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How To Make A Kindness Kit. Give Yourself Some Tender Loving Care.

30 Abr

My book How To Stay Sane In A Crazy World was released recently and people have been posting comments and sightings using the hashtag #howtostaysaneinacrazyworld all over the web. Lovely people in countries as far afield as Korea, New Zealand and England have bought copies and sent me notes via my blog It’s sad to see how many people are on medical leave after a surgery and illness, or have close friends and family members who are. But glorious to hear how the book has helped them. The piece that resonates most with many readers, so far, has been the Kindness Kit.
Here’s an excerpt from the book which talks about what a Kindness Kit is, why I made one – and a recipe to make your own. I hope you do. It is one of the things that changed my life.
In the weeks leading up to my surgery, I started to collect all the items I would need in my house. Because, once I was on medical leave, I would be too sick to go out for a while. I took a bento box and painted it and started to pop nice things into it, like tea lights and a yo-yo (nope, I’ve still not mastered it) and lovely rose- scented soap, lavender oil, and a notepad and pencils from the posh hotels I’d stayed in on business trips.
About halfway through, I realized what I’d done—I had made a kindness kit for myself. And for the first time since the diagnosis, I sat down on the sofa and wept. Being kind to myself was a foreign concept. If you can relate to that sentence, let’s make a kindness kit for you. Here’s how I made mine.
Because I would not be able to go out to the shops, I collected sweet objects to have around me that would allow me to get through sleepless nights, long days, and the bits in between. I also wanted everything to be beautiful, so I threw out boring soaps and bought little guest soaps with gorgeous scents. I bought a hand fan from a Chinese store that made me feel like a princess. Lavender sachets made tearful nights easier when slipped under the pillow. I knew I would write, so I collected pencils from glorious hotels and little notepads to have by the bed. Going to the post office would not be an option, so to stay in touch and say thank you for the flowers I received, I pre-stamped pretty postcards that friends could drop in the mailbox for me. The yo-yo might be frustrating. My friend Maria says it is. Try bubbles instead to make you smile.
A Recipe For Making Your Own Kindness Kit:
A nice china teacup and saucer; creams for face, hands, and feet; tea lights for candlelit baths; essential oil burner; crisp cotton pillowcases; soft socks; soothing blue brushed-cotton robe; piles of clean white T-shirts; comfy knickers; bubble bath and oils and Epsom salts; cashmere scarf (I carried mine around like a blanket from room to room); lots of boxes of tissues (for tears and sniffles, and good with lavender oil drops to put over your eyes while napping); tea—English breakfast, afternoon Earl Grey, late-night herbal types; art supplies—canvas, paints, brushes, Mod Podge decoupage glaze, stick-on pearls, lots of magazines, scissors, glue, sticky tape; lots of playlist CDs; books-books-books; movies that make you smile, movies that make you weep, foreign films that make you want to travel; lots of notebooks and pencils………….
There’s nothing to be lost by stepping back and taking to your bed. Gather up beautiful items for your kindness kit and then sink back against those soft pillows and dream. It’s time to rest, rejuvenate, and appreciate just how glorious life really is. For more tips for soothing your soul, see my book, How To Stay Sane in a Crazy World.

How To Make a Kindness Kit

“It’s time to rest, rejuvenate, and appreciate just how glorious life really is.” –Sophia Stuart

Sophia Stuart grew up in England and moved to the US to build a big career in digital media. But while working in Manhattan she was told she had three tumors in her throat, needing five hours of surgery and a month of medical leave to recover.


El Eclipse anular del Sol del 29 de Abril 2014 en luna nueva

28 Abr

El próximo martes 29 de abril de 2014 ocurrirá el segundo eclipse del año, un eclipse anular de Sol solo visible como tal desde una remota región de la Antártida.
El eclipse será parcial en una amplia zona que incluye el océano Índico meridional, el extremo sur de Indonesia, toda Australia y parte de la Antártida.
Las mejores localizaciones de la zona de parcialidad desde donde presenciar el espectáculo son la isla de Tasmania, al sur de Australia, donde la Luna tapará más del 70% del disco solar, y las bases científicas permanentes de la Antártida Dumont d’Urville y Concordia, donde la magnitud alcanzará el 98%.
La distancia entre estas dos estaciones de la Antártida es de 1.100 km, unos 10 días de camino por parajes deshabitados, y es en una pequeña zona con forma de “D” de este inhóspito recorrido desde donde el eclipse será anular, con todo el disco lunar en el interior del disco solar, cubriendo el 98,6%.
Un fenómeno muy poco habitual
Una circunstancia inusual de este eclipse anular es que desde ningún punto es posible ver los dos discos, el lunar y el solar, concéntricos. Un eclipse como este se clasifica como eclipse anular no central ; tan solo el 1,7% de los eclipse anulares tienen esta peculiar característica (Espenak y Meeus, 2006).

