Colette Baron-Reid’s Universal Energies for the week of Sept 21

22 Sep



Feed your Mind and KISS Your Life- 7 steps to Freedom!

Dearest luminous you,

What a week! I don’t know about you but I sure was feeling that mercury retrograde and new moon collide and so were my clients.
Bless my “go to” healer Althea Gray (altheagray.com) who is on call to do distance clearing work for me when I’ve done too many readings, and I find myself dripping with other people’s “stuff”. I know how to take care of myself but I also know when I need to rely on someone else to do what I cannot. (Stay tuned for more news about this extraordinary healer in Santa Fe New Mexico)
Since my bathroom is under construction I can’t take a salt bath but I find swimming every day helps balance my energy. And I am in awe at the results when I remember to meditate twice a day. When I don’t do it I feel like I never have enough time for anything (especially for meditation), and when I meditate regularly I always seem to have more than enough time for everything!
Amazing how that works.
It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it works. You just need to do it.
You know when its time to get “with the program” when you get into the Stinky Thinkys!
You know what I’m talking about yes?
When you start blaming the world for your bad luck, getting angry at an oracle card reading because you didn’t work with the energy and figured your good fortune was just going to fall from the sky. When it didn’t you cry “Foul!” instead of taking responsibility for the stinky thoughts festering away in your psyche – ugly little goblins determined to keep you down.
Maybe you compared yourself with someone else, or were afraid to speak up or set a boundary, or ate too much pie and now your skinny jeans are too tight, or noticed the strange alien crepey skin creeping up under your arms while you do yoga beside a perfect girl who can do a pretzel thing while you can barely touch your toes etc. etc.
You get the picture.
What shall we do?
Shake it off!
Like my friend the late Dr. Wayne Dyer I too practice the magic mantra “Excuses Be Gone!”
Granted conditions can be really tough, and we all know life is messy and filled with all manner of shadowy things but our minds must be kept clean and emptied of garbage regularly if we expect to make any progress whatsoever.
Would you let garbage pile up in your house?
I bet the answer to that is no!
So why would we let it pile up inside our heads and hearts?
What really has helped me move through the jerky rollercoaster of life is to stay as uncomplicated as possible, do regular mental house cleaning, and practice back to basics with my spiritual program.
I’m going to give you a list of what works for me and then I’d like to invite you to share yours too. This week we want to align our energy with what works (we all know what doesn’t) to keep us on track and engaging life in a loving, empowered and authentic way.
The environment of our thoughts will dictate the quality of our experience.
#1 “Act as If.” It’s not possible to think my way out of negativity and self- centered fear. On days when I find I can’t snap out of it I fake it. I bring the body into good actions. For example when I freak out about money I pay all my bills and give some to charity. I love to pay for someone’s coffee in a lineup.
It works every time. I just have to remember to do it.
This is a discipline. Without it I am lost. To be honest I have twice as much freedom when I apply discipline.
#2 – Feed Your Mind. Outside of maintaining a positive grateful attitude, for me it’s important to read. I’m inspired by the good works of others, and find nourishment in meaningful words that stimulate good ideas in my mind. Reading a good book helps me to remain grounded in hope and out of despair. Stimulating the mind is like going to the gym.
#3 – Unplug. It’s important also to take real time off social media and the internet to be present in whatever activity is requiring my full attention. I can really get sucked into the vortex of sound bites and to be honest it causes me some anxiety if I don’t take breaks.
#4 – Go Zen. Meditation is an essential part of my program. I consciously connect to my Higher Power and always begin smiling even if I don’t feel like it. It’s like a switch that turns on radio God.
#5 – Wash Your Mouth out with Love. I watch my words closely and reframe them when I find myself veering off into negativity.
#6 – Stay Self- Honest. There is such freedom in self- honesty. It keeps the mind quiet, and the soul open when there is no need for artifice. When I’m honest with myself I know what I’m responsible for, how to ask for help, and to feel good about being right sized. When I’m clear like this, I know my service and my ambitions are true and less ego driven. There really is a dignity in self- honesty that opens the doors to miracles and inspiration.
#7- Celebrate Silly. One thing I learned from the other side when I tumbled head first into mediumship is they do not want us to mope around. Forgiveness and more joy were the two subjects most pressed upon me to deliver to the living. So I know that laughter is the best medicine so I don’t take myself so seriously and every day look for the hilarious and the absurd to balance out the suffering. I get my daily dose of silly playing with my dogs and being ridiculous and goofy with my hubby.
So, tag you’re it. How do you stay in alignment with your highest good when life turns you upside down?
Love to hear from you as always. O and don’t forget to KISS your life. Stay simple. Be grateful. Take action. Have faith.
love colette xoxoxoxo



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