15 Jun

An existing dark intelligence that all humans banish from their consciousness is ingeniously playing with their stability. Having formed a stable family does not make us immune to this intelligence, quite the contrary. Man has become the major challenge of its own existence and it will not stop plotting against him until he falls.
Entities within it feed themselves especially on disorders prevailing within families. Not existing in the eyes of man, they have a free field to devastate a whole life. They interfere in the carefree look of those who let their guard down, radically changing their vision of reality. If a being is poorly educated, he will start by not seeing the beauty in others, he will then become more demanding to finally get into unhealthy criticism. The grass is always greener on the other side . . .

The dissatisfaction generated in families often starts with a jest. At first, everyone defends each other then finally they allow themselves to laugh at their pretended defaults, opening a gap to what we can call the “tempting serpent.” At the end of the process we find the family destroyed. The stable couple is aware that the feelings generated every day are responsible for the birth of powerful creative or destructive currents. It knows that entities feed themselves from the carnage of discontent within a couple. In a psalm from Archangel Gabriel, it says: “Do not let certain feelings or behaviours like dissatisfaction, confusion, non-dialogue, incomprehension, fear or doubt settle in you, because they will form small waves that, uniting by affinity with a big current, will eventually take you away from your destiny of Light. Do not underestimate these forces and remain loyal to the Teachings, walking in the discipline and respect of the divine laws.” The mess generated gladdens these dark entities, it’s a succulent meal that couples should not serve them.
Do not start the work without carrying it out to the end; otherwise you are committing an offence, that is to say the fault that generates separation, separation with God, the divine world, your wife or your husband, your children. You will fully suffer. You will not only suffer, but you will be responsible for the imprisonment of beings that surround you: your human family, the spirits, genies and egregores. Rather be individuals who liberate, who open a road to eternity for all beings. In life, we must refrain from certain actions and not do anything and everything. Unconscious man draws to him “worlds” and the beings that live there come to seize him, they make a body with his body to live through him; they create their universe and bring their children into the world through him. The die is cast, he serves these entities! The water of relations then becomes impure.
The separation with Light is done, bringing war, destruction, unhappiness, violence, chaos: it is disharmony. Isn’t this what humanity currently knows? The couple aware of its inner strength, of the vitality of their thoughts and emotions knows that everything is linked. It knows that only a change of inner behaviour will bring a new reality on earth, a new economy and a new way of being. In this sense, the basic family unit is the beginning of profound change in our societies. In front of these hectic societies based on excessive consumption, stressful productivity, guilty financial results, the welded family stops the infernal machine by taking their lives in hand. Paradise is to breath lightly, look into pure eyes, respect each other without judging, is to be clear, abolishing borders. Judgement is suffocation. Fear is suffocation. All counter-virtues lead to suffocation. Determined couples try to cultivate communication between each other. By mutual support, they confide in each another.
Do not doubt the Light. Have confidence in yourself. Accept being the hope of the world of the Mother. Have confidence in your thoughts, in your feelings and your convictions. You are the children of the Light! Have confidence in what you believe deep inside of you. Do not let doubt direct your life. Be strong and protect your families. Do not let the world’s influences destroy your lives. I remind you: the thought of separating couples, families, communities was brought to the world by dark forces to weaken humanity and Mother Earth. In this way, they become sterile and inexistent in the world of men.
What is this force? It is you, your true being. Have confidence in the most beautiful part of you. Your ideals and your thoughts of light are the most beautiful part of you. Carry out works and you will be rich; do not carry out works and you will be poor. Carry out a wonder in your life and you will have friends; carry out nothing and you will have nothing. To the one who has, we give. To the one who has not, even the little that he has, we will take. If you are not capable of going through with your ideas, to say who you are, you will be lost and you will lose everything! But if you are capable of affirming yourself, becoming strong, resisting certain influences, everything will be given in abundance. It’s all about confidence. These dark forces, these entities do not see what is inside of you. They do not know your thoughts or what you feel. They want to introduce their own thoughts in you but ignore yours. If you do not show your deep feelings, even if you are gripped by fear or doubt, they will never guess what you really are. Then, they will leave you, purely and simply. Do not be frightened of the shadow of a toy poodle; it is only a small dog! Even though we shouldn’t underestimate the dark forces, they are not that powerful after all.
In a crisis, the couple should unite to practice the rituals of Light. Protect your home with the virtues of stones. For example, place an amethyst in your entrance and bless it every time you pass. It will truly shine and it will keep out the entities hanging on to your visitors. They will not be able to penetrate inside your home. Be the guardian of your own serenity, it has no price. The couple should lead its marriage engagement before the divine worlds. By following the instructions of love and respect, there is nothing to fear: the building of a serene life resides on a stable base of pure love.
Marie Nadya Guérison hierogrammat
According to the teachings of Olivier Manitara



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