Here’s your spiritual facial!

21 Jun

You know what a regular facial feels like, right? Where you luxuriate with delicious creams and cleansers on your skin, and you come away feeling relaxed, glowing and purified? Well, what if you could have a spiritual facial, for the energy centers of your face, that would create that feeling all the way to the center of your soul?
I’ve created a guided meditation for just this purpose, to bring your whole system into balance and help you to relax into the truth of who you really are.
I think we all tend to walk around far too immersed in stress, and heaping helpings of self-judgment as well!
We’re so wired to think there’s something wrong with us that has to be fixed.
And all this creates tension in your system – in your body, in your face, in your life.
Chinese medicine, the original holistic medicine, discovered that everything in your body is interconnected.
And that each feature of your face is connected energetically to one of the systems of your physical body. This is why we can diagnose your health by reading your face.
But they also discovered that every feature of your face is connected with an aspect of your emotional nature as well. This is why we can read your personality in your face.
So when you can make a positive shift to the energy in your face, you can not only affect your physical body but also your emotional self as well.
It can even change that story that’s been looping in your head for years, causing you to make choices that don’t always serve you well….
Here’s an example – What messages does your brow area have for you?
Your Eyebrows and Brow Area
This part of your face reflects how stressed you are right now, and how you handle stress overall.
It’s where frustrations and tension can get stuck, and that prevents a healthy flow of energy and emotions throughout your system.
If there’s wrinkling or tension here, it’s often a sign that you hold the belief that it’s up to YOU to figure everything out, to think your way through every problem.
Or that you are caught in a pattern of constant work-work-work. And then the stress-o-meter can go off the charts!
Your future
This feature also relates to your ability to create a vision for the future, to make good decisions, and move ahead with ease, according to your own inner plan.
If you’re having trouble choosing a direction from here in life – if you feel unsure about a career choice, for example – it can be related to an energy block in this part of your face.

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Your self-judgment
This area also reflects just how hard you’re being on yourself – how much you judge yourself or beat yourself up over little things.
When you do this, it creates a subtle tension in your inner eyebrows. And over time, it can keep you locked in to a repeating pattern of negative thinking.
By working with the energy here, we can release stress, create clarity and open up new possibilities for your future.
We can transform your tendency to beat yourself up, to be over-stressed by life in general, and allow you to be comfortable in your own skin.
I’ve been sharing this Spiritual Facial guided meditation with my some of my students and am already getting some pretty amazing feedback, like this one: “Whoa!, well, in addition to feeling like I just had a day at the spa each time I listen to this meditation, the wrinkles between my eyebrows are fading!”
The thing is, once you create a shift to the energy in any part of your face it has a direct effect on how often you make the expressions that cause wrinkles there. (Oh the money I can save you on Botox!)
Here’s one more example – What do your eyes reveal?
Your Eyes
In Western culture, we call the eyes the window to the soul, but in Chinese face reading, the eyes are the window to the heart.
One of the messages of this part of your face is about any fear your heart has of being hurt, in big or little ways.
For instance, this is where you hold your fear of rejection.
And if your heart has been hurt in the past, there’ll be subtle tension around your eyes or you may even narrow them slightly without being conscious of it.
Energetically, tension here can block love from entering your life, even though you want it and search for it in every way you can.
The vulnerable heart
For other people, the experience of having had their heart broken has the opposite effect.
Their eyes aren’t tense or narrowed – they are now held too open and that can make that person more vulnerable to getting hurt again in the future.
Either way, bringing a relaxed balance to your eyes restores a sense of safety for your heart again, and this change can allow love to finally flow into your life.
Even a small shift in the energy of your face can have powerful results.
People are telling me that not only can they feel inner change each time they listen to this guided meditation, they also see a positive change in how their face looks afterwards!
Hmmmm, maybe we’ve found an easy way to eliminate medical cosmetic procedures – Just give yourself spiritual facials!
Face glowing, eyes bright again, every cell in your body feeling relaxed yet full of vitality…you deserve this!
When you can see the inner design of the people in your life, you can dissolve all barriers to love. And when you can read your own nature, you discover your personal guide to less stress, more joy and the way to fulfill your purpose in the world.
Thank you,
Jean Haner
Author of The Wisdom Of Your Face, The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face, and Your Hidden Symmetry


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  1. 台灣大樂透 19 septiembre, 2014 a 7:49 am #

    Wonderful site, thanks for sharing !!


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