27 Mar

Story by: Daniel Mitel

“What is not love is always fear, and nothing else.” (A Course In Miracles)

Years ago, I thought that compassion is just about giving food, money, clothes or anything that makes people happy and comfortable in their daily lives. Subsequently, I would give some part of my income to buy things for people and children in need, and animal shelters.

Around me people were speaking about empathy and care, countries promoted nonviolence and compassion. But inside my heart I felt that something was missing. I knew intuitively that this is not compassion.

In 1962, the books of British philosopher Bertrand Russell’s were banned in India by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Bertrand Russell reacted to India’s invasion and attack of Goa, and Nehru was obviously upset about it. Russell said, “Where is your compassion now? Your compassion was just political. You are all Ghandians, aren’t you? Your nonviolence was just political. You are talking about nonviolence but when the moment comes you become violent!”




It is a shame that Bertrand Russell was banned because he was right. He said to Nehru, “When others are fighting, you stand on your high altar and you condemn the whole world as violent. Where is your nonviolence now?”

So what is compassion? The Tibetan Masters told me that when we become aware that we are not just a body we will not be able to continue this life as it is and a different universe will arise within us; the universe of compassion, goodness and of unconditional love. Once we realize we are not a body, our whole world and our daily activities cease to exist.

I realized that the more we are inside of our daily activities, the more sensitive we become. The more sensitive we become, the more we feel compassion for all that is around us. Is it possible to be open to this world and not suffer? Is it possible to be insensitive, undisturbed by all the ugly things that happen each moment on this planet?

Years ago a very good friend was telling me how he felt hate coming out of him when he saw all the unjust and unfair acts surrounding him. This was at the time of his life when he would defend anyone needing his help. He asked me for assistance. I advised him to use his hate as a vehicle to move from the centre of his energy field and I taught him a Tibetan technique.

First he didn’t understand how to do the technique properly, but then, day by day he had moments when he was able to move to his inner centre. When he would feel the hate or the frustration coming, he would move all his intention and attention to the centre from where the frustration was coming from and not to the person who produced it.

Then one day he came to me with eyes shining like stars. A profound transformation had occurred inside of him. He was able to master the technique so well that whenever he felt anger coming he would be able to move to his centre and the only thing he would find there would be compassion. He made a profound discovery: hate and love, anger and happiness come from inside, from the same source! He became aware of himself. He became compassion. He said, “Now I understand what Jesus said by asking his disciples to turn the other cheek.”

When we are aware, any anger we have inside transforms into compassion. The anger that was our enemy suddenly becomes our friend. That’s what Shiva asked us to do: to be authentic, to be aware of our “false personas”, of our masks.

We have people all over the world talking about compassion, nonviolence, and love. But if we take a closer look at their lives, some of them are not aware of their violent nature. Is it possible to be violent in nonviolence? Yet, if we are trying to force others to be nonviolent that is in itself violence. That is the lack of compassion.

Buddha called it Compassion – when you help someone to grow and transform. I remember the famous story about the man who told Buddha, “I want to serve humanity. I feel deep compassion. Tell me how I can serve.” Buddha looked at him and said, “Where are you? Who will serve humanity? You are not you, yet. When you are, you don’t even need to ask me. Your acts will be compassion, in a natural way.”

So the first thing is to be present. The first thing is to be aware, not to be a mechanical thing, a robot. Then we don’t show compassion, we are compassion.

Beyond duality, beyond logic and reason, we became one with the Infinite Spirit. Buddha calls this state of being Compassion and Jesus calls it Love. And, there is something beyond this. There is another type of love: the Universal Love; the connection with the Infinite Source.


Daniel Mitel is a world traveler helping people understand their intimate connection to God. He started to teach Zen Meditation in 1981 and between 1981 and 1992 he was practicing “the spinal breathing” meditation; later he found out that, in fact, he did practice the Kriya Pranayama of Kriya Yoga Great Master Babaji. Since 1996, he is teaching worldwide Meditation Day Workshop and Heart Imagery Workshops. After couple of years spent in meditation in North of Tibet, in 1999, Daniel created “The School of the Heart”. Ten years later, in Toronto, he created “The School of Meditation”. Daniel is an Ambassador of Peace and Diplomat of Love in the Embassy of Peace.



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