Entering the Age of Light Dec 21, 2012

15 Nov

Hello beautiful Ones!


The time is almost here that we have come to Earth to claim and assist in happening. Dec. 21, 2012 is the turning point into the Age of Light. Yes we are here to assure the success of Earth’s Divine Plan and its unique function within the Universe. 


I have been sending newsletters occasionally about the Divne qualities we are being asked to embody at this sacred time. I will remind of these again below:


1) Learning to Love unconditionally every aspect of yourself. Yes, all of you from the best to the worst needs to be loved deeply in order to heal and lead you to becoming One again with All That You Are-Eternally. Whether it is a part of you from a painful past life or a part of you that experienced pain and trauma in this life, the time is NOW to learn to love it and heal it. If you were a Black Witch or Black Wizard in a past life, loving it now is the key to transformation. You learned and grew through those experiences. They have led you to a level of awakening that could not be as deep otherwise. Even if there is a negative thought inside you at this time, Love that part of you. Inother words learning to Love yourself 100% is necessary to become One again with All That You Are.


2) Think positive thoughts always about everything. If there is a war, or a natural disaster somewhere, give it your attention in a positive and Loving way. Look at the situation and see what good can come of it in the log run. What can people learn and how can they grow from this experience. There is always a way to learn and grow through everything. If you think negative or tragic thoughts about anything in the world you add to the trauma with your frequency. If you can send Loving positive thoughts to those people and places, you can assist in the healing process and the overall awakening.


3) Be grateful for everyone and everything you have ever experienced. There is a lin in one of my songs that says, “When we look back in Gratitude, the door is opened wide.” Wow what a concept! Even if you have been physically abused or emotionally battered, how can it lead to a new awakening and to becoming a better person. I was raped by my father for the first time when I was 6 weeks old. And he tried to kill me when I was 6 Months old and 1 year old. At the age of 1 he succeeded. I died and Pleiadian Guides of Light brought me back to my body and revived me. I no longer have any pain or negativity about it because I now realize that it has assisted be in being a stronger person in life and a much deeper healer than I could have been otherwise. Going through the healing was deeply painful at one time. But going through it and coming out the other side has show me that no experience can damage us if we are willing to heal it. It was a fleeting experience with great purpose.


So learn to Love and feel gratitude for every experience that ever happened to you. And learn to be grateful to those who have in the past seemed like your enemy. But they were truly you greatest teacher.


4) Remember that Male and Female are equal-just like Holy Mother and Holy Father of All That Is are equals. No more negative projections or expectations of opposite sex-whether partners, friends, or strangers. We are all One, both Male and Female. We have different qualities from each other. And the sum of all of those qualities makes up the Oneness we all are.


5) And it is time to realize that Oneness and have Faith and Love for it NOW!  We are the Divine Sources of Light and Divine Love that are here to bring in the Age of Light. When we truly have done the first four steps we are ready to actualize this one. We are ready to Love All That Is, in and beyond all time and space and dimensional realities. We are ready to be the positive beacons of Light for the New Age of Light that we have so long awaited. It is time NOW! Love! Love! Love!


The Light activations coming into the Earth between now and December 21, 2012 can assist you if you are ready. Know that you are. Ask your Higher Self of Light and Love to assist you in becoming the ever-expanding Light and Love that you are. On Dec 21 a great wave on Divine Light will enter the Causal Plane for the purpose of bringing about Love and Light to every living soul and particle on Earth. It will ineveitably come into the Plane of Effect, which is the physical plane. All you need to do on Dec 21, 2012 is to think poitive, Love every part of yourself, Love every part of others, Love and be grateful for everything and everyone that has been in your life, and embody Male/Female balance and equality. And align with and celebrate your Oneness with All That Is. This will enable these beautiful energies to be manifested on the Causal Plane and create it eventually on the Earth. 


This great changeover will not suddenly come about on Earth at that tim, and yet it will be set in motion in an absolute way. So celebrate and Love! The more the better. 


You are One with all that you are eternally. you are One with everyone and with All That is eternally. What more could you ask for?!?!?!?!?!?


Love and Blessings,

Amorah Quan Yin





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