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Las mejores Cabalas y Rituales para recibir con mucha suerte el año 2016

31 Dic

Recibir el año nuevo con una prenda interior de color amarillo, pero acá va el detalle póntelo al revés, y después de las 12 de la medianoche póntelo como normalmente se pondría, y si es regalada mucho mejor todavía…Trae mucha suerte…se las recomiendo
Salir a la medianoche con una maleta en la mano y darte toda una vuelta a la manzana de tu barrio, pues te traerá mucha suerte para que realices el viaje tan esperado.
Esperar la medianoche y ponerse debajo de la mesa, con 12 uvas en la mano y empieza a comerlas una tras una y mientras vas pidiendo un deseo.
Si quieres atraer el amor usar prendas de color fuerte, en el caso de las damas, interiores de color rosado y en el caso de los varones de color rojo.
Si quieres tener dinero entonces pon en tu billetera 13 monedas y tenerlo durante todo el tiempo de la cena.
A las doce de la noche comer una uva con cada campanada. Al tiempo que se come se piensa en un deseo.
Se escribe lo negativo y triste en un papel para quemarlo a las 12 de la noche, así no se repetirá en el año que empieza.
Enterrar dinero antes de las 12 y desenterrarlo después de medianoche.
El primer abrazo del año debe ser con una persona del sexo opuesto para tener éxito con los romances.
Se dice que vestirse de blanco en la llegada del año nuevo se relaciona con atraer la buena salud.
Intercambio de prenda: Si deseas fortalecer la relación con tu pareja, pues han debido enfrentar algunos problemas, deben intercambiar una prenda que traigan puesta, así sus destinos estarán completamente ligados en el año.
Dinero en el zapato: Para tener prosperidad económica este 2016, debes poner un billete o una moneda en tu calzado.
Vaso de agua: Si quieres sacar de tu vida toda la negatividad y las penas sufridas en el año 2015, entonces a la medianoche debes tirar un vaso de agua desde la casa hacia la calle.

Recibe el año nuevo con un dolár

Este ritual es perfecto si tienes planeado recibir el Año Nuevo fuera de casa. El billete de dólar tiene la propiedad de llamar al éxito, a la abundancia, y el motivo es que uno de sus componentes es el carbonato de cobre, que al cristalizarse se convierte en el cuarzo malaquita, de color verde muy brillante. Este cuarzo llama al dinero y la abundancia.
Un billete de un dólar…Una bolsita de color verde…Hilo verde (de bordar)

Al dar las doce campanadas toma fuertemente el dólar entre tus manos por lo menos durante un minuto. Después lo guardarás en una bolsita verde que previamente habrás cosido con hilo verde, si estás en tu casa cierras la bolsita cosiéndola y la guardas en un cajón o gaveta de tu dormitorio como amuleto. Si estuvieras fuera de tu casa, al día siguiente la cierras, coses y guardas.


Inunda tu casa con la Canela

La canela tiene la propiedad esotérica de propiciar la tranquilidad espiritual en el hogar, suaviza los momentos de tensión, atenúa las discordias y pleitos. También ayuda a resolver los problemas económicos.

os vasos de agua natural (sin gas). Siete varas grandes de canela… Una olla chica, de preferencia nueva.

Faltando quince minutos para las doce de la noche, hierve la canela, cierra todas las ventanas de la casa durante el ritual para que el aroma inunde todo el lugar, invocando por que la paz y tranquilidad reinen durante todo el año venidero.

Rituales para el 31 de diciembre / Rituales de Mhoni vidente para fin de año


The Key To Making The Right Decisions.

28 Dic

Your heart or emotional being is the core of your soul-self and the place where the truth of your being resides. Your head or intellect is addicted to the satisfaction of your physical senses—the place that holds all of the programming and conditioning of your childhood and adult experiences and is the throne of the negative ego. Speaking from the heart means sharing the truth of your being, as you know it in the moment. This may change as you acquire new information and experiences; however, not only will your truth set you free, but also it will liberate you from guilt, shame, and fear.


Speaking from your head means regurgitating the stories you have been told and have heard about yourself and your life. It means defaulting to people pleasing and childhood survival tactics that are no longer required or necessary. It also means that you are probably more focused on avoiding a problem with other people than you are with honoring or taking care of yourself. The latter is a function of bad behavior!

