Happy Thanksgiving fellow Lightworkers

22 Nov
Pleiadian Lightwork Associates
Amorah Quan Yin

Happy Thanksgiving fellow Lightworkers,

This month we are moving toward my favorite holiday: Thanksgiving. Regardless of the “American Traditions” about how Thanksgiving was started, it is so wonderful to have a day set aside to celebrate gratitude. A time to reflect on all of the blessings we have in life that sustain us as physical beings as well as the spiritual blessings that support us as Spiritual Beings of Light. And the emotional and mental blessings that feed us emotionally and intellectually.

Do you have a roof over your head and warmth during the cold weather? Wow, what a blessing to be grateful for. Do you have clothes to wear and protect you from the elements? Of course we are grateful for this. Are you enjoying enough food to nourish your body both physically and emotionally. Then give thanks.

We are Beings of Light who have made a conscious choice to awaken spiritually at this incredible time on Earth. And the moment that decision kicks in the guides, Ascended Masters, Higher Self, and physical teachers start to appear. Books, movies, songs move us to understand and grow more. There is often challenge and maybe pain. But that is what helps us to evolve and move into enlightenment and Ascension consciousness. The more we are willing, the more we draw into our lives to move us forward. And the more we move forward the more we can look back and find gratitude for the past and all it has taught us and who we have become and are becoming. What great blessings we can give heartfelt tanks for receiving, having received, and will be receiving!

Emotionally we are nurtured by our willingness to give and receive Love. Even if we are still learning how to Love and be Loved, it can nurture us just knowing that that commitment is real. And to know that Love is eminent and eternal is really a great gift and motivator in life. Compassion is also a great energy for which we are grateful. To have compassion is to deeply care about self and others. It also has to do with really trusting that each person is capable of handling whatever is presented in life and sending blessings for them (or us) to do so graciously.

Mentally there is a deep seated need for understanding and the knowledge to assist us in learning and growing. Earth is a school for us and everything that happens to us is a learning opportunity. Everyone we meet is our teacher and student in the sense that we learn and grow from their victories and their mistakes. And they get to do the same. Our biggest “enemy” is our greatest teacher if we choose to allow ourselves to see them that way and be grateful for what we receive through them. What we can see in ourselves in reaction to them is teaching us what still needs to be healed.

So let us move into Thanksgiving this year eagerly. And let us celebrate and be grateful that we are capable of feeling gratitude. If your attitude is gratitude life is always a great blessing to yourself and others. If your attitude is gratitude you are healed deeply and joyfully. If your attitude is gratitude you are already becoming what you truly want to be: your true self. What a concept! Happy Thanksgiving!!! Love and Blessings,



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