Get Your Personal Predictions for 2014. Find your number for the new year

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We all know the seasons change. When you look out the window and see the leaves begin to fall off the trees, you know that soon they’ll all be gone and next a deeper chill will fill the air. It’s just the way nature works.

But did you know that you have your own personal “seasons?” There are cycles you move through in life, and each year is a like a different season for you, depending on when you were born.

Some years are designed to bring you love with ease. Others are supportive of launching your new business, or making a major life change. And some years are meant to help you grow deep roots where you are right now.

If you know the unique plan and purpose for the new year, you can love your experience and make the most progress! This is one of the reasons I wrote my new book, Your Hidden Symmetry – to help you know where you are in the cycles of time.

Want some hints about what 2014 is bringing you?

Predictions for 2014 Jean Haner

“You have your own personal seasons. These are cycles you move through in life, and each year is a like a different season for you, depending on when you were born.” – Jean Haner

Here’s how to find your personal predictions for 2014

If you were born February 4 or later, find your birth year in the picture above. Then find the number at the bottom of that column. That is your number for 2014!
You were born June 8, 1969. Your number for 2014 is 4.
You were born February 4, 1973. Your number for 2014 is 9.
You were born December 31, 1954. Your number for 2014 is 1.
If you were born between January 1 through February 3, your birth year is considered to go back a year. So just subtract one year from your birth year. Then find that birth year in the chart above. The number at the bottom of that column is your number for 2014!
You were born Jan 23, 1976. Change that to 1975. Your number for 2014 is 7.
You were born Feb 3, 1963. Change that to 1962. Your number for 2014 is 2.
You were born Jan 1, 1987. Change that to 1986. Your number for 2014 is 5.

Now locate your number in the list below, for hints about what next year will be like for you! Note – If you were born after 1996, you are still under the influence of your parents’ cycles and not your own. Check your parents’ birth years to find out what’s up for you in 2014!

2014 Predictions Based on Your Number:      

1. Helpers Appear! People will show up to support you and help you finally start to make progress! Relationships with women relatives may be “up” for you this year. You may want to move house – It’s best to plan now but make the actual move in 2015.

2. Go for it! This is the year for change and growth. Start your business, make a change, move house, go back to school, anything that moves you forward in life. There may be surprises this year, so be sure to have a Plan B and even a Plan C!

3. Uncertainty! Everything may feel up in the air – It’s a second year of change, but now you can feel unsure about what will happen, or which direction to go. Get grounded advice from people you trust. An important mentor can show up to open doors for you!

4.  Fasten your seatbelt! This is a powerful year, when everything you’ve been working for can start to pay off. You should stay still to receive all that’s coming your way, so it’s not a good year to move house. Plan the move, but if possible, make it in 2015 instead.

5. Reaping rewards! You’ve reached a phase when Life rewards you for all your hard work, with a new level of power. But it’s also a time to ask yourself if you’re still on your sacred path. Hone away the superficial and attend to what’s calling your heart.

6. Celebrate yourself! Now it’s time to reward yourself for all your achievements. Make it a beautiful life – – dinner on your best china, flowers from the garden, your dream vacation. Any year can be good for romance, but this year it’s particularly easy for love to find you!

7. Spiritual retreat! This powerful phase is like being sent on a retreat for personal transformation. 2014 will direct you to deeply re-evaluate your life, and if you can take quiet time, trust, and surrender to this process, you’ll gain an amazingly richer and more fulfilling future!

8Step into the light! Whether you’re looking for love, sending out resumes, or seeking publicity, you’ll be easily noticed now! This is also the last year in a cycle for you. Let go of what you can so you don’t carry old baggage into your new phase in 2015!

9. Dreamtime! Life slows down to allow rest and replenishment. Take long soaks in the tub, meditate, listen to music. Be creative – write, paint, dance! Follow your intuitive flow, to imagine a new future and then go deeper still with your ideas. This is not yet time to take action.

© 2013 Jean Haner

Jean Haner has a 25-year background in the ancient Chinese principles of balance and health. She places an emphasis on compassionate and affirming ways for people to live in alignment with their own true selves.




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