Speaking from your heart is a wildly bold and courageous act. In so doing, you run the risk of meeting with disagreement, subjecting yourself to criticism and judgment, and upsetting someone else’s needs and expectations. This may not always be the case, yet the chances are more likely than not that these things can and will happen. Your job is to remember that you will be okay if people cannot see, cannot accept, or cannot agree with what is true for you. Speaking from your heart and sharing your truth is the way you take a stand for yourself, within yourself. This is a major step toward reminding you that you can be trusted with your own well-being.

There is one small caveat I feel obliged to share about speaking from your heart. It is what is called a psychological, spiritual, or heart bypass, i.e., the way to go around something rather than deal with it head-on. Using so-called personal development or spiritual principles to discount others or to avoid taking full responsibility for your behavior is a dishonest bypass.

Here is an example of how a bypass can play out in real life. Let’s say your best friend shares with you that she had a negative experience about something you said or did and she wants you to make amends or a correction. Deep in your heart you see or understand her point, but the negative ego steps in and tells you she is criticizing and judging you. Rather than acknowledging the validity of what is being offered and sharing authentically and honestly how it makes you feel, you default to a sense of shame, guilt, or anger.

Rather than acknowledge what you are feeling, you dismiss or deny what your friend has said, become fixated on “the way” she said it, offer an excuse and perhaps lay blame on her or someone else, or attack her past actions or current behavior. All of the above are forms of bad behavior that have nothing to do with the truth. They are also all forms of a dishonest bypass, an attempt to save face because you got called out. This is clearly unnecessary and inappropriate behavior designed to minimize a blow to the negative ego, look good, and survive.

A first self-trust-building step would be to share from your heart (not your head!) how you feel about what your friend has offered and the way she offered it.
The next self-trust-building step would be to acknowledge the validity of what she has offered and to share that while it may not be true for you and your intentions,you appreciate or understand how she feels.
The final step would be to ask a simple question: How can I make it better now?
The lessons in these three steps can propel you a long way down the path of developing self-trust.

Find The Good And Praise It

When I realized that it was my grandmother who had taught me about the Bible, I knew that I needed to be grateful. Even though she had often broken God’s commandments in her dealings with me, she had also taught me that it was wrong and evil to speak ill of others even when they did not treat you well. The fact that she used her understanding of the Bible to abuse and demean me was not my business. It was her business and God’s business. Once I was removed from her authority, my heart became my business.

If that wasn’t enough to convince me to resist the indictments of my negative ego, there was the Gospel of Matthew 5:14–16 (NLT):

You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.

No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house.

In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.

This was a hard one for me to accept or acknowledge about myself. Me? A light? No way! One of the major steps toward developing self-trust is the willingness to release the belief that you should have or could have done something to stop or prevent the painful experiences. Self-trust becomes an extremely difficult challenge to overcome when you blame or beat yourself up about what you could have and should have done. One way to overcome this hurdle is to seize every opportunity to remember and celebrate the good that you have done and experienced. I did remember the family road trips to Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and Virginia. I still have good memories about the hot summer night we spent on the boardwalk at Coney Island.

I had to force myself to remember the number of times I sat with my brother, nurtured him, and cared for him after he had an asthma attack. Even my grandma had to admit that I was the only one who could make him smile, even though she considered my antics annoying. I gave myself permission to remember and embrace the fact that I had been a good student all the way through school and that I had graduated from college at the age of 30, summa cum laude, as the valedictorian and president of my class, after leaving an abusive marriage with three children.

I finally understood that it was not prideful or bragging to remind myself of the number of people I had helped or supported through difficult times, even if none of them were speaking to me now. It wasn’t me; it was the light that they had needed. That light was God’s light within me.

Like every other spiritual lesson you must learn in life, there is a meaning, purpose, and value in trust. Self-trust is the development and mastery of an unwavering, unquestionable inward conviction about your own value, worth, and ability to be, to create, and to enjoy all that you desire in the process of living and learning more about yourself.

My book Trust explores this topic in more depth, as well as the other 3 essential trusts; Trust in God, Trust in Others and Trust in Life. Learning to trust is one of life’s most difficult lessons, but all it takes is the process and of course, a lot of practice.

Iyanla Vanzant is the founder and executive director of Inner Visions International and the Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development. She is a Yoruba priestess and an ordained minister in Christian New Thought.


