because what a rainbow actually does is to reflect light – in such a way that all, of what you have come to call the “primary colors,” are displayed. You may recall, when you were first learning to use crayons, how you colored one color over another and suddenly – a whole new color was created. So by simply blending colors that might seem so different, a new beautiful creation was attained. That is how it is with the rainbow of your thoughts.

You may believe that your luck (which is simply a belief) is set in stone – and that the elusive pot of gold is actually something that always goes to others who are luckier than you. But in truth dear ones, your luck is actually a belief system that you developed at a very young age, in which you took on the belief that there was something about you that made it difficult to attract wealth. Most time these beliefs come from your parents or some other person who was very influential in your younger life.

The effect that this has is that it causes your “vision” of the beautiful rainbow colors of manifestation to be muted or darkened so that you no longer turn your face to the reflection of light – of which abundance is a part. Or if you do turn that way, it is only if this abundance comes attached to struggle – because that may be another belief system of “luck” that you learned.

So dear ones, I would like to ask those of you who believe that your “pot of gold” is not out there – or that it has to be attached to struggle – to do me a favor. I would like for you to look for rainbows! I am not saying this in an imaginary sense – but I am asking you rather to really ask your brain to help you to find and see every rainbow that is out there and around you. You may find them in flags or artwork – you might find them on cookies or wind chimes – you might see them in Social Media Posts or a myriad of other places.

I am just asking you to be aware of them – because rainbows are a symbol that anything – and I emphasize ANYTHING is possible. You are beings of matter,that is essentially refractive light. There is no leprechaun that is keeping you from your share of the abundance of the universe – save the one who speaks to you from your past experience.

March is not a time to retreat into old belief systems and old concepts of who you are. March is a time to move forward! March is a time of rebirth, renewal and re-assessment of all those beliefs that hold you back from joining the parade of so many others like you – who are ready to leap ahead with your lives!



Gerry Gavin is a speaker, life coach, medium, and creator of the very successful Angels and Shamans workshop, which puts participants in direct communication with their angels and guides.


The History of St. Patrick’s Day



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