Is a Core Issue Blocking You?

28 Nov

This is Jean – Wow, I’m so grateful for Catherine’s kind words! In fact, there are things that you can see in your facial features that can alert you to a core issue that may be blocking you in life.

My work is about recognizing patterns and their meaning. There are patterns in the features of your face that reveal certain ways of thinking, feeling and behaving, which can sometimes prevent you from moving forward in life.

That may sound hard to believe, but what Chinese medicine teaches us is that you have an inner design, which is reflected in your outer design as well. There are meanings and messages in the patterns of your face that give you valuable information about who you really are on many levels, including your personal strengths and challenges.

Here are some examples of how the patterns in your face can show you what might be a core issue in your life:

Fear about Survival
Here is someone who has features similar to Catherine, which is one thing that alerted me to a core issue around deep fear, the kind that can make you feel terrified about surviving, financially, or beyond that, even fear about living through what might happen if you take action.

If you see a pattern of a domed forehead, natural shadowing around the eyes and a prominent chin, fear is often a core issue in life. This can often make the person so frozen with fear they can’t move forward toward healthy change. But as with Catherine, there are ways to help them access their courage and clarity!

Fear of Judgment
But there are other kinds of fear. Here we see a pattern of features that indicates a fear of judgment by other people. When there is a prominent brow bone combined with strong eyebrows and a large jaw, there is often a corresponding issue of being blocked by fear of others judging you.

This can make you keep your head down in life, not wanting to call attention to yourself for fear of others trying to shoot you down. Or sometimes it’s that you push ahead anyway and pretend you’re not bothered by what other people might say, but in fact the stress and tension of that fear is so intense that you can develop health problems as a result. It’s so important to identify if this is a core issue so it can be transformed before it affects you physically.

Fear of Rejection
A pattern of red hair, freckles and pointed nose reveals the potential for such a deep fear of rejection that you may be overly shy, or not take advantage of opportunities because you’re too afraid of a negative response from people.

One real estate agent had such a fear of rejection she couldn’t hold open houses, which is where agents can find new clients. In her mind, if they met her but chose another agent, it felt like a personal rejection and that was too much to bear; it made her very emotional. She almost quit a career which turned out to be quite lucrative once she was able to identify and move past the block.

Fear of Being Alone
Another type of person has such a strong need for connection that nearly all their attention goes to others, with little left for themselves. They’re so afraid of going through life alone, that they can sacrifice their own needs for everyone else’s.

The pattern of features you see here are full lips, plump cheeks, round eyes and eyebrows. People with this pattern can wear themselves out taking care of everyone else, or can struggle with feelings of guilt and responsibility for others, sometimes to the point that they lose all sense of themselves. Working on good boundaries and a healthy selfishness is often the cure.

Fear of Intensity
That may sound like a very strange kind of “fear” but for some highly sensitive people, life on earth feels way too intense! They may keep their lives very small, not take risks because they’re not sure they could cope with the intensity of the experience.

On one level this might mean they don’t ride rollercoasters (!), but it could also be that they avoid anything they think might be too strong an experience. This is really about anxiety and overwhelm, and it can sometimes be seen as someone who needs to prepare for every detail of an event far in advance because the experience of something going wrong would be physically overwhelming for them.

The pattern of features that reveals this sensitivity is in a large nose, prominent cheeks, visible upper eyelids and wrinkles in the lower cheeks. It’s often a lifelong journey of learning to manage their sensitivity and turn it from their problem into their power, but it can be done!

You may have related to more than one of the examples above, and of course we all carry some of all these feelings. But when it’s a core issue, it’s often that you don’t even recognize how deeply it’s blocking you because it’s so much a part of who you are.

Jean Harner



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