Iyanla’s Tips To Live Your Best Life
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Navidad, Luna llena en Cáncer, 25 de diciembre 2015.

24 Dic

Por primera vez en 38 años habrá luna llena en Navidad

El espíritu navideño este año se llenará del magnetismo lunar, en lo que será la primera luna llena en 38 años que ocurra el día de Navidad.

Una ocasión así no se celebraba desde 1977 y no volverá a presentarse hasta en 2034. Según la NASA, el pico de la luna llena tendrá lugar a las 6:11am (tiempo del este de Estados Unidos).

Como todos los años, desde la perspectiva astrológica la luna llena sucederá en Cáncer, el signo opuesto al que atraviesa el Sol en el zodiaco: Capricornio. Astrológicamente la luna llena significa la compleción de un ciclo, la cosecha de lo sembrado y la manifestación de la energía en su plenitud. En Cáncer la luna tiene dignidad ya que rige a este signo ligado a la generación y a las emociones. Más allá del simbolismo, la luna llena contribuirá a las luces que suelen adornar las noches navideñas, siendo un recordatorio de la belleza del mundo.

Lo anterior nos recuerda que las fiestas religiosas son también esencialmente fiestas astronómicas y astrológicas, y no hay mella en incorporar el cosmos a nuestras cenas.


La luna llena Navideña

La Luna Llena que ocurrirá este 25 de diciembre tendrá una energía maravillosa, pues coincide, por primera vez en 38 años, con el momento preciso de la Navidad, y estará además, en su casa, en el signo de Cáncer, lo que le dará unas cualidades sumamente especiales.

Qué gran sincronía es el hecho de que la Luna, cuyas cualidades se asocian a la figura materna, esté en su signo, cuyas características nutritivas, de protección y sensibilidad acopladas a las de nuestro satélite, harán de este momento cósmico un verdadero milagro, conectado de manera muy oportuna con el instante más significativo de la maternidad; el nacimiento de un hijo, y nada más y nada menos que del hijo de Dios.

Apenas iniciada la madrugada del 25 de diciembre, cuando muchos aún estarán festejando la natividad de Jesús, y compartiendo con sus seres queridos la cena navideña, la Luna estará entrando a Cáncer, su casa, para irradiar esa energía especial de arraigo al hogar y a la familia.

Y amaneciendo, a las 06:43 de la mañana, cuando ya muchos niños se estarán levantando emocionados para ver qué les trajo el Niño Jesús, será el momento exacto en que se produce la Luna Llena, con el Sol desde Capricornio (el signo del Espíritu de la Navidad, el signo de Jesús) irradiando a nuestro satélite en la franja zodiacal del cangrejo.


Desde la característica solitaria, sacrificada y disciplinada de Capricornio, el astro rey irradia a la Luna en su morada canceriana, y devuelve esa luz transmutada para dejar salir a la superficie la sensibilidad represada, como el agua que moja la tierra árida y la vuelve fértil.



Veamos qué activa para cada signo del zodiaco esta Luna Llena Navideña.

ARIES: La Luna Llena activa tu área del hogar y familia.

TAURO: La Luna Llena activa tu área de comunicación y estudios.

GÉMINIS: La Luna Llena activa tu área de productividad económica.

CÁNCER: La Luna Llena activa tu área de crecimiento personal.

LEO: La Luna Llena activa tu área del subconsciente y del karma.

VIRGO: La Luna Llena activa tu área de amistades y grupos sociales.

LIBRA: La Luna Llena activa tu área profesional y de proyección pública.

ESCORPIO: La Luna Llena activa tu área de ideales, viajes y espiritualidad.

SAGITARIO: La Luna Llena activa tu área de transformaciones e inversiones.

CAPRICORNIO: La Luna Llena activa tu área de matrimonio y sociedades.

ACUARIO: La Luna Llena activa tu área laboral y de salud.

PISCIS: La Luna Llena activa tu área del amor, sexualidad y creatividad.

!Feliz Navidad les desea Mundo Metafisico!

Que la paz y el amor reinen en sus corazones en esta mágica noche!


Lorena Lacaille

Solsticio de invierno, 22 de diciembre del 2015. Winter Solstice: The Festival of Rebirth.

