Please! Listening to Your Inner Voice

25 Feb

By Joan Sotkin

Just about everyone I have ever spoken to about hearing an inner voice has said that at some point in their life, they got a message, in one form or another to do something that seemed out of the ordinary. It might have been to take a particular turn off a road, change flights, go into a store without knowing why or call someone they had a strong feeling about.

At other times, they had a strong knowing such as who was calling when the phone rang or that something had happened to a loved one or acquaintance. Or, there can be a “gut feeling” that taking a particular action will be beneficial.

All of these are examples of intuitive thoughts or feelings. People with various beliefs will attribute the “messages” to different sources such as God, angels, The Universe, Spirit, etc. For our purposes here, I’m going to refer to it as your Inner Voice. 

Your inner voice is not the critical parent, compulsive spender, addictive personality or angry perpetrator inside of your head. Your Inner Voice comes from the part of you that can see the bigger picture and helps guide you towards your true life expression. Your Inner Voice understands its connection to the All There Is and feels the oneness of all creation.

The inner voice does not shout, it speaks from a point of silence deep within you. It sometimes speaks through signs and symbols. It’s purpose is to gently guide you through your life lessons.

Because it is a subtle voice, you have to be still in order to hear it. A head that is cluttered with extraneous thoughts, worry, fear, resentment, longing, desire, or ongoing grief won’t hear it through the noise. If, somehow, it does filter through, you probably won’t recognize it or follow its direction.

The Advantage of Listening to The Voice

Although it takes some practice to hear your Inner Voice on a regular basis, there are great advantages in doing so. Here are a few:

You will save a lot of time and energy by not pursuing ego-driven ideas and desires.

Because you have to be still in order to hear your Inner Voice, you will greatly reduce your stress levels and improve your health.

Your trust levels will increase, which leads to improved relationships with yourself and others

You will open yourself to having what you need seem to just show up. You can stop pushing your life forward and let it unfold, leaving more time and energy for pure enjoyment.

If you are an investor or trader, you will make much wiser investment and/or trading decisions.

You can increase your money flow by getting in touch with your true creative Self.

There’s more. But these would seem to be reason enough to look further into methods of improving your Inner Voice listening skills.

Developing Your Inner Voice Listening Skills

If you don’t hear your benevolent inner voice, it is not because it isn’t there. It’s part of your basic human equipment. Everyone has one. It is a valuable resource and works best for those who cultivate a relationship with it.

In this short article, I can only outline some steps you can take to begin to develop your listening skills. Each of these steps could probably be a chapter in a book. But, hopefully, you’ll be pointed in the right direction.

Spend quiet time with yourself every day. Even a 10-minute session can have great benefit. If you don’t meditate, start with the Watching the River Exercise on our site that will help you quiet your mind.

 Create a system for communicating with your inner voice. Some people use a pendulum or muscle testing. Here’s a suggestion: Hold something up to your abdomen that you are quite sure is something that your body will like, such as an apple or some very green lettuce. Tune into yourself and see if you can feel a lightness. For me, my head goes back, indicating something favorable.

Then, hold something that you know is not good for your body such as a candy bar or soda pop. As you hold it against your abdomen, see if you can sense a different feeling. One that is heavier than the first experience. For me, my head falls forward.

Now, hold something up to your abdomen that you aren’t sure about, such as a particular supplement or an herb or salt. See what kind of feeling you get. Do this with a number of different items.

As you become more attuned to this inner part of you, you can develop a more sophisticated system. I find that if I ask a question or am trying to figure something out, I’ll often get a direct answer, usually during my quite time, or someone will show up or something will happen so I have my answer.

Find out who is talking in your head. If you hear a lot of negative feedback, complaining or criticism, think about where those thoughts are coming from. Is a critical parent still living in your head supporting negative beliefs about who you are and what you can accomplish? Do you often hear the words should, ought must and can’t?

Create a benevolent supporter in your head. When you do something, no matter how trivial, say to yourself, “You’re doing a great job!” When you look in the mirror, tell yourself that you are fine, just the way you are. If there is something that you really want to do but the critical parent in your head won’t allow it, do it. This opens the way for positive feedback and constructive “instructions” from your Inner Voice.

Take a chance. When you get a positive message from deep inside, take a chance and trust it. If you are feeling guided to do something that can’t hurt you in any way but can only help if you, have the courage to follow the directions, do it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

 Be willing to change. Even if your inner voice was shouting instructions, if you aren’t willing to change and move your life in a positive direction — one step at a time — nothing it says will mean anything. You have to be willing to let go of all of the baggage you are carrying around and move towards a positive, prosperity consciousness.



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