El Eclipse de Sol ocurre en la fase de Luna Nueva, cuando la Luna está en conjunción con el astro rey, en medio de la Tierra y el Sol, y este a su vez está en las proximidades de un Nodo lunar. De allí el significado karmático de estos eclipses solares.

Eclipse Anular de Sol el 29 de abril 2014 a 9º de Tauro. Su momento máximo es a las 6:14 UT. Los eclipses solares se producen con la Luna Nueva, y tienen la capacidad de ‘ocultar’ nuestra visión, de manera que podamos tener tiempo para reflexionar sobre el presente y ver de verdad cómo esto se relaciona con nuestro pasado.

Un eclipse solar en una Luna Nueva es muy especial. Las cosas que iniciemos entre el eclipse y la próxima Luna Llena (aproximadamente 2 semanas ), las semillas que plantamos, los proyectos que llevamos a cabo, los contactos que hacemos, y las intenciones que nos propusimos, adquieren un significado adicional por los próximos 6 meses.
Nos compramos cosas nuevas, hacemos nuevos contactos. Las cosas que comienzan en el mundo exterior durante este tiempo tienden a crecer. Los agricultores usan este tiempo para plantar cultivos que ofrecen al exterior.

Eclipse Anual
Los acontecimientos astrales de Abril 2014, no son acerca de arrastrar la vieja energía, o revivir dolorosos acontecimientos o experiencias, sino más bien de volver a evaluar positivamente dónde hemos estado y utilizar este conocimiento para saltar a una nueva esfera de la existencia, más allá de nuestras percibidas limitaciones.


What To Do When Others Disapprove of Your Actions. Using Your Emotional Guidance System

26 Abr

Question for Abraham: What if you feel good when you think about a specific action, but when you consider what others think about your action, you don’t feel good? Then what would you suggest?

the power of emotions abraham esther hicksIf people would simply pay attention to the harmony or disharmony within themselves, they would be able to eliminate the arduous and impossible task of trying to control the behavior of others.” -Abraham


Abraham: No other human really knows the intentions you held as you came forth from Non-Physical. They have not walked in your shoes through the thousands of interactions you have experienced, and they were not a part of the rockets of desire that you have launched as you have lived your life. They are not privy to the Vibrational Reality that you have created through the living of life, and they cannot feel the harmony or discord—the allowing or resisting—that you feel through your own emotions.
Your question is an important one because through it you are trying to understand which of your emotions to trust or follow: the good-feeling emotion that came in response to your personal thoughts about your personal experience, or the bad-feeling emotion that came in response to your awareness of the disapproval of another.

