Merry Christ-Mass!

17 Dic
Hello Dear Ones!
It is now the season for Christmas (Christ-Mass) and I want to talk to you about the meaning of Christ-Mass that I work with and love. It is the season to celebrate your own awakening to Christ consciousness. The birth of Jesus is like a symbol for our own re-birth into our true selves.
Jesus Christ came to this Earth for the purpose of  being a living example to each of us of what we can become. To be Divine example of to live impeccably and in complete morality and integrity. When He healed others, He was simply teaching us what is possible for us if we learn and grow and become fully enlightened and Christ Conscious.
We all have infinite possibilities about who we are and what we are becoming. One of the main things necessary to become Christ Conscious is to stop believing in all limitation. Yes, ALL! We must learn to love ourselves totally and to believe in our deservingness and self-worth. We must come to a level of knowing that we are just as sacred as anyone else in any dimension. We are our God/Goddess Self embodied for the purpose of learning and growing in a sequential manner. By doing this our learning is deeper than it could be by just being Higher-dimensional. 
The guides are reminding me and my students of this often, and telling me how grateful for all we are and the role we play in existence. They actually learn through what we learn in life. Everything we feel and do is a part of their revelation and expansion. So value your true self.
Celebrate your birth and re-birth as a Christed birthing and re-birthing. Celebrate the joy, love, and certainty of that with total faith. You are what you have always hoped to be. That is why you hope for it.
Also take time to see everyone in the same way: Christed Ones learning and growing and preparing for re-birth-whether they do it consciously at this time or not. Some day everyone will evolve to that Divine level of consciousness. And the world will live in Peace again and Unconditional Love for each other and for All That Is.
We are the One! Celebrate!!!
Merry Christ-Mass!






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