22 Dic

El día 22 de diciembre tendrá lugar el solsticio de invierno en el hemisferio norte y el de verano en el hemisferio sur. Durante este día el sol alcanza su posición máxima meridional o boreal (inclinación norte-sur) respecto al ecuador celeste. Este evento astronómico ha tenido una gran influencia en todas las culturas y tradiciones del mundo, propiciando e influenciando una gran cantidad de mitos, tradiciones y celebraciones.
Para las culturas antiguas de marcado carácter agrícola y ramadero, que el sol alcanzara su punto más bajo y los días empezaran a alargarse era motivo de celebración, ya que toda la naturaleza despertaba lentamente y la fertilidad de la tierra ofrecía una nueva oportunidad para la supervivencia. Pronto con el desarrollo de la civilización y el surgimiento de las ciudades esta celebración tradicionalmente campesina, fue anexionada y la fertilidad de la tierra y la naturaleza se transformó en en símbolo de riquezas y prosperidades.

Entorno a esta fecha solar una gran diversidad de culturas han situado también el nacimiento de sus principales dioses. Osiris y Horus en Egipto, Mitra en la tradición hindú, Dionisios en Grecia, Apolo en Roma y Jesucristo en la tradición cristiana son algunas de las tradiciones religiosas que festejaban en sus ritos entorno a este acontecimiento astronómico por excelencia.

En la actualidad esta fecha sigue siendo motivo para la celebración o práctica de diversos rituales auspisciosos, ya que su simbolismo nos indica que después de un tiempo frío y oscuro, la primavera resurgirá trayendo sus maravillosos frutos.
Entorno a lesta simbología cíclica de la naturaleza de la vida, se aprovecha el momento del solsticio para “detenerse” (solsticio significa “sol detenido) y examinar todo aquello que queremos dejar atrás para limpiarlo y prepararnos para recibir todas las cosas buenas que confiamos nos traiga el nuevo año. Un muy conocido y utilizado ritual consiste en dar entrada durante el solsticio al espíritu de la navidad, mediante un sencillo ejercicio de visualización, que se puede realizar solo o en familia. Sólo necesitamos encender unas velas, y desde un estado de relajación que propicie un estado de introspección escribimos en un papel todos aquellos asuntos, problemas, situaciones o experiencias que deseamos dejar atrás, y a continuación lo quemamos. Este ejercicio nos ayuda a reforzar al traspasarlo a un papel la percepción de que asuntos del pasado no tienen porqué seguir siendo causa de malestar o inquietud en el futuro. Después agradecemos en otro papel todo aquello que sí ha sido beneficioso y positivoy escribimos todas aquellas intenciones, deseos y esperanzas que confiamos recibir durante el nuevo año.

Abrimos la ventana dejando que el espíritu de la navidad, fértil y próspero inunde nuestro hogar y nuestras metas (que guardaremos hasta el día de año nuevo) y nos deshacemos a través de ella de las cenizas del papel en la que hemos “limpiado” todas nuestras carencias, o acontecimientos negativos.


Winter Solstice: The Festival of Rebirth

This is Midwinter, the shortest day and longest night of the year. The restraints of Winter have brought us rest and given us time for reflection and the incubation of ideas and dreams. Here in the stillness of the Solstice we pause and become aware of our visions and the seeds of our future growth waiting for birth.

At the Winter Solstice the darkness reaches its height and the waning cycle of the Sun stops. From now on the days will begin to lengthen and warmth and outer growth will return to us and to the Earth.

Here we celebrate the return of the Sun, give birth to our visions and name our dreams, our ‘Solstice Resolutions’ or ‘Solstice Aspirations’, which will grow with the increasing light. The way is now open for the rebirth of our active selves.

But this is also a dual celebration and we pause a moment to look back on our journey since the Summer Solstice, acknowledging what we have completed and the insights and understanding we have gained from inner reflection.

The Winter Solstice is an opportunity to come out of hibernation, to be loving and generous, to reconnect and celebrate friendships, family and the warmth of community.

Winter Solstice Celebration


• Dress up warmly and get up before dawn to gather with friends and watch the Sun come up over the horizon. Celebrate the rebirth of the Sun and the return of the light. Celebrate the journey you have made inside yourself and the dreams you have been incubating.

• Stay together throughout the day, inviting more friends and family to gather at noon and celebrate the day and evening together as a community. Book a hall so that all may come and join in.