Your Emotional Guidance System
Nothing could be more important than coming to recognize the existence of your Emotional Guidance System and how it works, for without it you have no consistent guidance. The emotions you feel, in any moment, are pointing out to you the agreement or disagreement between you and your Source regarding the thought that is active in you at the moment of the emotion. If you can understand that through life, before you entered this body and since, your Inner Being has become the Vibrational summation of all that you have lived and now stands as the Vibrational equivalent to all that is good—and if you can then understand that your emotions are giving you feedback about how your current thought blends with that all-knowing, Pure, Positive Energy viewpoint of Source—then and only then can you fully appreciate your emotions.
The Source Within You
So when you feel negative emotion, it always means that your currently active thought is out of alignment with the knowledge of Source. In other words, when you find fault with yourself, when you decide that you are inappropriate or unworthy, you will always feel negative emotion—because the Source within you only feels love toward you. When you disapprove of others, you will always feel negative emotion—because the Source within you only loves others. If you will remember that whenever you feel negative emotion, it always means you are in disagreement with Source, then you can deliberately reframe your thoughts until you come into alignment. That is the way to effectively utilize your Guidance System.
When people replace this very personal guidance by attempting to modify their behavior to please other people, they very soon discover the inconsistency of that guidance and soon find themselves confused about what to do. Many people have lost conscious Connection with their own Guidance Systems, and so instead of deliberately focusing their thoughts into harmony and alignment with their Source and their power—instead of making sure that they are steadily tuned to the Vibration of their clarity and love and power—they turn their attention to the results of what they and the people around them have been thinking. In other words, they examine and catalog and pigeonhole and evaluate and judge the results of the Vibrational creating that is happening around them, putting those results into categories of good and bad, right and wrong. And in all of that data, they lose their way.
When people have forgotten that this is an inclusion-based Universe, and that the Law of Attraction is the manager who is arranging every detail of every rendezvous that occurs, they fear something that can never be: they fear that unwanted things can assert themselves into their experience. But when you remember that nothing uninvited ever comes into your experience, and that every invitation of both wanted and unwanted comes because you have given considerable thought to the essence of it, then you can begin to utilize your own powerful Emotional Guidance System with the assurance that you do create your own reality.
If people would simply pay attention to the harmony or disharmony within themselves—which is offered to them in the form of positive or negative emotion—they would be able to eliminate the arduous and impossible task of trying to control the behavior of others.
By deliberately focusing your thoughts in the direction of your Broader understanding, and no longer wasting time and money on things you cannot control, you will not only come into alignment with Source and feel the relief of that in your emotions—but all things wanted can then come to you.

Esther Hicks is an inspirational speaker and author. She co-authored eight books with her husband, Jerry Hicks. Together, they have presented Law of Attraction workshops for Abraham-Hicks Publications in up to 60 cities per year since 1987. Visit:

Calcula tu número Kua y la posición cardinal del éxito y el amor según el número que te corresponde.

24 Abr

¿Qué es el número Kua?
Kua significa “trigrama” o número, existen ocho “kua” que se asignan a las ocho direcciones básicas: Norte, Sur, Este, Oeste, NE, NW, SE, SW. Pero los Kua representan una energía que también tiene una dimensión temporal: cada año del calendario chino está regido por un número Kua. El año de nuestro nacimiento determina el número kua que nos rige y por lo tanto determina también nuestras orientaciones favorables y desfavorables. Hay dos grupos de personas: las del Este y las del Oeste. El siguiente calculador convierte tu fecha de nacimiento al kua correspondiente del calendario chino. Como la polaridad del hombre y la mujer son diferentes, el kua para un mismo año difiere según tu sexo.
Visita el siguiente enlace para conocer tu numero Kua:


Es buena idea tener siempre a mano tus direcciones favorables y desfavorables. Procura que la cabecera de tu cama oriente a una dirección favorable. Sentado en tu escritorio, debes estar mirando hacia una dirección favorable.

Visita los siguientes videos para mas información.

Calcula tu Número Kua y Alcanza el Éxito

César Peimbert
Experto en feng shui

Posición Cardinal de Éxito y Amor Según tu Número Kua (AV)

Mónica Koppel
Experta en Feng shui

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The two views of Money

23 Abr

Written by: Robert Kiyosaki.

How what you believe about money influences your reality
What kind of world do you see? One of abundance or one of scarcity? My rich dad and my poor dad saw the world in entirely different ways.
My poor dad saw a world of financial scarcity. Because of this, he would say things like, “Do you think money grows on trees?” or “Do you think I’m made of money?” or “I can’t afford it.”
My rich dad saw a world of abundance. He would say things like, “Don’t let money be an excuse” and “How can we afford it?”

