Intuitive Techniques To Help You Make The Right Decisions.

28 Jun

By John Holland
Making decisions doesn’t necessarily come naturally to everyone—after all, we live in a world where it’s easy to get someone else to make them for us. Of course, there are some things we should just leave to the experts, but I’m talking about those determinations we’re capable of making if we just tap in to our inner guidance. When we make a decision based on intuition, we trust our feelings, and when this happens for the first time, it’s like a turning point—from that moment on, our confidence builds and we don’t look back!

We must acknowledge, honor, and act upon these feelings and signs that try to point us in the right direction. For example, I remember a time not too long ago when I was about to give a demonstration where the organizers were expecting a large audience. Several days before, I kept getting a nagging feeling to call them and make sure that everything was okay, and to check that they had all the sound equipment for the evening. Instead, my rational mind kicked in and said, “No, John, they’re professionals who have done this hundreds of times before. Let it go.” Even though I’m a psychic medium, I don’t always pay attention to everything I feel (hey, I’m human after all).
Of course I arrived to find that the place had a broken microphone system, a child’s stool (only 12 inches high) for me to perch on, and no air-conditioning on this muggy New England night, when the temperature was still 89 degrees. And the spotlight had enough juice coming from it to light up New York City! I should have honored and trusted my feelings earlier and followed through with the decision to call the organizers of this event—by doing so, I could have saved a lot of aggravation for myself and the staff who rushed around trying to fix everything.
Learning to Trust Your Intuition
I’m sure you can identify with what I went through. In fact, you’ve no doubt found yourself hesitating to make decisions because you’re afraid of the risks and the end result, which you’ve probably already imagined. I know it’s scary to listen to your intuition when your logic is dragging you in the opposite direction, but fear will hold you prisoner if you let it. Remember that your intuition isn’t meant to replace reason; instead, it’s meant to enhance your logic, thereby giving you a far better chance to succeed. In my book, Psychic Navigator I share how to listen to signals that your body will tell you when you’re following your intuition, and how to interpret your own feelings when making some type of decision. For example, some people feel a flutter when something feels wrong; others feel a tingling sensation all over if they’re on the right path; while still others feel nothing when they’re not supposed to move ahead. I have a friend who uses his own simple technique when he has to make a decision that he’s not totally sure about: He takes a few moments and imagines a simple streetlight in front of him. He then asks a question about the decision and watches to see if the light changes: Red means stop, yellow means wait, and green means proceed. Of course, he’s not really getting the answer from a traffic light, but is using his own personal symbol to tap in to his inner guidance.
I also know of some people who have trained themselves to imagine a yes in one hand and no in the other. They ask a question and wait to see what hand rises, whether it’s the yes hand or the no hand. (But sometimes this isn’t so simple. I once did a workshop where the students wrote one question that would require a yes or no response and placed it in an envelope. The envelopes were then distributed to the students, who didn’t know whose question they now held in their hands. One student started to use her awareness in the exercise and came up with a definite yes, but she also saw a swinging bridge suspended over a deep valley. The student felt that the person whose question was in the envelope could achieve their goal, but it wouldn’t be an easy one. They’d have to hang on and work through other issues as they continued to move forward toward this desired outcome. The question in the envelope was, “Should I move residences?” The student who asked the question raised her hand and thanked the other student. She agreed that the new move for her might have been great, but what about her feelings concerning finding a new job or moving away from her family?
Intuition or Logic?
My colleague Lynn Robinson, who’s a business consultant, teaches intuitive techniques to Fortune 500 company executives and their employees. Some of these people have never worked with their sixth sense before, so they find it difficult to articulate their experience—they don’t realize the rich resource of information that can be accessed through their intuition. Lynn teaches them to imagine the decisions and choices in front of them, one by one—from “Should I proceed with this project?” to “Is this person right for the job?” to “Should I hire more staff?” Then Lynn has them ask themselves, “How do I feel about this decision?” and “If I make this decision, how will I feel about it six months or a year from now?” Like me, Lynn encourages her clients to notice how their body feels: Does it feel light, heavy, or tense? Are there any colors, symbols, or words they’re sensing? She then asks them to write down what they’re receiving before their rational mind tries to influence the outcome. Once the group has committed these initial feelings to paper, they have a new way to look at the information from an intuitive perspective. Lynn then finishes up by teaching everyone how to interpret the information for themselves, and shows them that all their future decisions can be guided for the best positive outcome if they simply just pause and ask for guidance.
Remember that your psychic abilities are part of you, so use all of yourself when you feel you need a little assistance or Divine guidance. You don’t always have to turn over your power to someone else when it comes to making decisions. With practice, you’ll learn how to interpret your own specific signs. Please begin with small decisions and choices so that you can build up your trust and confidence gradually. Have faith in your inner guidance, which is always there and waiting for you to ask it for help—it wants nothing more than the best for you. You can read more techniques for enhancing your intuition and psychic abilities in my book, Psychic Navigator.
“I remember to pause and ask before I act.”
“I trust my Divine guidance in all areas of my life.”




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