• Gather evergreens, enjoying the contact with Nature and respecting the plants and trees as you cut them. Arrange all the greenery in buckets of damp soil and vases of Water, respecting the living energy of the plants. Display them in corners of the room and on the tables, with beautiful cloths and nightlights in holders around them.

• Light the room with candle lanterns and sidelights to create a special atmosphere of gentle light.

• Invite everyone to bring special food and drink to share and to bring a present for the ‘present share’. Each present must be labelled and correspond to each child, teenager or adult that comes. Place these in baskets labelled ‘Child’, ‘Teenager’ and ‘Adult’. At an appropriate moment during the celebration, the baskets can be brought into the centre and each person can choose their Solstice gift.

• Bring drums, percussion and instruments, as well as rugs and cushions to make a cosy area for the children to play and sleep in.

• Invite everyone to dress as the Spirit of Midwinter. This may include costumes, masks, headdresses and painted faces. It facilitates imaginative creativity and brings a special sparkle to the event.

• The Winter Solstice is traditionally a time to entertain each other, so invite everyone to bring music, songs, plays, poems and stories to share.

A chant:

‘We are the rising Sun.

We are the change.

We are the ones we are waiting for and We are dawning.’

We are the change.

We are the ones we are waiting for and We are dawning.’

Winter Solstice Ceremony

• Gather everyone into a circle with a chant, holding hands and circling round together, building up a connection to each other and the Solstice. Sing the chant for at least 10 minutes. This gives everyone the chance to really get to know it, to make up harmonies and play with it. After a while it slips into a mesmerizing phase, takes on a life of its own and really builds up energy. Encourage everyone to join in, from the youngest to the oldest, so that all feel included in their community.

• At the centre of the circle place a special blessed candle in a large bowl of sand, with a basket of small candles next to it. Light the central candle with a simple invocation, dedicating it to world peace or global harmony.

• Open the circle by beginning with a grounding exercise, helping everyone to let go of their busy lives and their worries, letting everything drop down into the Earth where it will be cleansed and renewed. Acknowledge each element in turn with music, sound, dance, song or words. This can be done by the whole group or by individuals. It may be decided on beforehand or it may unfold in the moment as an act of creative group spontaneity.

• Turn off all the lights and meditate together on the stillness of the single living flame of the candle at the centre of the circle. Hum and let out gentle sounds together to facilitate a mesmerizing trance- like atmosphere.

• Each person goes to the centre of the circle and names what they wish to bring to their lives, to the Earth or the world in the new year. As they do this, they take a candle from the small basket, light it from the central candle and place it in the large bowl of sand. Gradually, as each person lights their candle with pledges of hope for positive change, the room is filled with light.

• Pass around a warm spicy fruit cup and let each person offer a blessing and a toast to the New Year. Echo each toast by calling it out together so all can hear it and all can send it out into the world. Drink from the cup and pass it on to the next person. Encourage the children to join in and add an element of fun and daring! Make sure there is someone to refill the cup when necessary.

• Close the circle by acknowledging each element in the same way as when you opened the circle, reversing the order if this makes sense to you. Drum and dance together in celebration of each other, your community and the rebirth of the Sun.

• Have a great Solstice feast together and entertain each other with music, plays, stories and songs.


Glennie Kindred, a native of the United Kingdom, is an artist, art and pottery teacher, and gardener.


Navidad Feng shui 2015

19 Dic

Arquitecto de Sueños – Navidad por Feng Shui


Arquitecto de Sueños – Navidad por Feng Shui – Parte II

10 Tips For Happier Holidays Helpful Ways To Get In The Holiday Spirit.

16 Dic

Tis the season to be happy, but happiness isn’t all the holidays bring. Everywhere you go this time of year, you’re greeted with jingling bells and cheery carols, and commercials and Facebook are full of smiling families in matching sweaters. It seems that everyone is full of non-stop merriment, which can make you think you’ve done something wrong during those moments when you feel frazzled, angry, or overwhelmed.

As a spiritual teacher and energy healer, I see many students at my healing courses each January who are dealing with the aftermath of the holidays: hurt feelings or resentment from family get-togethers, sugar-comas and sluggishness from too much food, depression, exhaustion, and all kinds of other symptoms caused by “the most wonderful time of the year.” The holidays do bring joy of course, but let’s admit it, they can also be quite stressful and challenging. What all the glossy pictures don’t show is the rushing around, the search for perfect gifts, the hours spent cooking, baking, decorating, or addressing holiday cards—the barrage of obligations and activities that might leave you feeling more exhausted than cheerful.