man with two paths
Two kinds of money problems
My rich dad would say, “There are two kinds of money problems. Not enough money, and too much money. Which type of money problem do you want?”
Most people come from families where the problem is not enough money. One of the advantages I had growing up with the influence of two families was that I could see both types of problems. My poor dad never seemed to be able to have enough money, even though he had a good salary. My rich dad didn’t have much to begin with but grew his fortune to the point where he faced very real problems of having too much money.
I always wondered, what was the difference?
Two attitudes about money
Rich dad pointed out to me that people with problems of not enough money often have those problems because they view the world as one of scarcity. All they know is a world where there is never enough. That is why even when they become suddenly rich, such as through the lottery or inheritance, they often squander that money and become poor again.
Rich dad truly believed that the poor remained poor because that was the only world they knew. “Whatever your reality is about money inside of you will be the reality of money outside of you,” he said. “You cannot change your outside reality until you first change the way you view the world inside you.”
Rich dad would drive this lesson home by taking a coin out of his pocket and saying, “When a person says, ‘I can’t afford it,’ that person sees only one side of the coin. The moment you say, ‘How can I afford it?’ you begin to see the other side.”
The paradox of scarcity
Rich dad connected what he saw as some of the causes of scarcity to the effect it has on people’s attitudes. The interesting thing was the very values that people thought would help them actually, and paradoxically, created scarcity in their life.
Rich dad would say:
• The more security you need in your life the more scarcity there is in your life. That is why people pass up on opportunities to make their money work for them through investments and business. They are too afraid to take a risk.
• The more competitive you are the more scarcity there is in your life. That is why people compete for jobs and promotions at work and compete for grades in school.
People who are creative, cooperative, and have good financial and business skills, on the other hand, often have lives of increasing financial abundance.
I could see this at play in my two dads. My poor dad always encouraged me to play it safe and seek security. My rich dad encouraged me to develop my skills and be creative.
Change your reality
A big part of my success in life today was taking control of my internal reality about money. I had to constantly remind myself that there is a world of too much money, because deep down inside I often felt like a poor person.
Does that sound like a familiar sentiment to you? Do you often struggle with the feeling that the world is one of scarcity? We all do at some time.
My rich dad, when I felt this way, taught me to always remind myself that there are two kinds of money problems and to ask myself which one I wanted.
I’m not a wishful thinker and I don’t believe solely in the power of affirmation, but asking myself that question allowed me to calm down and think clearly about the problems I was facing—and the potential solutions.
As the great baseball player Yogi Berra said, “Strike out just 7 out of 10 times and you’re in the Hall of Fame.” Today, begin change.



21 Abr

¿Sientes un gran peso en tu vida? ¿La monotonía está haciendo que te sientas desmotivado? ¿Estás atravesando una pequeña crisis? Dale un empujón a tu motivación personal para superar esa racha. Aquí encontrarás 7 consejos para ayudarte a fijar nuevas metas y encauzar tu carrera por un camino que te entusiasme y motive.

Si quieres gozar de un buen feng shui en el trabajo, intenta cuidar tu espacio de trabajo de la siguiente manera:

• Intenta siempre que puedas tener tu oficina o tu mesa de trabajo en el esquina opuesta en diagonal a la puerta de entrada general de la oficina. Cuanto más al fondo estés de la oficina, mejor feng shui tendrás.
• Nunca tengas tu oficina o tu mesa de trabajo localizada al final de un pasillo recto.
• No coloques tu asiento de manera que te quedes mirando hacia la puerta del baño o hacia una escalera. Tus posibilidades de ascenso se verán seriamente perjudicadas.
• No te sientes dando la espalda a la puerta, se trate de la puerta de tu oficina privada o de la puerta general de la oficina.
• Nunca te sientes en un puesto de trabajo que te enfrente hacia el filo de una esquina. Alejate de la arista y su prolongación o utiliza una planta con muchas hojas para bloquear su energía.
• No te sientes en la oficina de manera que quedes situado bajo una viga vista Sufrirás muchas presiones y dolores de cabeza.