Whatever your traditions, arming yourself with some protective measures as the holidays get into full swing is a smart move. Just as energy healing clears negative energy from your chakras and field before it can cause physical symptoms, these 10 tips are can help reduce your stress before it creates bigger problems, and make your holidays healthier and happier.

1. You can’t do everything (and you shouldn’t have to).
Consumer culture is designed to make you feel like you’ve failed if your holiday isn’t perfectly choreographed and ready for a Martha Stewart magazine spread, but you are just one person! This doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel, but rather understand that you may not be able to plan the company holiday party, bake pumpkin pies for the whole neighborhood, and hand-make all your gifts. Delegate where you can, take a few shortcuts, and generally give yourself a break this year.

2. Manage expectations.
Nothing will be perfect, so don’t expect it to be. Trying to meet unrealistic expectations is a recipe for disappointment, so don’t let the little snafus get you down. People might be late, drinks might spill, and gifts may not arrive on time, but the unpredictability is what makes it fun. Try to set manageable goals you know you can accomplish, but also allow yourself to be flexible and spontaneous.

3. Take time to recharge.
You need some alone time each day during this busy season to decompress. Go for a walk, play with a pet, take a bath, make a snow angel, meditate, whatever calms your mind, body, and soul. Even if it’s just five minutes, take a break from the hustle and bustle to recharge.

4. Reevaluate your holiday routines.
Is there a holiday tradition that you dread each year? If you find yourself wondering why you are still doing an activity that doesn’t bring you joy or fulfillment, it may be time to let it go. With a jam-packed season, why waste time on something that is no longer rewarding?

5. Meditate.
Meditation is always an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but during this time of year, meditation becomes even more vital to your sanity. My recommendation is twenty minutes twice a day and this is the one time of year you don’t want to skip it. Trust me, you will feel calmer and happier.

6. Get enough sleep.
Sleep is underrated most of the year, but now, when sickness spreads easily and stress is high, sleep is essential medicine. Seven to eight or even nine hours a night will keep your immune system strong, your focus sharp, and your mood more stable. Getting enough sleep will also help you combat sugar and carb cravings so you can avoid overeating.


7. Give from the heart.
The true spirit of the season is about giving rather than receiving, and true giving comes from the heart. Anyone can plop down a credit card, but thoughtful, heart-felt gifts are always more appreciated and memorable. Consider giving to a children’s charity or hospital, or give your time and volunteer. Knowing you are helping others and making their holidays brighter is more rewarding than anything you could possibly get.

8. Give the gift of forgiveness.
This is the season for friendship and families, but that doesn’t mean hurt feelings or resentments suddenly disappear. Holding grudges hurts you more than the other person, so for both your sakes, give the gift of forgiveness this year. Use the techniques you’ve learned in energy medicine to approach those sticky relationships with love, and use this time to begin healing old wounds.

9. Practice kindness.
Being kind to others isn’t just for the holidays, but this is a time to focus on radiating that kindness far and wide. Give up your perfect parking place at the mall, help someone carry their packages across the store, and be sure to say thank you to the clerks, wait staff, and flight attendants who help you out this season. A smile and kind words are always in season.

10. Get in the spirit.
The spirit of the season is about light and spreading that light to others. So take some time to think about what this holiday means to you on a deeper, spiritual level. Keeping your larger purpose in mind will help you focus on what’s really important to you and allow you to release everything else.
Lastly, set an intention to enjoy yourself this year! The holidays are what you make of them, so maintain your energy healing routines, have fun, let go of guilt and obligation, keep your sense of humor, and be grateful that you have been given the gift of another year on this planet to experience laughter, light, and love.





New York Times best-selling author, health & wellness expert, and spiritual teacher Deborah King was a successful attorney in her twenties when she was diagnosed with cancer, which began a quest for healing that would radically change her life. Her amazing recovery led her to leave the corporate arena for the field of energy medicine, where she mastered ancient and modern systems, ultimately developing a powerful technique of her own. Deborah’s energy healing and life coaching courses both teach and transform.


Arquitecto de Sueños – Feng Shui: Plantas en tu hogar

13 Dic