• Cuando te encuentres en una reunión de trabajo, asegúrate de que no te sientas junto a la esquina de una mesa que apunta hacia ti. Si haces ésto, el efecto será el de una flecha envenenada que apunta hacia tu estómago y te colocará en un puesto de desventaja en relación al resto de tus compañeros. Siéntate siempre orientada hacia tu mejor dirección mientras estés trabajando.
Potenciadores para el Grupo del Oeste o del Grupo Occidental:
• Potencia el Oeste con una maqueta de un avión cargado con monedas atadas con un hilo rojo. Las campanas también son efectivas.
• Potencia el Noroeste de la misma manera. No coloques luces brillantes en el Oeste o el Noroeste ya que magnificarán tus problemas.
• Potencia el Sudoeste con numerosos cristales naturales. Si la puerta principal de tu oficina está localizada al Suroeste, coloca el cristal en esa zona y el efecto será mucho mayor. Para atraer la suerte en los negocios te resultará ideal colocar una gran piedra de cristal de amatista con un pequeño “bolsillo” que capture toda la buena suerte que entre en la oficina.
• Potencia el Noreste de la misma manera que el Sudoeste, aunque no es necesario que los cristales sean demasiado grandes en esta zona.
Potenciadores para el Grupo del Este o del Grupo Oriental:
• Potencia el sector Este con plantas, flores y pinturas que muestren vegetación exuberante y agua. Evita cualquier objeto metálico en esta esquina. Las tijeras y objetos afilados pueden causar mucho daño en esta zona.
• Haz lo mismo en el sector Sudeste, aunque además puedes colocar una pequeña fuente o un cuenco con agua.
• En el Norte, coloca un cuenco de base ancha con agua y una tortuga de agua dulce dentro. Puede ser de verdad o falsa, aunque es preferible la primera.
• En el Sur, coloca algo rojo -un cuadro, una alfombra roja, unos almohadones rojos- y una luz luz brillante para potenciar la suerte de cara a obtener una gran reputación. Si ésta adecuadamente potenciada, la dirección Sur puede darte unos resultados excelentes en cuanto a tu reputación personal.
• En la oficina, nunca te sientes dándole la espalda a la puerta. Haciendo esto invitas a la decepción y a la traición. Deberías sentarte siempre con tu espalda apoyada.
• Siéntate con una pintura de una montaña detrás de ti, pero asegúrate de que es lo bastante grande para que sea significativa. No tengas dibujos de cordilleras demasiado afiladas ya que éstas montañas pertenecen al elemento fuego y son menos efectivas. El mejor tipo de montaña para protegerte sería una colina que recuerde la silueta de una tortuga.
• Si quieres que el teléfono y el fax de tu oficina gocen de un buen feng shui, deberás ver primero desde qué dirección está llegando la energía que trae los mensajes a través de la línea de teléfono. Esta se considera la fuente de la energía del teléfono.
• El siguiente paso que tienes que realizar es posicionar el teléfono para que la fuente de mensajes, llamadas y demás llegue desde tu dirección más propicia -tu dirección Sheng Chi-.
• No cometas el error de pensar que estamos hablando del enchufe en la pared. Lo que importa es dónde está colocado el aparato en sí.
• El Sur es el Fénix rojo que simboliza fama y reconocimiento. El Fénix atrae también la suerte y las oportunidades. Cuando potencias al rey de todas las criaturas con plumas, estás también activando las energías favorables del Sur. La suerte de este sector particular conllevas brillantes, porque el Sur es también la localización del elemento Fuego. Así que unas criaturas de plumas rojas que simboliza el Fénix te resultará extremadamente auspiciosa. Activará tu vida social y te convertirá en alguien popular entre sus compañeros de trabajo.
• FLORES. Coloca un jarrón con flores en el lado Este de tu mesa de trabajo. Las flores crean energía yang. Pero no dejes que las flores te abrumen o bloqueen tu vista. Y cámbialas lo antes posible cuando empiecen a marchitarse.
• PLANTAS. Coloca una pequeña planta en la esquina Sureste de tu mesa de trabajo. Esto atraerá la llegada de buena suerte e incrementará tus posibilidades de crecimiento personal.
• CRISTALES. Coloca una pequeña bola de cristal en la esquina Sudoeste de tu mesa de trabajo para fomentar la suerte de cara a unas relaciones armoniosas con tus compañeras.
• LAMPARAS. Cualquier tipo de luz potenciará tu nombre y tu reputación en tu compañía y entre tu comunidad de negocios.
• CALCULADORAS Y COMPUTADORAS. Todo el equipo personal de oficinas fabricado en metal debería estar en una mesa distinta, colocada preferiblemente al Oeste o al Noroeste de tu mesa de trabajo. Si necesitas que están encima de tu mesa, colócalos a tu derecha , pero asegúrate de que tienes también algún objeto más alto para colocarlo a la izquierda. Esto te asegurará que la energía del Dragón prevalece sobre la del Tigre.

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How To Use Your Subconscious Mind For Anything You Desire by Bob Proctor

19 Abr